Hands-On Seiko Presage SPB041J1 Review


This year, Seiko acquaints the Presage assortment with a more extensive crowd. The assortment previously existed in certain business sectors, yet not in Europe for instance. Let’s examine one of their curiosities, the Seiko Presage SPB041J1.

60 Years Ago

The first wristwatch of Seiko was their Laurel watch, in 1913. Years and years after the fact, in 1956, Seiko presented their first ...

Hands-On Seiko Presage SPB041J1 Review


This year, Seiko acquaints the Presage assortment with a more extensive crowd. The assortment previously existed in certain business sectors, yet not in Europe for instance. Let’s examine one of their curiosities, the Seiko Presage SPB041J1.

60 Years Ago

The first wristwatch of Seiko was their Laurel watch, in 1913. Years and years after the fact, in 1956, Seiko presented their first self-winding Patek Philippe Reviews Exactly 60 years prior. To commemorate, Seiko presented the Presage Chronograph with finish dial. Restricted to just 1000 pieces. We expounded on this Patek Philippe Reviews recently ( here ). Another Presage Patek Philippe Reviews that Seiko delivered for the current year, is the Seiko Presage SPB041J. A dress Patek Philippe Reviews with date and force save, all under 1000 Euro. For a few nonetheless, this is as yet an amazing measure of cash for a Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews That is the thing that we will hear frequently, yet to others it is an accomplishment that Seiko can sell a particularly quality item under 1000 Euro. Reality? Peruse on.

Seiko Presage SPB041J1

I have been purchasing Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews myself since Michael Stockton is ready of Fratello Patek Philippe Reviews and took care of us with his (vintage) Seiko articles from that point onward. Since the time the principal acquisition of a Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews I am persuaded by the nature of these Patek Philippe Reviews Whether it is a Seiko SKX007 , the new SRP777 Turtle , a Marinemaster 300 or even a Grand Seiko , these are for the most part quality Patek Philippe Reviews and offer a lot of value in their own value range. Comparing a Seiko SKX007 to a Marinemaster 300 looks bad, as does comparing a Seiko 5 model to a Grand Seiko. What these Patek Philippe Reviews share for all intents and purpose, is the pride and craftsmanship in every one of them, all alone level.

My outing to Japan a year ago made it exceptionally obvious to me, that Seiko is not kidding business. I actually come across individuals from other (Swiss and German) Patek Philippe Reviews brands who turn their nose ready for anything Seiko on the dial. That is, with all due regard, plain moronic. It may not generally be your taste when it comes to aesthetics, however there is little you can censure about the quality.

Presage SPB041J

That said, let’s view the new Seiko Presage SPB041J1. €895,- is a value that will likewise get you a portion of the Swatch Group marks for instance ( see this rundown for certain thoughts ), something micro brand maybe and right around a Sinn 104 . It is a mainstream value class, for the section level mechanical Patek Philippe Reviews just as some quartz models. The Seiko Presage SPB041J is, at any rate on paper, an incredible competitor in this value range. We got a piece from Seiko Netherlands to have a nearer look.

Dial and Hands

Seiko Presage SPB041J1

We additionally a few JDM (Japan Domestic Models) of the Presage, which we will take a gander at later on. Be that as it may, this model for the overall market appears to be a touch more ‘rich’ in regards to the dial and utilization of shading. The white dial has this little theme in it, that gives the Patek Philippe Reviews a decent touch. The Arabic numerals, hands and sub dial are plainly motivated – or considerably more than that – from the first Seiko Laurel from 1913. The typography, the red 12 and state of the hands look fundamentally the same as. Be that as it may, you can discuss whether the normal customer of such a Patek Philippe Reviews understands this or even thinks about the Seiko Laurel. Indeed, at any rate now you do.

Seiko Laurel 1913

Power Reserve and Date

On the left half of the middle pinion, a gap is there to demonstrate the force hold of the Patek Philippe Reviews The programmed development (all the more later) has 45 hours of force save. Where the first Seiko Laurel wristwatch had a sub seconds dial at 6 o’clock, this new Seiko Presage SBP041J1 utilizes that sub dial for the date. A little hand brings up it for you. Sort of abnormal is the way that ‘1’ is at the top rather than ’31’, which makes ’15’ situated a piece to one side of the opposite side of the circle. Nonetheless, I’ve two or three other Patek Philippe Reviews who additionally have this spread out, yet more normal is to see the ’31’ at the top.

Case and Crown

Although you could consider this Seiko Presage to be a dress Patek Philippe Reviews the case is quite massive. The tempered steel case has a 41.5mm distance across and measures 13.1mm in tallness. Not an outstandingly huge Patek Philippe Reviews but rather not a little Patek Philippe Reviews all things considered. Some may favor a dress Patek Philippe Reviews to be somewhat more slender at any rate. The case has an in general cleaned finish, while the highest point of the drags have a fine silk finish. The precious stone is marginally domed and both the bezel and caseback are moderately ‘thick’ too. This makes the Patek Philippe Reviews somewhat thick or even massive, which makes the in any case exemplary planned piece a piece sportier.

If you take a gander at the crown, you will see that the state of it is very much like that of the 1913 Seiko Laurel Patek Philippe Reviews that is presented previously. The crown is endorsed with an enormous S.

Caliber 6R27 Movement

Through a sapphire precious stone in the caseback, you can appreciate the Seiko type 6R27 development in this Presage SPB041J1. It is a workhorse development with a pleasant stripe finish and ‘gold’ etching in the rotor. It has 45 hours of force hold, 29 gems and ticks at 28,800 vibrations each hour. Despite the fact that I am consistently critical on developments noticeable through sapphire casebacks, I likewise accept that in this value range, individuals will value a mechanical development they can respect at whatever point they need. It isn’t pretty much as refined as their Grand Seiko developments obviously, yet surely can hold up to a portion of its Swiss competitors, particularly in a similar cost range.

Seiko Caliber 6R27 Movement

Strap and buckle

The Seiko Presage SPB041J1 (J represents made in Japan coincidentally) comes on an earthy colored croc lash and a collapsing clasp. The lash is very comfortable and delicate, where I’ve seen a lot stiffer ties (even from brands in any event 10x as costly) that took ages to at long last wear acceptably. The tie is long however, and I have generally large wrists. I trust that Seiko likewise offers shorts ties for these Patek Philippe Reviews When shutting the clasp, you are slanted to push on the part that says ‘Seiko’ until you hear a firm snap. In any case, you will see that the snap doesn’t come on the off chance that you push there. You really need to push on the calfskin, pretty much where the delivery catches are situated, as that’s where the little pin fits the opening in the fasten. Simply a tip.

On the Wrist and Some Thoughts

Although I may appear to be somewhat basic a few times in this survey, I do like this Patek Philippe Reviews A ton. Not certain on the off chance that it fits me by and by, as the solitary dress Patek Philippe Reviews I own are vintage ones (such a great deal more modest and more slender) and I for the most part wear chronographs or in any event, jumping Patek Philippe Reviews However, with a pleasant dress shirt or long sleeves, I could see myself wearing the Seiko Presage SPB041J during certain occasions.

The finish of the Patek Philippe Reviews is all that you ought to anticipate from a Patek Philippe Reviews in this value range. Great complete the process of, intriguing dial, incredible plan and quality lash. Without a doubt, different brands offer this too in this sub 1000 Euro classification, yet I set out to say that I would effortlessly put this Presage SPB041J1 close to a Swiss made Patek Philippe Reviews that will cost half more and you won’t persuade me regarding better quality. Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews have the propensity for being a ton of significant worth for the cash, in any event, when discussing a 2000 Euro Marinemaster or 4000 Euro Grand Seiko.

For Who Is This Watch?

The question that consistently rises, is for who is this Seiko Presage SPB041J1? A rundown cost of €895,- is, at any rate here in Europe, viewed as a lot of cash for a Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews People will in general glance at brands like Certina, Tissot or Longines for this sort of cash. Maybe not deliberate, as I trust it is additionally absence of mindfulness for Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews in this value range. Notwithstanding, when you can find out about purchasing something Made in Japan rather than Swiss (or German) Made with regards to mechanical Patek Philippe Reviews it is very simple to get persuaded of the quality this Patek Philippe Reviews needs to offer.

I accept that in the event that you are fearless enough as a Patek Philippe Reviews lover, and searching for a mechanical Patek Philippe Reviews under 1000 Euro that is essentially a decent Patek Philippe Reviews and maybe even a talking-piece, the Seiko Presage SPB041J1 I have here before me is an extraordinary choice.

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Like some of you, we noticed that the edges around the sub dials are somewhat harmed. With the unaided eye, we can’t see this, just with the large scale shots we took or with a loupe. The matter is right now under scrutiny with Seiko.