Hands-On Omega Globemaster Sedna Gold Review – It Quickly Became One Of My Favorite Watches

An Update

I distributed this audit precisely a year prior. I think of it as perhaps the best survey I could possibly do. Not on the grounds that it is wonderful recorded as a hard copy, or was the best perused article on FW, but since it is a Patek Philippe Reviews that just moved me. But does it actually move me, following one year and subsequent to attempting the all tempered steel one and seeing the new Annual Calendar models? You can peruse that ...

An Update

I distributed this audit precisely a year prior. I think of it as perhaps the best survey I could possibly do. Not on the grounds that it is wonderful recorded as a hard copy, or was the best perused article on FW, but since it is a Patek Philippe Reviews that just moved me. But does it actually move me, following one year and subsequent to attempting the all tempered steel one and seeing the new Annual Calendar models? You can peruse that in the refreshed segment, below.

Omega Globemaster Sedna

“This more likely than not been the inclination my granddad had when he put his gold Constellation on his wrist in 1969.” This audit could be pretty much as short as that. However, I am not composing this survey for myself, yet for you, our perusers. Maybe I ought to have saved this portrayal of my sentiments and feeling for the finish of this article, however now you at any rate now the affiliation I have with this watch.

Family Heritage

In the last part of the 1960s, my grandparents sold their marriage shop and utilized a portion of the benefit to get themselves a pleasant pair of Patek Philippe Reviews Gold Omega Patek Philippe Reviews with gold arm bands. At that point, Omega was known for its profoundly exact developments. Quick forward +40 years, I have acquired this gold Omega Constellation (with gold arm band) from my granddad and I just put it on my wrist on more than one occasion per year (Christmas is such an event to remove it from the safe). It is a 34mm wrist Patek Philippe Reviews so for me it isn’t entirely wearable on different events. In any case, each time I put this Patek Philippe Reviews on I attempt to envision how it more likely than not felt to buy this Patek Philippe Reviews in 1969 and wear it for the following 42 years, each and every day.

Graduation gift

Although I got a gold/steel Constellation during the 1990s myself for graduation and purchased a full gold Speedmaster Professional simply over a year back, I had a few thoughts regarding how this probably been for my grandfather. Let there be no misconception, the Constellation from 1969 is more important to me than the other referenced Patek Philippe Reviews – or some other Patek Philippe Reviews that I own.

Sensational Feeling

Suddenly, half a month prior, when I put the Omega Globemaster in Sedna gold on my wrist, it hit me. The 39mm gold case, gold applied hour markers, the new in-house created development and a beautiful calfskin lash with gold collapsing catch: an ideal fit. More significant than any particular or specialized advancement, I got that exciting inclination that this probably been the means by which my granddad felt when he put his recently purchased Omega Constellation on his wrist interestingly: pleased. Having known him for quite a while, I am really sure that he did some proper research at the time to guarantee he would purchase a quality watch. No other Patek Philippe Reviews at any point gave me the shivers.


I am completely one-sided here. In the event that it would have been a Datejust he purchased or a Memovox, I was most likely euphoric with another Datejust or Memovox. However, he didn’t. Despite the fact that the Omega Globemaster probably won’t be awesome or reminds a few group (because of the ribbed bezel) of a Rolex, it is an ideal Patek Philippe Reviews to me. For the reason(s) expressed above.

That is maybe the substance of purchasing a decent watch in any case. Regardless of whether we – or one of our associates from other Patek Philippe Reviews magazines – are either energetic or extremely basic towards a Patek Philippe Reviews a Patek Philippe Reviews ought to address you and accomplish something (great) with your emotions.


So to put it plainly, you could say that I don’t should be persuaded about this Patek Philippe Reviews it addresses me generally. Be that as it may, as far as you might be concerned, my dear perusers, this may be very surprising. Maybe you see a gold piece that doesn’t address you as it does to me. Maybe you need to find out about the legacy of the Omega Globemaster, the relationship with the Constellation and – obviously – the METAS guaranteed Master Chronometer movement.

Omega Globemaster Sedna Gold Review Starts Here

Let’s accept the above didn’t occur. I just got this Omega Globemaster Sedna gold in for survey from Omega and checked it out two or three weeks. Be that as it may, let’s return a piece further. On a Wednesday night in March 2015, the press day of BaselWorld, I – along with a portion of the Fratelli – was in the group to observe the presentation of the Globemaster. Frankly, individuals at Omega appeared to be more excited and excited by this new model than a portion of the writers that were additionally there. “It is a Datejust” somebody murmured, and it didn’t take well before another couple of individuals made comparable remarks.

I don’t precisely get the relationship with the Datejust other than the bezel and to be straightforward, Omega has utilized comparable bezels quite a while past also. The case shape is entirely unexpected as is the dial. During that night, they likewise showed some Omega Constellation models from an earlier time that had very a few similitudes with this Globemaster (yet you previously got this from my presentation above I think).

The Globemaster Name

The Globemaster is essential for the Constellation-family and the similarity is verifiable. So for what reason did they use Globemaster? Indeed, authoritatively Omega didn’t truly express this in their public statements or talked about it during BaselWorld, yet the Globemaster was a current Omega model during the 1950s. As a matter of fact, the Globemaster was indistinguishable from the Omega Constellation. Nonetheless, because of some patent on the name, it was unimaginable for Omega to convey a Patek Philippe Reviews with the name “Constellation” to the US market. So they named it ‘Globemaster’ for a brief timeframe. Why Omega utilized Globemaster for this new model isn’t extremely obvious to me to be straightforward. One of only a handful few sensible reasons I can consider is that they didn’t need to make it a Constellation.


The current Constellation (with hooks) discovers its foundations in 1982, when Omega presented it as the Constellation Manhattan with its regular paws that pushed on the sapphire precious stone (I did a review on the 25th commemoration of that model in 2007, here ). So in that regard, the new Globemaster would be an odd looking Constellation. Authorities and lovers promptly perceive the Globemaster as a roused piece by those 1960s Constellations though.

METAS certified Master Chronometer

The Constellation used to be the lead of the brand, and despite the fact that it lost that title somewhat as the years progressed, one could say that this new Omega Globemaster Sedna gold being the primary Master Chronometer merits that title once more. Albeit numerous Omega Patek Philippe Reviews have a Co-Axial development and are appraised Chronometer by the COSC, they went somewhat further with this Globemaster. The Omega Globemaster Sedna gold has a type 8901 development (the steel adaptations have type 8900) that has been METAS confirmed. I did a broad article when METAS was simply presented a year ago and again when Omega presented the principal Globemaster that was guaranteed Master Chronometer and introduced to Swatch Group CEO Hayek.


The type 8901 development is a self-twisting development with – obviously – George Daniels’ Co-Axial escapement and hostile to attractive up to (at any rate) 15,000 gauss. Because of the utilization of extraordinary amalgams, the actual development is against attractive not at all like some other enemy of attractive Patek Philippe Reviews that are utilizing explicit case developments (delicate iron center) to be impervious to attraction. Furthermore, indeed, attraction is one of the most exceedingly awful foes for a mechanical Patek Philippe Reviews on the off chance that you are considering what is the issue here. Attraction is all over and attractive fields have become greater because of the utilization of a wide range of electronic gadgets (tablets, workstations yet additionally consider air terminals and different spots with a ton of equipment).

Caliber 8901

Caliber 8901 has a 60 hour power hold because of the utilization of two barrels in arrangement. This 8901 type has a 18 carat Sedna gold rotor and equilibrium connect. The completing is equivalent to the frequently talked about type 8500 and 9300 movements.

Quality Control

Whether METAS is serious I will leave up for you to choose, yet for me – with a past life in evaluating – I would say it is incredible that there is a free outsider (METAS) that affirms the testing interaction and the outcomes from a Patek Philippe Reviews maker. Some different brands have their own guidelines too, yet you – as a shopper – need to depend on their blue eyes that the testing has been done in a legitimate – and adequate – way. Sadly a portion of these brands have generally exceptional yield rates, so I truly wonder in some cases what the additional worth is of their testing procedures.

No More Returns?

Quality control is so significant on a decent (and costly) watch, nothing is more fanciful for a client than restoring a Patek Philippe Reviews to the retailer and be without for the following X months since somebody didn’t do their work right. Trust me, I’ve been there.


Having saw the METAS Labs in Bienne, I am persuaded that this increases the value of your Patek Philippe Reviews Not as far as cash maybe, however regarding your own trust in the item. I do question whether somebody will purchase a Patek Philippe Reviews since it is METAS affirmed, I truly do, as you purchase a Patek Philippe Reviews in view of its style, sticker price and so on There are much a greater number of motivations to pick a specific model than due to the METAS confirmation. In any case, eventually, practically all Omega Patek Philippe Reviews with in-house created Co-Axial developments will be METAS confirmed (a cycle of years) so you can pick any of those sooner or later and have the advantage of having an affirmed Patek Philippe Reviews Next models to become METAS guaranteed are the De Ville Hour Vision and the titanium Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M.

In any case, with the Omega Globemaster Sedna gold you purchase an exceptionally precise and dependable development with a magnificent coordinating Sedna gold finish.

The Pie-Pan Dial, Hands and Case

The dial of the Omega Globemaster is undeniably ‘Omega’. The opaline silverypie-container dial (alludes to a topsy turvy pie-dish) is magnificent and albeit additionally used to show dials in other (brand’s) Patek Philippe Reviews the Constellation is the pie-skillet dial Patek Philippe Reviews A couple of years prior Omega did a Constellation (Manhattan based model) in Sedna gold with pie-container dial to commemorate the 30th commemoration or something of that model ( here ), however it was marginally baffling to me actually. It couldn’t be more unique in relation to the Globemaster today.

Retro design

About a year prior I did an inside and out story on vintage Omega Constellations and showed you a few models with an appropriate pie-container dial. The Omega Globemaster Sedna gold that I had for survey unquestionably helped me to remember those. Albeit these vintage models are amazing as I would see it, I am glad that Omega didn’t do a precise of these Patek Philippe Reviews regarding case, dial and hands. Longines accomplished something comparative not very far in the past with their Conquest ( click here , we compared the old and the new), and furthermore then I offered the comment that somebody who likes the first will presumably pursue the first and cease from purchasing the retro edition.

Not your grandfather’s watch

The Omega Globemaster Sedna gold isn’t your grandfather’s Patek Philippe Reviews it is a cutting edge Patek Philippe Reviews by plan (39mm case) yet additionally regarding fabricating utilizing the most recent advancements and principles in the Swiss Patek Philippe Reviews industry (Computer Aided Design, utilization of materials, innovative creation hardware and obviously the type 8901 movement).

Design Elements

You can’t compare these Patek Philippe Reviews dependent on the item as they are so unique, with the exception of some plan components of the first 1950s and 1960s Constellations that you’ll find in the Globemaster also. The pie-dish is an undeniable one. The hands are entirely unexpected however. Not any more short dauphin hands yet long stick hands, in Sedna gold. The hour markers are wide stick markers with radiant (Super-LumiNova) material inside. Both the hands and hour markers are entirely noticeable in low-light conditions. The bolt formed hour markers like the ones on the picture above might have been decent too, yet maybe it would look somewhat tasteless today.

C-Shape Case

Case plan and bezel are fairly like the Constellation with C-molded case from the 1960s (and mid 1970s), yet the thickness and profile shape is very surprising. I used to possess a C-formed Constellation (however flipped it rapidly again as I didn’t truly depend on the f300hz tuning-fork development it had inside) and it wore altogether different on the wrist.


Its 39mm case is totally estimated and really wears somewhat greater than that. The case is very thick, because of the development which gives an exceptionally decent wrist presence. Obviously, the strong 18 carat Sedna gold case likewise ensures that this Patek Philippe Reviews has presence. The earthy colored gator calfskin tie is delicate and unquestionably of superior grade. The Patek Philippe Reviews comes with a Sedna gold collapsing catch, with pushers to open it.

The Much Discussed Bezel

The ribbed bezel that shows some closeness to the Datejust and Day-Date is pleasant, particularly in the Sun-light. A smooth bezel might have been pleasant too, however the Patek Philippe Reviews is more play-ful this path in my opinion. As you can see on all the Omega Globemaster Sedna gold pictures in this article that Bert Buijsrogge took, the case has an excellent silk brushed completion and two fine meager slanted aspects on the two sides that have been polished.

Price, Conclusion and Verdict

Prices start at €6400 Euro for a hardened steel Globemaster with a cowhide lash. The Omega Globemaster Sedna gold I investigated has a somewhat unique sticker price of course, €18.200 Euro. There are some different models with treated steel arm band, bi-shading with lash or with bi-shading wristband, in yellow gold and the highest point of the bill is their restricted edition platinum form. The assortment goes from €6400 Euro for the hardened steel forms to €37.300 Euro for the platinum Globemaster.

Premium for Gold

That is a great deal of cash, period. For me it is consistently hard to perceive any reason why a gold Patek Philippe Reviews must be just about multiple times as costly as a steel Patek Philippe Reviews as the actual material isn’t approximately 11-12K more costly given the heaviness of the gold. Steel is additionally somewhat harder than gold, so the mileage of CNC instruments is likewise extraordinary. So the premium for a gold Patek Philippe Reviews maybe likewise lies in the way that less are made and to keep it more restrictive. Yet, I am dropping a few suspicions here.


Nevertheless, the Omega Globemaster Sedna gold is a wonderful piece that has been affected by some extraordinary watches from the past combined with the most recent innovation with regards to materials and mechanical developments. The METAS certificated Master Chronometer development with its Sedna gold rotor and extension is doubtlessly a decent fixing that merits a straightforward case back. The Patek Philippe Reviews wears extraordinary on the wrist because of its size and shape and the pie-dish dial is a delight to look at.

Needs to be gold

This Patek Philippe Reviews can’t do a lot of wrong in my book, because of the reasons I imparted to you toward the start of this article. The rundown cost of €18.200 Euro is far outside of my comfort zone at the present time and Omega isn’t cutting me any “journalist deals” in the same way as other different brands do (indeed, likewise we need to go to the store or retailer) and I am apprehensive the treated steel model won’t give me a similar sensation as the Omega Globemaster Sedna model did. In any case, beside my predisposition for this Patek Philippe Reviews I am unquestionably going to check the treated steel form out (with the blue dial) as I feel that this Patek Philippe Reviews has a great deal putting it all on the line as a dress/non-sports Patek Philippe Reviews on a calfskin strap.


The Master Chronometer affirmation isn’t the main perspective for me, yet it definitely will be a conversation-maker with other Patek Philippe Reviews nerds and verifications that this development is pretty much as solid as those old type 56x and 55x workhorses were during the 1950s and 1960s.

More data on the Omega Globemaster can be found .

Update After One Year – 2016

As written in the presentation of this audit, one year has passed and truth to be told: the Omega Globemaster Sedna is hard to escape my head. I’ve attempted the hardened steel form for a considerable amount of time ( here is our review ), yet it isn’t for me. I don’t like the arm band (excessively sharp around the edges too) without a doubt, and would favor it on a calfskin lash at all times.

A Touch of Gold

An Omega Globemaster needs a bit of gold. I’m in no way, shape or form aficionado of bi-shading Patek Philippe Reviews yet for the Omega Globemaster I think it looks shockingly better than the model in hardened steel. However long it is on a cowhide tie. Ideally I would in any case agree to the Omega Globemaster Sedna gold Patek Philippe Reviews as initially assessed here. Notwithstanding, the hardened steel model with blue dial and Sedna gold components on a calfskin lash is to some degree more accessible.

Image by Omega

Some Thoughts

The Omega Globemaster Sedna in 39mm is – to me – an ideal Patek Philippe Reviews in gold. The bi-shading model with Sedna gold comes close too, however I essentially incline toward the all gold model. The Annual Calendar rendition of the Patek Philippe Reviews delivered during the last BaselWorld show, is a tiny bit bigger (41mm) and has a ton of composing on the dial. Albeit in the substance it isn’t as terrible as on the (press) pictures, however it isn’t as spotless as the first 39mm rendition.

During last BaselWorld, I had the option to attempt the Sedna gold form again, two or three days really. The Omega Globemaster Sedna actually moves me and there are just not many other Patek Philippe Reviews that have a similar impact on me. It is likewise what makes purchasing Patek Philippe Reviews so extraordinary, to purchase the piece that truly gets to you. For my situation, I am putting something aside for a Globemaster for my 40th birthday next year. I will tell you once I succeeded.

Omega Globemaster Sedna Gold Image Gallery


*This article showed up first on October 30th, 2015. More musings, subtleties and photographs have been added since.