Devon Tread 2 – Full review with live photos, video, specs & price

Getting a message from a brand-rep permitting you to test-drive a watch you've been desiring for around two years is in every case uplifting news. Having the opportunity to do that in the horological hotbed that is Baselworld is far better. Heaps of assessments, loads of freedoms to discuss the watch and bunches of individuals needing to investigate something everyone knows exists yet just few have found in the metal: a Devon Tread 2. We've completely inspected the Tread 2 ...

Devon Tread 2 – Full review with live photos, video, specs & price

Getting a message from a brand-rep permitting you to test-drive a watch you’ve been desiring for around two years is in every case uplifting news. Having the opportunity to do that in the horological hotbed that is Baselworld is far better. Heaps of assessments, loads of freedoms to discuss the watch and bunches of individuals needing to investigate something everyone knows exists yet just few have found in the metal: a Devon Tread 2. We’ve completely inspected the Tread 2 “Sparkling” during the reasonable and give you the overview in this broad coverage.

In terms of customary watchmaking, Devon doesn’t actually fit in any recognizable class and kind off makes its own. It’s anything but a programmed nor a mechanical watch as it is a lot of battery controlled however an exceptional one at that. The idea originally showed in the fairly gigantic Tread 1 is additionally formed into the more wearable Tread 2 and comes in numerous varieties up until this point, including a chocolate please and a brilliant chunk .

Overall appearance

Despite actually being a sizeable watch, the Tread 2 is substantially more wearable then the Tread 1 is. You don’t need to be a jock, or have “Arnold Schwarzenegger” stepped in your identification to have the option to pull off the Tread 2. Clearly, the initial emphasis of the time-through-belts watch is significantly more observable and consequently ensured to start a discussion. It appears to be drastically unique from whatever else available, particularly the Steampunk or Exoskeleton versions.

Don’t be tricked by the more unassumingly molded and measured Tread 2 however; it is as yet a magnet for consideration, even from prepared watchmakers. While experiencing curiosities at different brands visited during the reasonable, and conversing with the industry’s heavyweights during Baselworld’s yearly Schnitzel Dinner for example, pretty much everybody needed to find out about it. Furthermore, that is actually how this watch will help you, from insiders in the watch community as well as from individuals by and large. Brain you, it chops down battery life since they all need to see the belts spin around.


The most remarkable highlights of the Tread 2, or any Devon so far as that is concerned, are the belts. Time is demonstrated through exceptionally flimsy however solid nylon belts that determined by miniature engines. Where the Tread 1 highlighted four belts (1 for the hours, 2 for the minutes, 1 for the seconds) the Tread 2 highlights only two. One for the hours, and one for the minutes OR seconds. Truth be told, the moment belt can be transformed into a seconds belt very easily.

Besides the time sign, it additionally includes a force mode and a chronograph, both available through the articulating crown-switch and incorporated pusher. For a prepared writer it is enticing to utilize a common word like “show” to portray this watch yet it is smarter to discuss “settings” really. In many watches the capacities are obvious if they are being used, yet this is unimaginable in the Devon. The articulating crown leaver permits the wearer to get to all the settings for the watch by essentially pushing it up or down in like manner. We broadly expound somewhat further in this survey about the diverse options.

Regardless of the conspicuous signs, the Devon Tread 2 has one BIG component that can’t go unnoticed. The development of the belts is an incredible sight, however occurs instantly. You truly need to enter one of the settings to appreciate the action.

Dial and hands

Basically, there is no genuine dial and no genuine hands to show. Time is demonstrated through the moving belts, as referenced, yet other than an open worked plate to tell you the right hour and moment (or second) at some random time is the lone part that can be depicted as a dial. For the rest you can basically look through the sapphire gem and see all the components that make up the “motor” of the Tread 2. You can see the actuators turning the belts after each passed second, moment or hour and you can see the entire unit at work when exchanging it off.

The belts are made of extremely light, exceptionally solid fiberglass supported woven nylon and are just 0.05mm thick. Contingent upon the current model, the belts have white or red numerals on them. The wellspring of the belts is aeronautics, not obviously, since they are utilized in different signs on board current airliners.

Despite the absence of hands, the time can be perused instinctively through the cut-out windows floating over the belts. The even belt shows the hours, and the covering vertical belt the minutes or seconds. At the point when controlled off, the hour-belt moves to 12, and the moment belt moves to any digit somewhere in the range of 1 and 10. At the point when it is at ten, the battery has a full charge and when at zero it is vacant. In the chronograph setting, the hours belt move to 12 and leap to 1 after the principal minute has passed. The moment belt transforms into a seconds belt and shows time through half-second augmentations. In complete 12 minutes can be estimated after which the hours belt will have made a full pivot. You could quantify over 12 minutes, by essentially recollecting the quantity of full turns by the belt.

Case and Strap

The 316L treated steel case is entirely light compared to its size and appearance. Complete weight comes to a truly sensible 90 grams for a watch this large. You would anticipate a smidgen more mass yet it is shockingly simple to wear. The tonneau formed case is processed out of a solitary square of steel, and measures 42mm wide by 44mm tall and 14,5mm thick. It is marginally bended to more readily fit the wrist, and combined with the sudden delicacy it is comfortable. The case includes some decent plan signs, which serve a capacity in a few and feel in other. The screws encompassing the precious stone fit the designed look of the Tread 2 consummately for instance. Then again, the prongs jutting between the hauls are a greater amount the watch could likely manage without to be honest.

The Tread 2 I had the chance to appreciate went ahead a straightforward dark calfskin tie, which was pre-shaped and cushioned and appended to a steel tang and clasp. The pre-shaped lash is comfortable to wear, however doesn’t actually give you a sumptuous inclination. Devon states just to utilize the most ideal covers up to join to their item, yet the lash didn’t feel too noteworthy. It is nonetheless, a pleasant solid lash, which helps the solid plan of the watch. It’s simply that, some way or another, you would expect something a smidgen more adequate with a 10k watch.


A more proper name for the development would probably be “motor”. For each belt, miniature engines are mounted on a focal lodging, which makes it appear as though the development is gliding inside the situation. The engines work in an exact, ventured progression to move the belts around. Given the manner in which the development is mounted, it permits you to see everything in real life. You can truly see the engines gears turning the belts. On top of the development, the plate to cover the belts and demonstrate minutes and hours is sunk place.

The development is fueled by a lithium-polymer power cell that is remotely charged through the caseback. It can hold sufficient ability to save the Tread 2 running for as much as about fourteen days on a solitary charge. The truth is in any case, that during wearing and playing with it, the battery can drain a considerable amount quicker. During this audit, which included a lot of playing with the watch, the battery dropped from full to 80% after just the initial two days of wearing it. Clearly it was presented to much more maltreatment than normal.

Precision cut ruby direction are utilized in different pieces of all Tread developments, eliminating support and expanding strength. As far as precision, the Tread 2 will simply go astray up to a large portion of a second a day.



  • A genuine magnet to consideration, even from non-watch connoisseurs.
  • Unique way to deal with timing indication
  • Very wearable compared to the Tread 1
  • The watch can be “quieted” and still monitors time.
  • The Tread 2 feels invigorated as you hear and feel the belts move.


  • The tie doesn’t coordinate the vibe of the Tread 2.
  • Portable enlistment charger isn’t (yet) accessible, just through support in box.
  • A perceptible line shows up under the tip of the articulating crown after delayed use.
  • The development of the belts can be very diverting in calm environmental factors (see masters for the solution)

Yes, the Devon Tread 2 (and Tread 1) don’t oblige everybody’s desires and indeed, it probably won’t be excessively great regarding conventional watchmaking. Be that as it may, let’s face it, wouldn’t it be exceptionally exhausting without this huge variety in the business? Other than that, the watches from Devon Works stay probably the coolest battery controlled watches out there, regardless of a couple of downsides and concerns. It is provocative, a talking piece, and a totally one of a kind interpretation of timekeeping, which is a thing to be applauded.

The Tread 2 is additionally to some degree achievable, priced at only south of 10.000 USD. It’s a ton of cash for a quartz watch, however I ask of you: look past the force source with regards to the Devon Tread 2 and choose for yourself if it’s fit for your strengths thereafter or not.

More data can be found on Devon Works’ site .