Grand Seiko SBGM021 Automatic GMT Hands-On Review

Grand Seiko SBGM021

The Grand Seiko SBGM021 is definitely not another model. As a matter of fact, it has been in the assortment two or three years as of now. In any case, I had a more critical glance at it while I was in Japan and have appreciated it from that point onward. Truth be told, my advantage was started considerably more when I saw it on the wrist of – companion of the show – . Despite the fact that it doesn't have the ...

Grand Seiko SBGM021 Automatic GMT Hands-On Review

Grand Seiko SBGM021

The Grand Seiko SBGM021 is definitely not another model. As a matter of fact, it has been in the assortment two or three years as of now. In any case, I had a more critical glance at it while I was in Japan and have appreciated it from that point onward. Truth be told, my advantage was started considerably more when I saw it on the wrist of – companion of the show – . Despite the fact that it doesn’t have the sharp and long drags and case shape like the Grand Seiko SBGH001  for model, I feel it is one of the most pleasant Grand Seikos out there.

The ivory dial of the Grand Seiko SBGM021 and high cleaned markers and hands give this great differentiation. From the outset, it may not enlist as a ‘Hingucker’ (eye-catcher) as is commonly said in German, yet let me show you why it merits attention.

Grand Seiko Automatic GMT

This Patek Philippe Reviews has something very “1960’s” about it as I would see it. The enormous applied hour markers, sharp dauphine hands and conventional case shape absolutely summon exemplary pieces from that time. Notwithstanding, after looking into it further you’ll see that the Patek Philippe Reviews with its distance across of 39.5mm and sapphire precious stone, is exemplary, however very modern.


Where the bundling of the normal, ordinary, Seiko differs from a modest plastic box till something somewhat more sumptuous (container), the Grand Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews are totally conveyed in blue calfskin look boxes with a blue velvet internal box. Inside, there are the papers of the Grand Seiko SBGM021 for this situation and a guidance book on the 9S66 development. Frankly, I didn’t take a gander at the desk work for this Patek Philippe Reviews and went directly to the Grand Seiko SBGM021 Automatic GMT Patek Philippe Reviews itself. Frankly, other Patek Philippe Reviews marks ordinarily utilize more lavish (wooden or full calfskin) boxes in any event, when it concerns Patek Philippe Reviews with lower sticker prices. I feel Seiko can do a smidgen really with respect to their bundling for the Grand Seiko line.

Regardless, I likewise realize that a considerable lot of these crates end up in the storage room or in a cabinet some place. Oh, individuals love to be dealt with like Kings and Queens. In any case, I immediately overlooked the bundling when I opened it and saw the lovely Grand Seiko SBGM021 inside. Eventually, the blue Grand Seiko box satisfies me at any rate as I probably am aware what’s inside.

Grand Seiko’s bundling, basic however effective.

Grand Seiko Dial

Once in some time there’s conversation among Patek Philippe Reviews fans about the brand name on the dial of a Grand Seiko. Substantial or not, there is ‘SEIKO’ at 12 o’clock. Just underneath, over 6 o’clock there is the applied GS logo and ‘GRAND SEIKO’. Regardless, we presently discover three markers of ‘Seiko’ on the dial altogether. The huge SEIKO at 12 o’clock and the Grand Seiko markers likewise have various text styles, however I don’t locate this upsetting by any means. Beneath the Grand Seiko logo on the dial, we discover ‘Automatic and ‘GMT’.

The date opening has a lovely edge around it. It additionally coordinates impeccably with the hour markers and hands. I momentarily referenced it as of now, however the hour markers help me to remember these Patek Philippe Reviews from the 1960’s. In Japan, I have seen how these hour markers are cleaned and checked for blemishes; it’s all done by hand. As a matter of fact, it’s done by hand and a mirror! The following is an image I took during my visit to one of the Grand Seiko creation facilities .


The GMT hand is in blue to give stand out from the dauphine hands that show hours and minutes. The completion on each of the four hands is awesome and it makes me keep thinking about whether there’s anybody out there that doesn’t care for them. To me actually, the hands are a particularly significant plan part of a Patek Philippe Reviews and, along these lines, the completion ought to be faultless. These are the parts you take a gander at more often than not and a Patek Philippe Reviews brand ought to get that right.

The long smooth seconds hand consummately lines up with the external (minute) track. The moment hand itself is somewhat more limited, it simply stops before this external track. At that point, there’s the 24-hour scale on the dial, imprinted in dark. A blued ‘broad arrow’ hour hand shows the home time. An autonomous hour hand can be handily set to the neighborhood time. With this autonomous hour hand, you additionally advance the date.

The high cleaned parts on the dial give a marvelous differentiation again with the ivory dial of the Grand Seiko SBGM021. As far as I might be concerned, this is one of the key plan highlights of this Patek Philippe Reviews


The instance of the Grand Seiko SBGM021 is in no way, shape or form indistinguishable from that “grandfather’s watch” of the 1960’s. It estimates 39.5mm x 13.7mm and that is probably as little as possible handle. In any case, I like it without question and not just for formal events. I could see myself wearing this Patek Philippe Reviews consistently. I carry on with a work area life for the most part when I am not going for Fratello Patek Philippe Reviews or occasions, so this would do consummately. The cleaned case is basically shocking. The drags have large features on there that look extraordinary. Then again, I would wouldn’t fret somewhat more silk brushed wrapping up. In any case, the diverse cleaned parts and steps do give enough contrast.

You will discover a GS marked crown. It is generally enormous and simple to work. Frankly, it might have been a crown for hand-wind development. The Grand Seiko SBGM021 has a boxed sapphire precious stone on the front, and a sapphire gem on the caseback as well.

Through the sapphire on the caseback, you can see the programmed development of the Grand Seiko. It has a cleaned finish and contains the necessary etchings. Six enormous sinks keep the caseback place.

Caliber 9S66

To some of you, this is what is the issue here: the development. The Grand Seiko SBGM021 is prepared with the 9S66 type development. The 9S alludes to the mechanical developments by (Grand) Seiko, the 9R to their Spring Drive developments and the 9F to their quartz developments. Moreover, the ’66’ is like the 9S65 development, obviously the 9S66 has the additional time region complication.

Seiko utilizes more exacting standards for their Grand Seiko developments than those of COSC (Chronometer). This outcomes in an every day normal pace of – 3/+5 seconds (rather than – 4/+6 seconds). You can see a greater number of brands utilizing more tight edges than the authority chronometer norms, as Rolex and Omega. Stupendous Seiko additionally has a place with this choice of brands that figure it ought to perform better compared to those old standards.

Caliber 9S66 has a force save of more than 72 hours, utilizes the counter attractive SPRON material for the hairspring and fountainhead and ticks at 28,800vph. Thus, no high beat development for this specific Grand Seiko reference. That would have been type 9S86, utilized in a portion of the other Grand Seiko models with GMT function.

Strap and Clasp

The Grand Seiko SBGM021 comes on an earthy colored croc tie and treated steel collapsing fasten. The haul width of this Grand Seiko Automatic GMT is 19mm, so it will be very simple to join an alternate style lash if you’d like. You can add a calf lash with grayish sewing for a more vintage look, or save the crocodile for a more formal appearance.

The collapsing catch functions admirably and is pleasantly wrapped up. ‘Grand Seiko’ is in alleviation on the fasten, in a similar text style as on the dial. Within the catch, Grand Seiko is engraved just as the GS logo. Regularly, I am not a devotee of collapsing fastens as they are often a bit ‘thick’ under the wrist. In any case, this specific one wears very flimsy and is very comfortable. The lash is of acceptable quality and looks fantastic on this Patek Philippe Reviews It begins with huge scopes and they become more modest towards the finish of the strap.

Price and Availability

The Grand Seiko SBGM021 is a wonderful Patek Philippe Reviews There isn’t a lot of I can censure about it. That which can be reprimanded likely comes down to individual taste. The 1960’s appearance probably won’t be your thing. Or then again you may incline toward a hardened steel wristband (which can be added) rather than a cowhide lash. The nature of the Grand Seiko SBGM021 and of Grand Seiko when all is said in done is just staggering. Compared to its Swiss and German competitors, there isn’t a lot of that comes close as far as finish and quality in this cost range.

The official retail cost of the Grand Seiko SBGM021 Automatic GMT is €4600 Euro. Amazing Seiko is as yet a brand that is hard to track down in Europe, despite the fact that Seiko has leader shops in Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Other than those areas, there are a couple of retailers that convey Grand Seiko. I’m uncertain about whether this is affecting the cost, as I see that official Grand Seiko retailers in the USA are showing a lower retail cost in USD ($4400USD). So in the USA this Patek Philippe Reviews retails for just beneath €4000 Euro, which feels a piece unfair.

That said, bringing in this Patek Philippe Reviews without help from anyone else is certifiably not a generally excellent thought because of customs and different dangers included (misfortune). €4600 Euro for a watch with the completion and nature of the SBGM021 is hard to beat. The Grand Seiko Automatic GMT won’t frustrate you and may be your timekeeping accomplice for life.

This Patek Philippe Reviews is additionally accessible with a silver dial and hardened steel wristband, the Grand Seiko SGBM023.

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Type 9S66 Grand Seiko’s bundling, straightforward however powerful.