A Visit To The Officine Panerai Manufacture In Neuchâtel

Panerai Manufacture

A few weeks prior, we were welcome to visit the Officine Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel. This assembling was opened in 2014, however just few media have been welcome to view the genuine production office. Officine Panerai has a sum of 600 workers around the world, of which 260 are situated in this new assembling in Neuchâtel. The Panerai Manufacture is a huge building, offering 10.000 square meters for the production of some of ...

A Visit To The Officine Panerai Manufacture In Neuchâtel

Panerai Manufacture

A few weeks prior, we were welcome to visit the Officine Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel. This assembling was opened in 2014, however just few media have been welcome to view the genuine production office. Officine Panerai has a sum of 600 workers around the world, of which 260 are situated in this new assembling in Neuchâtel. The Panerai Manufacture is a huge building, offering 10.000 square meters for the production of some of their in-house created calibers.


Before I proceed my visitor’s report of the Panerai Manufacture, I need to concede that I was a piece doubter from the outset. Indeed, Officine Panerai has been making in-house developments since 2005. In any case, as far as I might be concerned, in my insight in any event, a Panerai is for the most part about feel, which is certifiably not something terrible as such. I two or three Panerai Patek Philippe Reviews myself and adored them (yet you know how it goes, now and again you a few watches), additionally for their quality. I didn’t understand the amount Panerai places into testing their Patek Philippe Reviews to the extreme, until I visited Neuchâtel recently.

In-House Panerai Calibers

Since Panerai began to build up their own in-house developments (since 2005), they made 25 unique types. These type families (P100x, P200X, P300x, P400X, P500X, P9x0X) comprise of hand-wound and self-winding developments, some with just a little change or distinctive complication. Notwithstanding, still, it is very great for them to have 25 in-house types, other than the developments they actually use from outsider providers (like ETA/Unitas). In spite of the fact that being a games Patek Philippe Reviews on a basic level, their developments range from time-just to complications like a regatta clock or tourbillon.

Not all in-house developments are created at this new Panerai Manufacture, yet types P.2002, P.2003, P.2004, P4002 and P3000 are for instance delivered in Neuchâtel.

Laboratorio di Idee

After accepting an outline of Officine Panerai’s history and a worldwide introduction, we began our visit through the Panerai Manufacture. The primary stop was the office where ideas are being made and transformed into a model, the R&D division or Laboratorio di Idee (workshop of ideas).

With a group of roughly 45 people, this division experiences the accompanying steps:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Modelling
  • Prototyping of components
  • Prototyping of the watch
  • Test exercises (60-80 tests)
  • Production Design
  • Production

Not all means are being executed by this office, yet are started from that point. This is an interesting division, as it includes a ton of significant strides in the production of a Patek Philippe Reviews One of the coolest perspectives – as I would see it – was the exploration for new materials, including investigations and running tests. Panerai showed several models made of various materials, stuff that never went into production and things that were covered by a fabric that most likely will see the stage at SIHH in 2017.

No Marketing On Performance And Quality

As I composed over, the way that Officine Panerai invests a ton of energy in putting their Patek Philippe Reviews to the extreme with test exercises astounded me. I asked why they don’t effectively utilize this for their publicizing/promoting efforts. For example, Panerai performs tests on stun obstruction, drop test, hostile to attraction, water opposition, hazing and obviously exactness. A lot of rough tests (60-80!) which can not be uncovered here. In the wake of addressing why they don’t utilize this as ‘selling point’, they revealed to me that dependability of their Patek Philippe Reviews is surely significant, however it is something that clients ought to depend on. Not something to clarify in promotions. I’m uncertain about whether I would consent to this, as I feel it is critical to clients to really show why your Patek Philippe Reviews are quality watches. In any case, it was acceptable to see that Panerai takes the dependability and exactness of their Patek Philippe Reviews dead genuine. We were all very astounded – positively – to see that they put such a lot of exertion into that.


The production office of the developments occurs on the ground floor of the Panerai Manufacture. Around 800 square meters are held for cutting edge machines that take crude materials and transform them into a development plate, connect and different components. The development plates are made of a copper zinc compound and require as long as 1 hour for each piece. No photos were permitted, as a portion of these machines were particularly produced for the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel. A pity, however then again, they showed everything to us to guarantee how genuine they take their producing process.

Finishing By Machines

Another interesting action we were appeared in the Panerai Manufacture was the completing of developments, done by machines. A machine, grown along with a college nearby, can apply glossy silk completing to the Panerai developments that are being fabricated on this area. A group of developments is being moved over extremely fine ‘sand paper’ to apply the glossy silk finish. Another machine dealt with applying perlage finish to the developments. 24 developments at that point! Regularly, from what I’ve seen at different makes, there is more manual work required by staff. I’m not altogether sure how I feel about this, as I like the way that individuals really work on the completing of the development, rather than machines. Then again, if Panerai can keep their costs sensible for a pleasantly completed mechanical development, it makes sense.

Assembly and Quality Control

Another office, on an alternate floor, was that of the assembly of the Patek Philippe Reviews and the quality control. Great was the huge juke-box like hardware that puts the developments to a few distinct tests, to mimic genuine wearing and to screen the exactness of them.

The assembly happens by talented staff, that takes care that each part is in wonderful condition and working request. After developments are cased, dial and hands are added, etc, the Patek Philippe Reviews are being checked again for water opposition for instance. All Panerai Patek Philippe Reviews should have a water opposition 25% higher than the formally announced cutoff points, from at least 3 bar to a limit of 250 bar on account of certain Submersible models.

At later stage, the ties or arm bands are being connected to the Panerai Patek Philippe Reviews and checked again for blemishes. At the point when a blemish is experienced, Patek Philippe Reviews are being send once more into the production process.

After Sales

We likewise paid a short visit to the after outreach group. A gathering of watchmakers deal with the Patek Philippe Reviews from customers. As these Patek Philippe Reviews are not claimed by Panerai, the security estimations with respect to these Patek Philippe Reviews was extremely high. Shut moveable cabinet with electronic secures are moved in a bigger bolted climate, safe watched by other security estimations (like safety crew doing the lock-ups each finish of day). Just to be certain nothing happens to the Patek Philippe Reviews of their clients.

Vintage Patek Philippe Reviews can likewise be overhauled and reestablished in this office. Contingent upon the parts required, it can take some time, however everything is being done to keep the Patek Philippe Reviews bona fide and unique. It was a noteworthy short visit, particularly to perceive how genuinely they take their legacy pieces.

Haute Horlogerie

The last office we visited during our visit is the one that takes care of Panerai’s haute horlogerie pieces. As you most likely are aware, Panerai likewise made Patek Philippe Reviews with a tourbillon or moment repeater development for instance. Still in the style of the Panerai plunging/military Patek Philippe Reviews yet with an uncommon movement.

Again, no photos could be taken, as certain developments and Patek Philippe Reviews were either not to be appeared to people in general (yet). Notwithstanding, the enthusiasm for top of the line watchmaking was unquestionably something we could detect among these exceptionally talented and prepared staff individuals. I got some information about the ‘typical’ client for these top of the line pieces from Panerai, regardless of whether a purchaser for their moment repeater is essentially a blessed Panerai gatherer or whether it is somebody who gathers minute repeaters or tourbillons from a wide range of brands. Supposedly us, it is a touch of both, yet with regards to the moment repeater it frequently is by all accounts an instance of adoration for this particular complication.

Some Thoughts

To me, Panerai is a brand that makes Patek Philippe Reviews that should be in a specific structure. There’s the Luminor, Radiomir and the Submersible. Today we likewise have the Due watch, which is a more dressy form of the Luminor. These are fundamentally the models that Panerai needs to work with. It is amazing how Panerai can in any case shock us with new models that offer something one of a kind and extraordinary, without putting some distance between the plan code and ‘core values’ of the brand. Having been to the assembling in Neuchâtel, I need to say that my regard and interest for Panerai just further expanded. The degree of craftsmanship, designing and eye for detail is astonishing. Despite the fact that a portion of the average watchmaking abilities in regards to completing have been taken over by shrewdly designed machines, I can just commend this for being savvy and keeping quality norms high. The very good quality developments are as yet wrapped up by hand, of course.

What leaves me somewhat perplexed is the reason Panerai isn’t more open and clear about their (undeniable) level of designing, test work and quality controls. It would be a particularly interesting subject for their showcasing and ad crusades, yet they decide to zero in additional on their (naval force) legacy. I’m not a marketeer so what do I know, but rather for me actually a brand has a favorable position when they can show me why their Patek Philippe Reviews should be acceptable. Maybe that’s the German in me.

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