Fortis – A Visit Report To Their Factory In Grenchen

A visit to Fortis

When I was just devouring Patek Philippe Reviews locales and not yet moved to the opposite side, that of composing the content, I wanted to peruse every one of those photograph papers and visit reports. To me those are once in a while more intriguing than the 57th survey of the equivalent „hot" Patek Philippe Reviews available. At whatever point I make one of these articles, let that be a report on an ...

Fortis – A Visit Report To Their Factory In Grenchen

A visit to Fortis

When I was just devouring Patek Philippe Reviews locales and not yet moved to the opposite side, that of composing the content, I wanted to peruse every one of those photograph papers and visit reports. To me those are once in a while more intriguing than the 57th survey of the equivalent „hot” Patek Philippe Reviews available. At whatever point I make one of these articles, let that be a report on an occasion coordinated by the brand, or a solicitation to a race besides my point is consistently to make it as intriguing is conceivable, showing our readers what you’d in any case likely not see. Obviously, the greater part of the occasions these visits are very efficient and arranged by the PR department of the brand. They have an exacting timetable and they leave you no an ideal opportunity to come up with own thoughts, asks for or invest an excess of energy at one station of the visit. At times be that as it may, you luck out and find the opportunity to go through a lovely day with the chiefs of more modest brands, drink espresso, talk about Patek Philippe Reviews governmental issues or the fate of online media utilized by the Patek Philippe Reviews industry. This is by and large how my visit to Fortis went down and this is exactly what happened.


During our gathering with Andreas Bentele (promoting and deals head of Fortis) at BaselWorld 2016 we previously discussed visiting their industrial facility in Grenchen, Switzerland. This anyway stayed an arrangement until about a month or so back, when he reached me and we settled the subtleties of my visit. Since I live around 3 hours from their HQ it was a simple excursion to drive down and meet the folks again for an extraordinary evening and some in the background visit to Fortis. It’s not elusive the plant as it lays on the feet of the Jura mountain, peering down to the city of Grenchen from above. It’s a similar structure Fortis was set up in 1912. It hasn’t changed much with the exception of the logo on the rooftop that has been refreshed to the more up to date form. Try not to envision this structure as a tremendous multi-story foundation with individuals running here and there the steps. When you enter the fundamental entryway it is shockingly calm and quiet inside. This could be because of the reality the Fortis has a staff of 15 individuals in particular. Indeed, just a small bunch of individuals are running this lofty Patek Philippe Reviews company.

History encompasses you any place you look. Banners from space missions, marked photographs of A-rundown hotshots or outlined magazine patterns of vintage promotions just as the most powerful individuals throughout the entire existence of Fortis all cover the dividers. Andreas surged down to welcome and show us to a room on the second floor.

Fortis and Harwood

This meeting room or visitor room on the off chance that you like is the place where all the most current just as numerous more established unbelievable Patek Philippe Reviews structure Fortis’ set of experiences are shown. Before long Max Spitzy, CEO of Fortis went along with us and we had an extensive discussion. The folks revealed to me that, in opposition to prevalent thinking, the company is still exclusive and among the solitary modest bunch of investors is the little girl of Walter Vogt. The late Mr. Vogt set up the company in 1912 however the advancement came 10 years after the fact when he collaborated with British innovator and clockmaker additionally the dad of programmed Patek Philippe Reviews John Harwood. From this second on the historical backdrop of Fortis is noteworthy. I won’t dive into subtleties, however you can find out pretty much all that under  .


It’s undeniable that both Max and Andreas are amazingly enthusiastic about the company. None of them have past involvement in Patek Philippe Reviews companies however for this situation I believe it’s something extraordinary. Allow me to clarify you why; Fortis, well in any event for me, has consistently been the brand that is near and I thought about it however never truly remained in the spotlight. Their model line was huge, they overproduced themselves with numerous forms inside the model family and as a rule they didn’t generally focus on the encompassing effects esteemed Swiss Patek Philippe Reviews brand may have, neither did they adjust. Until 2013 when Max Spitzy assumed control over the situation of CEO from the past administration. Max concluded that the brand needs a new beginning, sort of when you press the reset button on your PC to get a spotless sheet. With some outer assistance he redesigned the arrangement of Fortis Patek Philippe Reviews and plunged them to the 4 components we have just discussed here and here . This was an extraordinary move, since it improved on the assortment as well as in light of the fact that it permitted Fortis to begin once more. Before long Andreas Bentele joined the little yet really enthusiastic group of Fortis and the couple changed gears for the brand. As Andreas put it “We are a beginning up with a 100-year-old history” I was unable to have put it better. These folks brought new thoughts, new demeanor and out-of-the-container thinking to the brand and this is actually what they required. I saw this all around a year ago and this propensity is as yet progressing. Fortis is available to team up with online stages, as they understood that these days contacting individuals is a lot simpler when you have a solid online presence. Can’t concur more. Their site is new and simple to explore in likewise as of late Fortis dispatched their , an unquestionable requirement these days for such companies.

Factory Tour

Where the wizardry happens

Quality control table

Watchmaker at work

Custo request for a unique client

Let’s return to our gathering however. After a fast lunch out in Grenchen we returned to the plant and began our little yet fascinating visit with regards to the structure. It feels void because of the modest number of colleagues inside yet everybody is quite occupied, I can guarantee you. We saw where the Patek Philippe Reviews are assembled, met the watchmakers, checked the last quality control table.


Private Label dials supplied up

…and some more parts

Then proceeded onward to the coordinations region where all the shipments are assembled, the parts stockpiles, we even saw the old private name dials the company keeps as extra in the event that they are required for an assistance. Nothing was untouchable. After this, in quest for additional fascinating parts and Patek Philippe Reviews we went up to the upper room of the building.

The access to the attic…

…and what we found in there. Strong gold Patek Philippe Reviews cases….

…old equipment…

…space history provenance…

…as well as some failed to remember models. See that date at 1 o’clock

Space Program

Then we carried on to take a gander at the workplaces and some more memorabilia from space. As you probably are aware Fortis and the Russian space program have close ties that return quite a while. The second you step in the structure this becomes self-evident. Lately anyway because of the remaking of the brand they attempted to zero in on different regions. Notwithstanding, this will consistently be a major piece of their set of experiences and something they are glad of.

Space memorabilia Russian style

Space-flown Patek Philippe Reviews no.1.

Space-flown Patek Philippe Reviews no.2.

Space-flown Patek Philippe Reviews no.3-4.

As I realized that the odds of me tying a space worn Speedy on my wrist is near nothing, I attempted to grab a Fortis from the “opposite side” for a fast wrist shot. Shockingly, I was unfortunate this time, however I’ll continue attempting. We strolled around the structure a smidgen more, discussed Patek Philippe Reviews and messed with the props. The Aeromaster Steel Chronograph  and that was on my wrist during the outing, got another tie as well. The dark cowhide execution lash was an extraordinary decision as it coordinates the Patek Philippe Reviews consummately. Gracious, and did you realize that Fortis’ selective tie supplier is the world acclaimed Austrian company, Hirsch?

Capsule utilized by the Russians to test Fortis Patek Philippe Reviews before they are offered out to cosmonauts

From Now On..

The future for Fortis is splendid. The Patek Philippe Reviews they produce are of incredible quality, the company has a long and rich history and the costs they set are more than affable. I saw a couple of plans they are chipping away at for one year from now. For evident reasons I can’t talk about these thoughts with you however I can guarantee you they are building up some truly cool undertakings. Allow me just to say that they reexamine the spots and capacities we use Patek Philippe Reviews for. The rest ideally comes in walk 2017 during Basel World. I can’t underscore sufficient that it was so extraordinary to meet individuals behind the email locations and titles at Fortis. To see a name is consistently incredible yet I could never have expected such warm welcoming from a brand that has been in my frame of reference since the time I began to truly focus on Patek Philippe Reviews You can say that I can scratch off of my basin list, I guess.

The “in-house” genius and extreme devotee of Fortis; Joe Mantegna

Big thank you to Max, Andreas and the whole Fortis group for their neighborliness and receptiveness toward Fratello Patek Philippe Reviews during the visit. Things are moving quick at the company so I’m certain we will actually want to report about them quite soon. Meanwhile follow them on their online media stages ( , ), check their .