Officine Panerai – New Line-Up, Including A Dress Watch And Updated Luminor Marina Models

Luminor Marina

Last week I went to the presentation a few new Panerai models. Their most conspicuous Patek Philippe Reviews the Luminor Marina, gotten an update.

Now, I don’t need to demolish a gathering, yet changing or even marginally altering a notable Patek Philippe Reviews can be perilous. We’ve seen that heightening several brands, including Rolex (recollect their underlying 39mm Explorer, or ...

Officine Panerai – New Line-Up, Including A Dress Watch And Updated Luminor Marina Models

Luminor Marina

Last week I went to the presentation a few new Panerai models. Their most conspicuous Patek Philippe Reviews the Luminor Marina, gotten an update.

Now, I don’t need to demolish a gathering, yet changing or even marginally altering a notable Patek Philippe Reviews can be perilous. We’ve seen that heightening several brands, including Rolex (recollect their underlying 39mm Explorer, or what might be said about the Day-Date II. Both brief.). In any case, while I was holding my breath, Panerai developed the strain by showing a touch of foundation data first.

I expect you know about Panerai, we covered it ordinarily, so I will avoid the set of experiences exercises. Imperative to know is that Panerai has been a production since 2005 and brought all exercises of advancement, creation, get together and QC under one rooftop in their new Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Reference PAM01499

Thinner Luminor Marina

There are 5 refreshed models for the Luminor Marina 1950 assortment. All got more slender. Panerai two or three upgrades to guarantee the Patek Philippe Reviews could become more slender. How slim? The 44mm Luminor Marina 1950 watches went from an incredible 17,95mm to 15,65mm. The more modest Luminor Marina 1950 models, with a distance across of 42mm are presently just 13.2mm rather than 16,35mm thick. Very much an improvement!

On first sight, not a lot changed. That is something worth being thankful for, as no compromises have been made to its notorious plan. After looking into it further, there are a few contrasts. Let’s have a look.

New Movement

One of the reasons that Panerai had the option to make a more slender Luminor, was the advancement of another type. This P9010 type development comprises of 200 components and is just 6mm thick. Two barrels guarantee the force save of 3 days, an element of each in-house Panerai development since 2005. The hour hand can be freely set, so you don’t need to set the moment hand (once more) when going to another timezone or changing from winter time to late spring or the other way around. I’m uncertain about whether this element would add something for me, as I switch Patek Philippe Reviews routinely and need to set minutes and hours at any rate. I rather would have a brisk set date, which this Patek Philippe Reviews doesn’t have. The quickest method to change the date is to utilize the freely moving hour hand to set the date. Helpful is the way that the date can go to and fro, so utilize the bearing that is nearest to the real date.

Case Design Adjustments

Not just the development, yet additionally a few changes in accordance with the Luminor Marina case contributed to a more slender case. To go from 17,95mm to 15,65mm (44mm case) or from 16,35mm to 13,2mm (42mm case) you need to roll out certain improvements. In the first place, the caseback is somewhat more slender because of the new development. The center piece of the case, or caseband, is likewise more slender. This additionally incorporates a more slender crown security framework, maybe one the most conspicuous highlights of Panerai. I additionally saw that the sapphire precious stone is less domed. You will likewise see that the carries are extraordinary. They appear to be situated a piece lower when you take a gander along the edge of the case.

Still Iconic

All these progressions sound like very compelling viewpoints to the plan of the Patek Philippe Reviews however Panerai has some talented architects in Neuchâtel it appears. I needed to request one from the Panerai agents at the introduction to give me hers to compare the old with the new. Really at that time I saw a portion of these changes, however eventually, the new Luminor Marina case is undoubted a similar symbol it generally was.


Caliber 9010

New Reference Coding

With another update there is additionally another reference number. Panerai chose to keep it short and straightforward, simply supplant a 0 with a 1 and that’s it. So the PAM00312 presently becomes the PAM01312.

The new presented Luminor Marina 1950 references and their retails costs are:

  • PAM01312 (dark dial, 44mm) – Price: €7300 Euro
  • PAM01359 (dark dial, 44mm) – Price: €7300 Euro
  • PAM01499 (white dial, 44mm) – Price: €7300 Euro
  • PAM01392 (dark dial, 42mm) – Price: € 7200 Euro
  • PAM01523 (white dial, 42mm) – Price: €7200 Euro

The conveyance of Patek Philippe Reviews should occur now, beginning with the dark dial renditions. The white dial renditions will be conveyed around September 2016.


Luminor Marina 1950 Carbotech

Next up, we have the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 Carbotech, PAM00661. In January 2015, Panerai presented the Carbotech innovation for their Luminor Submersible PAM0616. We distributed an inside and out audit of the PAM0616 a year ago on Fratello Watches. The case is made utilizing long meager sheets of carbon fiber, under high tension and high temperatures. Each Patek Philippe Reviews has this one of a kind ‘tech’ look & feel to it.

Luminor Carbotech PAM00661

The new PAM00661 is the primary Luminor Marina utilizing the Carbotech material for its case. Obviously, it additionally utilizes the new type 9010 development. Notwithstanding, not at all like the treated steel Luminor Marina models, the development can’t be seen because of a shut titanium caseback. Regardless of whether this was finished by decision or that it basically was impractical with respect to the development of the case is obscure to me. PAM0661 will retail for €11,500 Euro and will presumably accessible around October 2016.

Closed caseback

Panerai Luminor Due – The Dress Watch

Take it while taking other factors into consideration or two, yet the Luminor Due is pretty much the dress Patek Philippe Reviews from the assortment. Due represents ‘two’ yet can be perused as Mark II or second form as well.

Don’t expect a 37mm super dainty dress Patek Philippe Reviews here, yet rather a more complex looking rendition of the Luminor. The ‘dress’ factor is fundamentally because of the slenderness of the cases. These thin cases could be set up as a result of a couple of slight developments obviously. The 42mm models utilize the hand-wound type P1000 (and P1000/10 for the gold form) while the 45mm models utilize the programmed development type (P4000/10 for the gold version).

Luminor Due in 42mm (PAM00676) and 45mm (PAM00674)

P1000 and P4000 Movements

Purists may say that a Panerai ought to have a hand-wound development, however who can deny a programmed development with miniature rotor? The P4000 development by Panerai was presented in 2014 and they chose to utilize it for their 45mm renditions of the Due. The P1000 development is a hand-wound type that solitary estimates 3.85mm in stature. No big surprise Panerai can keep these Patek Philippe Reviews at 10.50mm thick for the 42mm and 10.7mm for the 45mm models.

Below a picture of the Panerai Luminor Due 42mm and 45mm next to each other, showing their P1000 and P4000 movements.

P1000 and P4000 movements

As I composed over, the gold variants have a somewhat extraordinary development, shown with a/10. Beneath, the gold variant, PAM00675 and its development type P4000/10. It has a skeletonized fundamental plate that shows the haggles. The 22k gold miniature rotor additionally has an unexpected completion in comparison to the ordinary P4000 movement.

Luminor Due P4000/10

Luminor Due 42mm or 45mm

So once you settle on the choice to purchase the Luminor Due as a more ‘suit’ cordial Patek Philippe Reviews the inquiry is: 42mm or 45mm? Can a 45mm Patek Philippe Reviews truly be a dress Patek Philippe Reviews I attempted both and I need to say that the 45mm really fits very well on my genuinely enormous wrists. I likewise need to concede that while the Due is actually a Panerai plan astute, the case is truly flimsy. I partner Panerai with sports Patek Philippe Reviews so I missed that vibe a piece with this slim Luminor Due Patek Philippe Reviews in such manner, they prevailing with regards to making a more complex piece that will fit under your sleeves. As far as I might be concerned, I recently missed that Panerai-code a piece with this Due dress Patek Philippe Reviews Not in regards to its looks, yet when worn on the wrist you certainly feel the difference.

Thin 10.7mm Luminor Due

That said, I can envision somebody needs to add a Luminor Due to his current assortment of Panerai Patek Philippe Reviews It additionally may pull in the female purchaser, with its thin look & feel. Underneath, the gold and treated steel 45mm adaptations side-by-side.

PAM00675 and PAM00674

References, Prices and Availability of the Luminor Due

There are 4 Luminor Due references, until further notice. Two for the 42mm and two for the 45mm forms, each size accessible in red gold and in impeccable steel.

  • PAM00676 – 42mm, tempered steel – Price: 7900 Euro
  • PAM00677 – 42mm, red gold – Price: 21,500 Euro
  • PAM00674 – 45mm, hardened steel – Price: 10,400 Euro
  • PAM00675 – 45mm, red gold – Price:  24,900 Euro

The gold renditions have this anthracite sun-burst dial and a skeletonized development, as composed above.


I’ve been informed that these Patek Philippe Reviews are relied upon to be conveyed around September 2016.

Some Thoughts

It is very unique that a Richemont brand presents Patek Philippe Reviews just after the yearly SIHH presentation. Panerai chose to do as such, and their underlying presentation was in Florence, Italy last May. The progressions on the Luminor Marina are as I would see it pleasantly done. The Luminor Marina 1950 3-Days has become a touch more wearable and simply has been spruced up. I figure Panerai worked really hard ensuring their symbol to remain an icon.

30 Meters

The Luminor Due is the talking piece I presume. At the point when it was simply appeared in Florence (Firenze), the group made fight about the WR of 30 meters rather than the typical 100 meters and 300 meters. Despite the fact that my underlying contemplations were like that of the group who made a quarrel about it, since I’ve seen the Patek Philippe Reviews in the substance, they are essentially not jumping Patek Philippe Reviews Or Patek Philippe Reviews to swim with at all to be honest.

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Luminor Due P4000/10 PAM00675 and PAM00674 Side by Side, the 42mm and 44mm P1000 and P4000 developments PAM00675 PAM01312 Closed caseback Luminor Carbotech PAM00661 Reference PAM01499 Caliber 9010 PAM01312 Thin 10.7mm Luminor Due