HYT H2 Titanium Black DLC – Full Review with live photos, specs and price

In 2012, while presenting the first of the Hydro-Mechanical watches, the H1 , the youthful and frantic brand called HYT made a serious wreck in the watchmaking scene. Those folks get the bizarre plan to outfitted their manifestations with the most exceedingly terrible foe of a watch: fluid. We tried this watch and we felt in adoration with it, in light of the levelheadedness and ...

HYT H2 Titanium Black DLC – Full Review with live photos, specs and price

In 2012, while presenting the first of the Hydro-Mechanical watches, the H1 , the youthful and frantic brand called HYT made a serious wreck in the watchmaking scene. Those folks get the bizarre plan to outfitted their manifestations with the most exceedingly terrible foe of a watch: fluid. We tried this watch and we felt in adoration with it, in light of the levelheadedness and genuine of the idea. Back in 2013, just 1 year after their first endeavor, HYT brought a considerably more energizing successor for the sake of the HYT H2 Titanium Black DLC and we’ve been trying it again.

The HYT H1 Red2 we dealt with for half a month gave us a few hints on how genuine this idea was. At the point when this watch went to the world, we felt initial an extraordinary energy yet additionally some incredulity. Why a brand just enrolled would have the option to accomplish a particularly complex thought. Obviously, the HYT group is composed of watchmakers and capable architects (with their sister company Preciflex ). In any case, even…

However, they did it – and they did it well! The task is obviously accomplished. We’ve been very astounded to see that such a thought might have been conceivable inside a so brief timeframe and a particularly level of reality. This might have been a toy or a watch made to be secured a safe. Not under any condition! It could even be viewed as a games watch, strong and made to be utilized as a legitimate every day mixer. Obviously, the advancement was not unreasonably simple and HYT needed to confront a few industrialisation and unwavering quality issues – that are currently fixed. What is considerably more astounding is the way quick the brand presented a subsequent watch, utilizing a similar idea of a fluidic sign yet with a much more complicated development and show. It was in 2013 (one year simply after the H1) and it is the watch we’re inspecting today.

Overall appearance

The HYT H2 brings back the primary interest of the HYT H1 (the debut watch of the brand): the fluidic sign of the time. While the vast majority of the watches are showing time with hands turning on a focal pivot – or possibly with plates or satellites – it stays a mechanical module activated by pinion wheels, haggles. Really complicated – investigate our ‘ different showcases ‘ area – it stays a round of mechanics. With HYT – in any case we’re discussing the H1 or H2 – the watchmakers are presenting something absolutely silly and even risky for a watch: a fluid. In a round cylinder situated around the dial, a fluid rushes to show the hours. As of now found with regards to the HYT H1, the HYT H2 gets that equivalent idea a watch much more complicated, conceived from collaboration with the rumored APRP produce – Audemars-Piguet Renaud & Papi.

The HYT H2 shows more capacities, a superior combination of the fluidic module, presently straightforwardly into the development, a more drawn out force save and a tremendous degree of subtleties. The principal H1 was made to make the buzz. The H2 is made to build up the standing of the brand and demonstrate to the remainder of the business how genuine is the concept.

Features and Display

The principle highlight of the HYT H2 is, similar to the HYT H1 , the regulator-style show with its hairlike loaded up with 2 fluids: a fluorescent one and a clear one. The circumstance sign is isolated in two: the hours are shown by the liquid while the minutes are appeared by a focal hand – an oddity compared to the HYT H1, as the minutes are not situated in a sub-dial at 12 with a traditional turning show. The moment hand is currently greater and situated in the watch. It must be perused on its own sapphire track, found right inside the green cylinder. Nonetheless, it is anything but an old style hand any longer. Somewhere in the range of 5:30 and 6:30, it will take a little leap and proceed with its excursion around the dial.

The APRP association is not difficult to spot. The development is completely open and shows a staggering profundity. All the specialized components – gear train, escapement module and cylinders – are completely uncovered. We additionally discover the commonly APRP crown marker at 3 and something new: a temperature pointer at 9:30. The last improvement compared to the HYT H1 is the extended force save. APRP groups are known for their solid authority of energy and utilization of force and the HYT H2 shows it with a 8-day power reserve.

Case and Strap

The HYT H2 – here in the Titanium Black DLC version – is obviously a gigantic watch. It’s case, made in light and strong titanium and covered in dark with Diamond Like Carbon innovation, quantifies a great 48.8mm x 17.9mm. That might be forcing on paper yet the watch remains anyway very simple to lash – thinking about its size obviously. The case brings back a similar DNA as the HYT H1 however feels a piece more clean. It permits zeroing in additional on the dial and signs. The processed bezel of the H1 is completely eliminated and supplanted by an exceptionally cambered sapphire gem that goes everywhere on the dial. The casebands and the hauls are completely brushed – anticipate some cleaned edges, to support the plan. The crown is as yet situated at 3 and is ensured by an enormous and skelotonized band on the case.

Just like its archetype, the HYT H2 may be a idea watch and a mechanical show however it is additionally a games watch. The HYT H2 comes with a screwed case back and a screw-down crown that make the watch water-safe up to 50 meters. Obviously, it will not supplant your Tudor Pelagos or Omega Seamaster and we question that the proprietors of a HYT H2 will utilize it as a legitimate apparatus watch. Nonetheless, the watch feels safe and strong. It tends to be utilized and mishandled (a piece). The HYT H2 comes on a dark elastic tie with deployant clasp, that affirms the toolish part of this extraordinary timepiece.

It is likewise accessible in a few releases: Black DLC and Pink Gold with green fluid, White gold with blue fluid, Platinum and titanium with red fluid and in Titanium with firearm metal PVD treatment and blue liquid.

Movement (and dial)

For once, we will not do an isolated area for the dial and hands, as both are completely coordinated in the development. The HYT H1 was more traditional in its methodology. The development, made along with Chronode, comprised of two modules (the traditional horological one and the fluidic one, with the howls and the cylinder) connected along with a cam mechanism.

In the setting of the HYT H2, these two modules are presently completely coordinated in a solitary development. The principal thing that changes compared to the main making of HYT is the situation of the cylinders/roars, that are currently situated in a V – that helps us to remember a Harley Davidson motor. The situating of the howls in a V-shape improves the combination of the interface, which associates the watch components with the fluidic framework. This framework can be seen on the dial at 9. It is composed of a snail wheel with an expanding distance across that makes a tension on an arm that compresses the left cry, to push the fluid in the fine. In comparison with the H1, this engineering leaves more space so the moment hand can be set at focus position and the equilibrium spring lives on its dark extension, in the upper portion of the dial.

The escapement module isn’t the solitary mechanical part uncovered, as the stuff train and the few wheels that impel the enormous moment hand are likewise completely obvious on the front. The dial shows a remarkable profundity and gives the HYT H2 something incredibly modern, mechanical and mechanical. The full dark completion of the parts is edify by old style Haute Horlogerie completes: cleaned slanted points and straight graining on the steel parts and wheels. The numerous little scaffolds are made in titanium, skeletonized and Black DLC covered with a microblasted finish.

Two different complications are added to the development. The first is a crown position marker (that assists with detecting the APRP participation) with 3 positions: N for Neutral – H for setting the time – R for winding. The subsequent complication is a temperature marker. As the watch is loaded up with fluid, high or low temperatures can influence the consistency and in this way, the dislodging of the liquids.

Compared to the front, the rear of the development gives off an impression of being easier. It principally shows the two enormous barrels that give 8 days (192 hours) of energy to the HYT H2. Taking into account that the barrels need to activate continually 2 cries and a fluid, this outcome is very great. The measure of outstanding force can be perused a pointer found straightforwardly on the left barrel. The more tight is the origin (so the nearer from the middle), the more force you have left. Straightforward yet not actually precise.



  • An significantly really energizing and accomplished project
  • The movements on the dial (hopping minute hand, retrograde liquid, balance wheel)
  • The complexity and profundity of the movement
  • The outrageous look and eminent finishing
  • The connect with the primary HYT in a completely unique design
  • The power for such an idea watch and the conceivable every day use


  • The intelligibility of the force reserve
  • The monstrous measurement and thickness
  • The non-normal readability of the moment hand
  • The temperature pointer is an excellent thought… yet what to do if there should arise an occurrence of under or over temperature?

What to consider such a watch and how to have the negligible measure of objectivity required when you’re before a particularly complex and uncommon piece of designing? It resembles being a vehicle writer before the most recent Lamborghini or Pagani. Such game vehicles or idea watches are dream objects, void of reason and objectivity. To begin with, the cost classifies it to a level that is impossible for 99,99% of us – accordingly, it becomes an item that we are longing for and that will shroud his issues, since it makes us dream.

If we need to add our objectiveness to the condition, we need to concede that the HYT H2 is a very accomplished undertaking, with a sublime present day approach of horology, an extraordinary and bizarre look, a truly fascinating innovative content and that remains, despites every one of these components, completely accomplished, vigorous and wearable in (pretty much) every events. It anyway has the blemishes of the vast majority of the idea watches, implying that neatness isn’t on par with a traditional watch (the moment truly has to be perused on the track, as it’s position isn’t normal) and it does not have a touch of style – something that is less obvious on the HYT H2 white gold version . Notwithstanding, competing with an extra-thin JLC isn’t the objective of HYT – and that is something that won’t end soon, as the brand uncovered as of late another, crazier watch, the HYT H3 .

The HYT H2 Titanium Black DLC is a non-restricted version and it is priced at 110.000 Euros. More subtleties on HYTWatches.com .