Hautlence HLRQ-05 – Full Review with live photos, specs & price

If you’ve been following us for some time, you realize that we, at Monochrome-Watches, have something for  free watchmakers , with their inventiveness and intensity. For a few, it’s vintage watches, for others it’s jumpers or chronographs. Here, we generally attempt to have a particular spotlight on the brands that people can’t find in the substance ordinary. One of them even has a more extraordinary spot in our souls, as we have been covering them for ...

Hautlence HLRQ-05 – Full Review with live photos, specs & price

If you’ve been following us for some time, you realize that we, at Monochrome-Watches, have something for  free watchmakers , with their inventiveness and intensity. For a few, it’s vintage watches, for others it’s jumpers or chronographs. Here, we generally attempt to have a particular spotlight on the brands that people can’t find in the substance ordinary. One of them even has a more extraordinary spot in our souls, as we have been covering them for quite a long time and we’ve never been baffled with their manifestations. This brand is named Hautlence and here is the full review of their lively, round, conspicuous watch, the HLRQ-05 with its orange accents and its so-cool movement.


Hautlence – the re-arranged word of Neufchatel, Switzerland, the city where the brand was made – was founded in 2004, three years after the primary thoughts and the main portrayals. Guillaume Tetu, prime supporter of the assembling, needed to make something bizarre, extraordinary, precisely creative and inconspicuous, a watch both reasonable in its shape and fun loving in its presentation. This idea lead in 2005 to the primary Hautlence, the one that is still today a symbol, the HL . Back in the days of its presentation, the Hautlence HL was a genuine ground breaker. The plan was absolutely new – an enormous rectangular case – and the funtions, along with the utilization of an in-house development were additionally something infrequently seen on pieces in those days. The pattern around the genuine autonomous watchmakers was not that significant 10 years prior and Hautlence can be viewed as a pioneer.

Since, the business has changed and what we seen as creative and noteworthy would now be able to be sorted out as something more old style. In the real setting of the business, the HL is a work of art, a sensible watch – which doesn’t influence at all our adoration for this watch, particularly the HL Ti 2 release and the pristine Black Ceramic .

Within the most recent couple of years, Hautlence have presented new kinds of watches, including the HLQ , the first round watch of the brand, with another development (in light of the first in-house type) and with a date. Other than these generally amazing bits of horology, Hautlence additionally made a really great watch, the 2010 Hautlence HL2.0 , a 200.000 Euros beauty with an incredibly, cool presentation and development. A year ago, they went the inverse course anyway – to get new authorities with lower financial plans yet with similar jealousy of unique and interesting watches, and a wish of the new proprietor, Meylan Group, likewise proprietor of Moser & Cie – with the dispatch of the Destination and of the Invictus , their first chronograph.

Those two where not by any means the only recently presented watches in the assortment, as Hautlence additionally accompanied another curiosity, watches that gloat the in-house development and in this way the exceptional Hautlence show: the Hautlence HLRQ04 & HLRQ05 , two round, energetic, ostentatious watches.

Overall appearance

The Hautlence HLRQ-05 is the lively and gaudy recommendation of the brand. It shares both a portion of the DNA of the brand – the remarkable Hautlence show, the multi-layers’ dial, the straightforwardness impacts – with an another visual and touchy methodology – a round case, less specialized than the HL Ti 2, no honeycomb dial, more brilliant, sportier than the now traditional and monochromatic past releases. Without a doubt, it is a Hautlence, there’s for sure, yet it has another taste.

Because of these components, the Hautlence HLRQ-05 feels a little more customary – as it would seem that a watch and not a theoretical article – and simultaneously it is an exceptionally special, strange item – in light of the presentation, of the new, ostentatious tone and of the few layers that makes an extremely complicated plan. As regular with Hautlence, it feels – outwardly and precisely – alive, as a considerable lot of the specialized components can be seen (and heard) in a wink.


The primary component of the HLRQ-05 – and Hautlence’s signature for a very long time now – is the jumping hour and retrograde moment indicators. The hopping hour on the left half of the dial, takes an immediate leap, when the retrograde moment hand bounces from 60 to 0. What could be viewed as a troublesome method to understand time, as a result of two isolated signs with an uncommon format, will indeed request just a short variation period to become a readable and effectively justifiable watch. This showcase depends on a development imagined and gathered by Hautlence.

Visually, the Hautlence HLRQ-05 is not the same as different manifestations of the brand. In the event that you investigate the old HL Ti 2 or the fresh out of the box new Destination , they depend on 2 columns: a rectangular angled case generally little in its measurements and a monochromatic look – all things considered, at any rate, colors are cold and careful. The equivalent goes for the HLQ , that might be round yet additionally share this severe and cold mechanical inclination. The HLRQ assortment is neither rectangular nor exacting. It is a round, energetic and brilliant scope of watches – as you can see with the 2013 HLRQ-02 and HLRQ-03 , that were at that point coming with splendid accents. With the HLRQ-05 (and the HLRQ-04), Hautlence goes above and beyond as conspicuous tones are additionally welcomed working on this issue for a steadfast energetic feeling.

Case and Strap

As said previously, the instance of the Hautlence HLRQ-05 is round – we surmise that with our presentation and the photographs, you found it without anyone else. Regardless of whether it might have been shocking (relatively speaking) when Hautlence accompanied a round case (in 2009 with the HLQ ), we’re now used to this shape that at last agreeably mixes with the in-house show. This case is truth be told very complicated and composed of a few sections, made in various materials.

The 44mm case is composed first of a focal part completely round and with level casebands. It is made of black DLC-covered brushed evaluation 2 titanium. On its highest point sits a slender and sloped cleaned bezel made of black DLC-covered stainless steel and a sapphire gem, additionally angled and with against intelligent covering. On the back, the development is obvious through a sapphire gem circumnavigated with a black DLC-covered evaluation 2 titanium screwed ring. At long last, the entire case is encircled by 4 horns, screwed to the focal part. These 4 brilliant orange pieces are made of varnish-covered stainless steel. This is the principle contrast with the models we’ve took care of a couple of months prior , as these horns were made in anodized aluminum, with a brushed and matte completion. From the expressions of Hautlence, regardless of whether the expression on these models of the HLRQ-04 & HLRQ-05 was approved, the toughness of the covering was not satisfying – this clarifies the decision of an old style reflexive stain applied on tempered steel. Little lament notwithstanding, as the matte completion was more qualitative.

The case is likewise composed of a black DLC-covered steel crown (engraved with the Hautlence logo) and a press button situated at 12 that is utilized to rapidly address the date. The Hautlence HLRQ-05 comes on a hand-sewn moved edge Louisiana croc rubber treated cowhide with huge square scales. It has an appropriate matte look and feel that gives the watch a genuine present day and lively plan. It comes on a decision of a pin clasp or a collapsing catch, both made in grade 2 titanium with dark DLC-coating.

On the wrist, the 44mm are moderately sensible and the gives the inclination on the wrist that you have a 41/42mm watches. Combined with a 12.5mm stature, short drags and a lightweight (because of the titanium), the Hautlence HLRQ-05 is completely adjusted and comfortable to wear.

Dial and hands

What doesn’t change with this HLRQ-05 are the profundity and the straightforwardness of the dial. One of the signs of Hautlence had consistently been the complexity of their dial, composed of different layers of sapphire, a few 3D applied tracks and semi-straightforward circles. These watches are playing with light and reflections to make profundity and readability. In the event that you take a gander at the vast majority of the watches made by Hautlence, you’ll see that they are on the whole highlighting a few layers of sapphire gem that can be treated against reflections or not (to make a profundity impact) and clear or incompletely colored (to uncover or shroud a few signs). It is the case with the as of late uncovered Destination (that utilizes a middle precious stone with applied records and numerals to make drifting parts) or the  Hautlence HL2.4 with the colored sapphires that uncovers halfway the indications.

This same idea is utilized in the Hautlence HLRQ-05. Under the primary sapphire precious stone that secures the dial, we can discover another gem that includes an applied logo at 12, a dark surface that circles the whole marker with a metallized HAUTLENCE engraving. On top of it are printed the quarters with Orange Luminova numerals and a white moment track. On the opposite side, the hours are printed likewise in orange iridescent material. This moderate precious stone is somewhat colored aside from the focal part – to uncover the hours and the minutes – and a little circle at 6 – to uncover the date. On the highest point of that, there is another plate for the hours. This plate is halfway colored to uncover the genuine hour, pointed with a three-sided orange index.

This dial is truly complex as a result of this superposition of these few layers, due to the few zones that are colored or not, mirroring light or not. The specialists are likewise completely uncovered – like for example the system of the retrograde hand between the 30 and 60 records or the hopping hour instrument in the hour dial. Nonetheless, when used to this specific presentation, neatness is incredible and the joy of glancing through the dial (and not at the dial) is immense.


This watch highlights Hautlence in-house development, implying that it comes with the cool and remarkable showcase of the brand. Regardless of whether exceptionally close from the one cased in the HL Ti 2 (they share a similar base), it isn’t precisely the same type – in light of the fact that its round as well as on the grounds that the game plan of the pointers are extraordinary and in light of the fact that a few highlights are explicit. Prior to going into the complications, here are a few realities: 40 hours of force hold, 255 components, 21,600 vibrations/hour, hopping hours/retrograde minutes/speedy date.

The development depends on a Peseux 7001 – principally for the stuff train and the capacity of energy – however for the rest, everything is explicit. What you effectively spot are the extensions, with their interesting shapes and finishing’s – huge Geneva stripes, cleaned slanted points by hand and a logo engraved on an applied plate. At that point comes the specialized parts, situated on the top and noticeable through the dial. As said, the Hautlence HLRQ-05 comes with the Hautlence show however in a somewhat extraordinary course of action compared to the HL arrangement. While the last comes with a pole and cam component for the retrograde moment (explained  here ), HLRQ arrangement includes an interfacing semi-wheel (obvious somewhere in the range of 30 and 60) rather than an associating pole. The other contrast concerns the signs, as the Caliber HLQ replaces the little second by a date.

The other piece of the showcase is notable. The bouncing hour’s instrument is the equivalent in-house development the wide range of various Hautlence watches. Rather than a circle showing the bouncing hour through a fixed opening, Hautlence shows the hours on a fixed plate. On top of that a sapphire plate with a gap leaps to uncover the hour. In fact this is no stroll in the recreation center, since this sort of hopping hour show requires more energy and dormancy. This hopping circle (that you can see working with a scored wheel in the hour sub-dial) is connected to the retrograde moment hand. In this manner, both are hopping or getting back to zero at precisely the same moment (with a mechanical and noteworthy snap noise).


With this HLRQ-05, Hautlence figured out how to blend its classical and notable showcase with significant changes for the situation, the inclination and the colors. This watch, without denying its roots, recharges the idea of Hautlence with an energetic, lively and hued feeling that could be worn more as a toy for enormous young men than something genuine and thorough like the HL arrangement. The form quality remaining parts as before (regardless of whether the reflexive completion of the orange part isn’t some tea) and it is as yet a joy to feel, hear and see crafted by the mechanics. Hautlence’s show is unquestionably cool – as is this HLRQ-05. Cost isn’t forgettable at 35.000 Euros yet clarified by the complications and explicit movement.

More subtleties on the authority site of Hautlence .