Gorilla Fastback – A First Look

A letter from somebody I know

<p class="p1" style="text-adjust: a few years prior, 2012 to be exact, I made a trip to Paris along with Bert and Gerard to observe the 40th commemoration display of the Royal Oak. Being a major fanatic of the Royal Oak, we chose to drive down there and see. A companion, who was working at AP at that point, orchestrated a meeting with fashioner Octavio Garcia for me. So we plunked down and since I am an enormous devotee of the Royal Oak, I ...
Gorilla Fastback – A First Look

A letter from somebody I know


A snappy trade of messages learnt me he began his own image, Gorilla. Very little later, an individual letter along with a little black box was conveyed to our Fratello Patek Philippe Reviews HQ in The Hague. The main message in that letter to me was “…getting your impressions of the piece…”. So that will be actually what you will peruse in this article on Fratello today. Along with another previous AP fashioner (by the name of Lukas Gopp), they are onto some – and I quote from one of his messages – “badass car propelled horology”. Goodness, in the discovery, obviously, was the primary useful model of the Gorilla Fastback collection.

Gorilla Fastback – Thoughts

Before proceeding onward to investigate the real Gorilla Fastback Patek Philippe Reviews I figure it very well may be fascinating to focus in on the Gorilla idea. In light of their previous expert lives at this haute horlogerie brand, working in a practically professional workplace, the authors chose to combine their enthusiasm for the two vehicles and Patek Philippe Reviews and start another experience. The thought is to make watches that are – and I quote again – “exploring the almost negligible difference between far enough and too far”. Presently, I realize that a few brands may feel that of themselves while I am really taking a gander at a timepiece with moderate plan, that’s not the situation with this Gorilla Fastback.

Cars and Watches

Don’t read this in an incorrect manner. Gorilla or the Gorilla Fastback isn’t connected to a vehicle brand or model. In any case, its plan is truly affected by components of vehicle plans. By plan, yet in addition by the utilization of materials. It is a very ‘engineered’ Patek Philippe Reviews maybe a piece ‘over-engineered’, yet materials like carbon, earthenware, aluminum and titanium as of now have a history in (high) watchmaking. Individuals love that stuff. An astute move by Gorilla.

Carbon, Titanium and Aluminum Case

When I lifted the Patek Philippe Reviews from its little discovery, I couldn’t accept how light-weight it was. The way that the rectangular – yet at the same time octagonal – case was made of carbon was obvious to me. So was the titanium caseback. The caseback additionally showed the utilization of aluminum (Al). The red pinstripe on the Patek Philippe Reviews is anodized aluminum. It follows similar lines as the carbon and ceramic (bezel), in an octagonal shape. This, combined with a trapezium shape. It is unquestionably not your normal Patek Philippe Reviews plan. Do I like it? Frankly, I took me a couple of long periods of real wearing before I became acclimated to it. I’m a conventional person I think, however once I saw the octagonal shape I had the option to change my mentality a piece. Be that as it may, definitely, I like it. It is an enormous case, 44mm, which I can deal with very well.


On the rear of the case, we discover a screwed-down titanium plate. It has an engraved picture of a gorilla (thus the name) and the model name ‘Fastback’. It conveys the quantity of the Patek Philippe Reviews yet just for the initial 500. Moreover, as I composed effectively, the materials that this Gorilla Fastback utilizes are engraved there too. C, Ti, Al, earthenware, sapphire gem. The etching is pleasantly done and I preferably see something cool like this over a sapphire caseback with a lovely standard development inside.


Talking about the development. The Gorilla Fastback is fueled by the Miyota 8215. This development, made in Japan, is utilized for some other (micro)brands also. It is a strong entertainer, nothing to stress over, however absolutely not fantastic. So Gorilla at any rate fulfilled me by utilizing a pleasantly engraved titanium caseback on this watch.

Dial and Hands

The dial plainly helps us to remember a speedometer of a vehicle. The hands are a tiny bit confounding from the outset, as the moment hand is the red skeleton one with the trapezium formed tip and the hour hand is important for this rotating sort of Mercedes-Benz logo (the ring around the hour hand doesn’t move however) in dark. The genuine hour marker is in white. The moment markers are Arabic numerals, pleasantly printed and in an exceptionally decent typography. They are very thick also, on the off chance that you look carefully under a specific point, you see that they have a decent alleviation. The Gorilla logo, in a comic sort of typography, is imprinted on the rehaut at 12 o’clock. The hour hand continues to confound me somewhat because of the other two associated ‘black’ hands. I expect anyway that this involves becoming acclimated to it, and plan savvy it looks nice.


To complete the impact of the founders’ enthusiasm for vehicles, the Gorilla Fastback will be conveyed on a dashing tie. The dark punctured tie wears delicate and comfortable. It has red sewing that matches pleasantly with the moment hand and the red anodized aluminum pinstripe of the case. The clasp is made of titanium and has this hobnail design. It looks like the pedal of a car.


I saved the cost for last. After you read the entirety of the abovementioned (I trust). Garcia kept in touch with me that the cost will be in any event under $1000 USD for this Gorilla Fastback. In light of the Patek Philippe Reviews itself, without the story behind it, I feel that is incredible incentive for cash. It is the value range where SevenFriday was extremely effective and where individuals are additionally able to burn through cash on a Patek Philippe Reviews that has a to some degree off-kilter (however cool!) appearance. The utilization of these materials and coming up with this specific ‘engineered’ plan, nearly make me think a cost under $1000 USD isn’t possible.

The Name

Gorilla is a name that bode well from various perspectives, and has a cool logo and typography. In any case, and I don’t know in the number of nations this is material, however Gorilla likewise kinda helped me to remember Gorilla Wear. It was – maybe – still is a brand that made garments for lifting weights and wellness purposes. Yet, exclusively by name, as the Patek Philippe Reviews and its logo has nothing to do with that obviously. In any case, “I am wearing (a) Gorilla” could sound a piece awkward.

End of September

By the finish of September, the Gorilla site will go live and the initial 500 Patek Philippe Reviews will be sold only through their webshop. The Patek Philippe Reviews won’t be restricted to 500, however everything over 500 will simply not be numbered on the caseback. As composed over, the Patek Philippe Reviews will be evaluated under $1000 USD. In the event that you need to monitor Gorilla and the arrival of the initial 500 Gorilla Fastback Patek Philippe Reviews try to buy in to their bulletin for a full item uncover when the time is there. You can buy in via  .