De Bethune DB28 Black Matte – Reviewing an Unusual Masterpiece (Photos, Specs and Price)

In the previous years we have investigated some very amazing watches. We showed you exemplary styled Haute Horlogerie, as for example the JLC ace super dainty 1907 and the notable Lange 1 from A. Lange & Söhne . The beneficial things about Haute Horlogerie is that it isn't limited by certain style codes, and is fairly defined by the quality. As of late we've worn a pure blood Haute Horlogerie piece that, in its looks, doesn't impart a lot to the previously mentioned watches, ...

De Bethune DB28 Black Matte – Reviewing an Unusual Masterpiece (Photos, Specs and Price)

In the previous years we have investigated some very amazing watches. We showed you exemplary styled Haute Horlogerie, as for example the JLC ace super dainty 1907 and the notable Lange 1 from A. Lange & Söhne . The beneficial things about Haute Horlogerie is that it isn’t limited by certain style codes, and is fairly defined by the quality. As of late we’ve worn a pure blood Haute Horlogerie piece that, in its looks, doesn’t impart a lot to the previously mentioned watches, then again, actually it shows the time with an hour and moment hand. After looking into it further be that as it may, there are considerably more similitudes than anticipated dependent on a first look. We’re discussing the De Bethune DB28 Black Matte.

For those obscure with De Bethune, I believe it’s ideal to say that every one of their watches include a somewhat irregular look/style, albeit most come in a round case, highlight two hands to demonstrate the time, and are joined to the wrist with a lash. It’s principally details that are simply extraordinary. For example the crown isn’t situated at the standard right-hand side, anyway it sits flawlessly adjusted at the highest point of the case. It’s in reality a piece pocket-watch-the same. Also, there are a lot more surprising design accomplishments that define the brand’s style. De Bethune is the cerebrum offspring of Denis Flageolet, ace watchmaker, and David Zanetta, designer, and the watches they made in the course of recent years are outwardly and in fact fascinating and spectacular.

Considering the brand’s idea of making modern time-telling craftsmanship for the wrist, and doing that as per the most noteworthy Haute Horlogerie norms conceivable, their creation numbers are not excessively high. So when you own a De Bethune, you can be certain it is an uncommon watch. Presently initial a touch of history.


De Bethune is as yet an extremely youthful juvenile brand – it was founded in 2002 – and is important for the rush of youthful, inventive and exceptionally specialized brands that began in the mid 2000’s, as MB&F, Hautlence and URWERK. Despite the way that De Bethune is a youthful brand, it as of now has various protected developments, and an in number visual identity. The two noble men answerable for that are the founders, Denis Flageolet and David Zaneta, who shared a dream of watchmaking in the 21st century.

I’m going to cite something I composed back in 2012: “De Bethune’s lord watchmaker Denis Flageolet is a ‘frantic educator’ with regards to improving the equilibrium haggle explored different avenues regarding various materials and shapes to improve this controlling organ of mechanical watches. What’s more, there’s additional. He developed a temperature-compensating silicon balance spring, a two equipped silicon offset with platinum idleness impedes, an annular offset with silicon focus contained inside a platinum ring and an enclosure less tourbillon built from silicon/platinum and a modest quantity of steel.

This presumably seems like abracadabra, anyway trust me, the man is a virtuoso with regards to watchmaking and improving fundamental watch components inside the limits of unadulterated Haute Horlogerie.

The other individual from De Bethune, who likewise accomplishes groundbreaking work, is David Zanetta. He makes the most captivating designs for the wrist or ‘object d’art de temps’ as I called it previously. The case he designed for the DB27 highlights the alleged coasting hauls which are fitted with a licensed arrangement of springs that empowers the watch to conform to the wrist and to its wearer’s developments. Greatest comfort!

Pierre Jacques currently drives the company as CEO. In 2011 De Bethune was awarded with the prestigious Aiguille d’Or at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for the DB28; this prize can be considered the Oscar for best film in the realm of watchmaking, for example THE main prize to win. At the 2014 GPHG De Bethune won the prize for best chronograph with their awesome DB29 Maxi Chrono .

Overall appearance

Now, back on point, being the general appearance of the De Bethune DB28 Black Matte! At the point when you first see the DB28 Black Matte it looks rather subtle and when you consider it, it really is rather secretive. The dark wrist watch looks in no way like the normal wrist watch. Alright, it has a round case and demonstrates time with focal hour and moment hand, however that is the place where the equals end (in any event from the start sight.) The round case is caught by what De Bethune calls “coasting drags” and on the wrist these give the DB28 an enormous presence (and extraordinary wearing comfort).

The all dark appearance – dark case, dark drifting hauls, dark crocodile lash and clasp – probably won’t be for weak willed. Perhaps it’s ideal to just express it’s a polarizing watch, since it’s not appropriate for each event, and it will likewise not suit everybody’s style. Anyway the individuals who dare, and the individuals who are open for “something different” won’t be baffled. The wealth of Haute Horlogerie pleasantness is just overpowering and even subsequent to wearing it for certain weeks, the DB28 Black Matte continued astounding me with its beauty.


We could say that the DB28 Black Matte is a straightforward two-hand watch that shows hours and minutes, by methods for two midway positioned hands. While that’s completely obvious, anyway it doesn’t recount the full story. There are obviously the gliding carries, which ensure most extreme comfort on the wrist. This adaptation of the DB28, being the DB28 Black Matte, is made in Zirconium (henceforth the DB28Z engraved on the converse side) and that’s a too light-weight, scratch-safe and hypoallergenic material.

Besides the case and drags, the DB28 has no dial, just a section ring around where generally the dial would be. At the 6 o’clock position, settled in that part ring, is a circular moon stage pointer. Obvious in the middle are the movement’s spans, which are darkened and decorated with Côte de Bethune striping, and a full mirror cleaned titanium plate/connect. Associated with this, is the triple pare-chute framework and equilibrium connect, which holds the cutting edge balance wheel. On the opposite side is the force save marker that shows the amount of the 6-days power hold stays in the two origin barrels.

Dial, Hands and Movement

Since we’ve just addressed the subject, the movement’s spans are the dial. Everything is hand-completed – like each watch part utilized for each De Bethune watch. The extensions are enhanced with Côte de Bethune striping, dark covered, and depending on the light you’ll see the striping well overall, or barely. The middle scaffold is such a supporting extension for the triple pare-chute framework and equilibrium connect. Both the supporting scaffold, the dark glossy triangle, and the equilibrium connect, are mirror polished. Mirror cleaning, or dark cleaning, is an old and very tedious procedure to clean steel parts to an ideal mirror finish, and when looking from different points the steel can resemble an ideal mirror, or totally dark. The hands are likewise dark cleaned. Something that must be finished by hand, and when you take a gander at the state of the hands, with bends and patterns, this is an incredibly difficult and time-devouring work that must be finished by an extremely talented expert. As said, the temptation of horological pleasantness is overpowering and right now begins the dial side.

Côte de Bethune noticeable Côte de Bethune barely obvious Snailing on the primary plate, and gold force hold component and hand Silicon/white gold offset and offset spring with level terminal bend, all held set up by the Triple pare-chute stun retaining framework

The development, type DB2115, is a physically wound development that offers six days of force save. All parts are done and decorated by hand; the mainplate is snailed (pèrlage), steel parts are chamfered and hand-cleaned, the extensions are embellished with Côtes De Bethune, etc. De Bethune has additionally accomplished momentous work on completing titanium, and dominated to completely reflect clean this light and hostile to attractive material.

Here are a few particulars of type DB2115:

  • Functions: hours – minutes – round moon-stage sign at 6 o’clock – power-hold indication
  • Basic information: distance across 30 mm – 299 sections –  38 gems – 28,800 vibrations each hour – power save: 6 days
  • Patents: automatic twin barrel* – silicon/white gold equilibrium – offset spring with level terminal curve* – triple pare-chute stun engrossing system* – spherical moon-stage sign exact to a degree of one lunar day each 122 years* – silicon escape-wheel*

De Bethune’s protected inventions

The self-directing twin barrel packs around 144 hours (or six days) of self-sufficiency when completely twisted, and guarantee greatest consistent force save. Six jeweled blades, which are put on one or the other side of the spring, will guarantee an ideal transmission of greatest energy to the equilibrium wheel.

The triple pare-chute shock-engrossing system comprises a titanium balance connect that is gotten by a spring-based framework, comprising three jewels that associate the different components. The development ingests stuns and furthermore guarantees exact repositioning of the extension after a displacement.

The balance spring with level terminal curve is an evolvement on the Breguet overcoil, and it enables free concentric development (“breathing”) of the spring. The more free an equilibrium spring can “breathe” the better, and De Bethune understood this by a novel state of the terminal bend, and another compound. Due to this the whole development is observably more slender, and it avoids any twisting of the loops if there should arise an occurrence of effects, on account of the particular investigation of its flexibility at its place of connection. Quick version: better timekeeping!

Another factor that ought to improve exact timekeeping is the silicon/white gold balance. A significant note is that relatively few watch producers make their own equilibrium wheel, and particularly for a little independent production this is an excellent accomplishment indeed! The objective was to make an equilibrium wheel that is as light as could be expected while keeping up the most noteworthy conceivable degree of idleness. De Bethune’s most recent equilibrium wheel, revealed in 2010, is crafted silicon and a gold/palladium compound. The middle part is made from silicon, and the edge is from gold/palladium; a light community, and a hefty edge that together make an equilibrium that is over 20% lighter than expected and along these lines accomplishes a superior mass/latency ratio.

The incredible completing and decorations doesn’t end on the opposite side! Simply take a gander at the fine straight graining of the rose gold force hold component that even highlights flawlessly hand-sloped and cleaned angles.

Case and strap

The round case estimates 42.60 mm in measurement, and is created in zirconium that is sandblasted to an anthracite tone and feel smooth, smooth! One of the average things is that De Bethune puts the crown at the 12 o’clock position, suggestive of vintage pocket watches. Yet, there’s a pragmatic explanation behind this too: the gliding hauls are joined at the 3 and 9 position, which is likewise the rotating point; all in all, it is difficult to place the crown in that position.

De Bethune offers two sizes of coasting carries, short or long, so they will comfortably ‘wrap’ around your wrist. The 42.60 mm huge case doesn’t wear large, so it can even be appreciated by individuals with a more modest wrist. The DB28 comes on an alligator calfskin tie – hand sewed obviously – and is shut by a tang clasp (frequently the decision of purists).

Some particulars DB28:

  • Sandblasted anthracite zirconium – round with crown at 12 o’clock – diameter 42.60 mm
  • Choice for short or long coasting carries, executed in sandblasted anthracite zirconium
  • Sapphire gem on the two sides, treated with hostile to intelligent covering on the inside
  • Black gator cowhide tie with dark pin buckle


Wearing this De Bethune DB28 Black Matte for a little while was a joy, it wears unfathomably comfortable, it’s entirely clear during day time and in any event, when lights go somewhat faint (yet not when it’s dim, as a result of the absence of radiant material applied) and everything about the watch is Haute Horlogerie. Fabricate, finish, decorations, this is top of the game! We do understand that the design is polarizing. Perhaps it’s best to compare this to modern workmanship. Not every person will like it, much the same as not every person will like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol or Mark Rothko.

The bounty of Haute Horlogerie accomplishments is so overpowering, and kept me captivated, continually drew my consideration, and putting a grin all over. Anyway it comes with a sticker price, a strong one. The De Bethune DB28 Black Matte has a retail cost of CHF 85,000 Swiss France (before charge) and with such a sticker price is can in reality best measure up to the couple of other super very good quality watchmakers, as Kari Voutilainen , Grönefeld , and Romain Gauthier . Haute Horlogerie in an uncommon ‘modern art’ bundle, anyway like with craftsmanship you should encounter it to have the option to decide about it. My recommendation is to proceed to give one a shot your wrist… enjoy!

More data by means of the De Bethune website:  www.debethune,ch