Piaget Polo S – 2016’s Most Controversional Watch?

An evening in Amsterdam with the Piaget Polo S

Although the Piaget Polo S was at that point presented in July, the Piaget group visited Amsterdam to acquaint it with the (watch) press of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia.

This was the reason for us to join the gathering and view the much discussed Piaget Polo S timepiece.

Piaget Polo S – Up Close

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Piaget Polo S – 2016’s Most Controversional Watch?

An evening in Amsterdam with the Piaget Polo S

Although the Piaget Polo S was at that point presented in July, the Piaget group visited Amsterdam to acquaint it with the (watch) press of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia.

This was the reason for us to join the gathering and view the much discussed Piaget Polo S timepiece.

Piaget Polo S – Up Close

Piaget released an exceptionally interesting mens Patek Philippe Reviews recently, the  Emperador Coussin XL 700P with a  movement that shows a strong resemblance with (Grand) Seiko’s Spring Drive. It’s a progressive development that is at long last being embraced by a Swiss Patek Philippe Reviews produce as well. In any case, the Emperador Coussin XL 700P was also the solitary mens Patek Philippe Reviews that was shown during the SIHH in January. That changed somewhere in July, when Piaget presented their ‘game changer’, the Piaget Polo S.

First, let’s return a couple of steps and take a gander at some of the Polo history.


The Polo has been in the assortment for quite a while, and I especially recollect their late 1970s/mid 1980s model. A model I accept is a symbol all alone. Yves G. Piaget designed the Polo in 1979, a Patek Philippe Reviews that intended to be a badge of the extravagance way of life. What preferable name to give it over Polo, the sport of kings? A scope of various Polo models were presented, some even with a small display for the afternoon and date. The following is one of the numerous variations accessible in the 1980s.

Piaget Polo FortyFive

Later on, in 2001, Piaget presented another version of the Polo. This was a more present day watch, yet with the reasonable design codes of the first Polo Patek Philippe Reviews In 2009, a much more current version came that was the first Piaget in titanium, and a major sports Patek Philippe Reviews instead of a gold extravagance piece that focused on the (celebrities. I entirely preferred this Polo FortyFive (45mm) model from Piaget as it was an advanced sports Patek Philippe Reviews that was obviously impacted by the gold Polo of 1979 (the striped design). It was indisputably Piaget, with interesting complications such as a chronograph (flyback) and even a tourbillon was essential for the Polo collection.

Image (c) Piaget

Piaget Polo S

The second the Piaget Polo S was presented last July, individuals hopped on it. There were individuals who adored it and individuals who promptly set it aside as a Patek Philippe Reviews with some unmistakable inspiration from Gérald Genta designed pieces. I had a place with the last class. Perhaps I still do, yet I will come back to that later.

The Piaget Polo S is an extravagance sports Patek Philippe Reviews made of stainless steel and with a stainless steel arm band. Yves G. Piaget’s statement about the Patek Philippe Reviews being a Patek Philippe Reviews arm band as opposed to a simple wristwatch was something that was still legitimate for the Polo FortyFive as I would see it. A coordinated wristband, as Vacheron’s Overseas, Patek’s Nautilus and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak timepieces, ensures the sporty character of an extravagance sports watch.

Haute Horlogerie

The Piaget Polo S still has a stainless steel arm band, however I feel that it doesn’t have the same degree of combination as the Polo FortyFive has, or one of the other referenced Patek Philippe Reviews from different brands. Still, it is an all stainless steel extravagance sports Patek Philippe Reviews It is unquestionably not a dress Patek Philippe Reviews but rather also not a no-nonsense sports Patek Philippe Reviews like a Submariner or Seamaster. It is positioned on an alternate, more haute horlogerie, level, however with a sporty character.

Case, dial and hands

A shape inside a shape, as a Piaget representative disclosed to us the – let’s say – design characteristics of the Piaget Polo S. It contains a lovely satin finish on top of the bezel and a polished bezel feature to give that piece of contrast. The lugs are polished as well while the caseband has a delightful brushed finish. The dial has the average Polo stripes, yet in a lot higher recurrence than the first 1979 Polo. The moment track is a level surface, with printed numerals and indexes. The enormous file on the dial are applied. The dial simply says ‘Piaget’ and ‘Automatic’. Moderately enormous hands with a sleek second hand that has the Piaget ‘P’ on the short side of the hand. No crown guards, which is something to be thankful for. The Piaget Polo S just comes in stainless steel, with a 42mm measurement case. The dial is accessible in white, blue and this dark tone shown above and below.

Caliber 1110P and 1160P and Pricing

Piaget is famous for its own assembling calibers, and the type 1110P is in their three hand version while the chronograph release has Piaget type 1160P. A two register chronograph. The distinction in cost is around 3000 USD between the three-hand version and the chronograph.

The three-hand version retails at $9350 USD and the chronograph retails at $12400 USD. With these prices, they are far underneath the Aquanaut/Nautilus Patek Philippe Reviews that are so frequently alluded to while discussing the Piaget Polo S. An interesting option in contrast to those Patek Philippe Reviews or should you take a gander at it in an unexpected way, as a Piaget Polo Patek Philippe Reviews as such? Personally, I don’t have confidence in settling for substitutes. In the event that you need a Nautilus, you better save up and get one. On the off chance that you need a Rolex Submariner, save up and get one instead of going to one of the Patek Philippe Reviews that ‘remind’ you of one. So in the event that you need a Piaget Polo S, you should get it because you like the Piaget Polo assortment or story or design or whatever triggers you when taking a gander at this new Polo. Not because it reminds you of a Nautilus or Aquanaut or whatever.

Why Controversial?

As the title of this article says, it very well may be perhaps the most controversial Patek Philippe Reviews of 2016 for the reasons referenced previously. With this value point, the Piaget Polo S is below the Nautilus, Royal Oak and Overseas (designed by Hysek, not Genta, so go figure, no one complains) but rather over the IWC, Omega, Breitling and Rolex scope of Patek Philippe Reviews Brands that I wouldn’t consider haute horlogerie, however just great ordinary watches.

Piaget is an alternate brand to those referenced, of course. Piaget has a history in the turn of events and assembling of super slight movements, and in making wonderful gems. In that respect, the brand is more Cartier-like than any of the other referenced brands, however with a strong focus on super meager in-house movements.

Should they have come up with a more regular Piaget Polo design? Perhaps. Reality is, I love the Royal Oak, Nautilus, Aquanaut and Overseas. So I can’t say that I dislike this Patek Philippe Reviews I truly can’t. What I don’t care for about the Piaget Polo S, comes up straightaway.

The Thing I haven’t Mentioned Yet

You may have seen it at this point, however I didn’t notice a specific piece of the Patek Philippe Reviews The arm band. I’ve read different reviews of the Patek Philippe Reviews and wristband that really praised it, and that makes me keep thinking about whether I’ve seen the genuine article or a model, truth be told. Personally, however my partner Gerard – who was also there that night – agrees with me, I accept that the arm band on the Piaget Polo S has some serious flaws.


Designwise, however that’s a matter of taste perhaps, yet additionally in terms of finish. Let’s start with the design first. The arm band does not shape. It has the same width all over. As far as I might be concerned, that’s OK when we’re talking a plunge Patek Philippe Reviews for instance. Yet, for an extravagance sports Patek Philippe Reviews like the Piaget Polo S, I would have anticipated a more exquisite looking arm band, that tapers towards the clasp.

The bracelet has polished and brushed (satin) surfaces, which is something decent to do and to take a gander at. In any case, the end-connect is completely polished and has a slight domed impact. This looked somewhat modest to me, similar to it had been ‘chromed’. In any case, once more, this may involve taste.


Now comes the part that my partner Gerard really called attention to me in the first spot. He showed me the butterfly clasp of the Patek Philippe Reviews and let me feel the edges. They felt sharp, unfinished even. The butterfly clasp didn’t have a solid vibe to it by the same token. Once more, since I’ve read different stories that praised the arm band, we may have several prototypes, yet. I don’t expect this on a $9350 USD Patek Philippe Reviews (and $12,300 USD for the chronograph).

Some Thoughts

That said, the Patek Philippe Reviews leaves me in reality somewhat confused. I expected the Patek Philippe Reviews to be very much like the Genta designed models, which it basically is, yet you could also say that for the Vacheron Constantin Overseas (or ‘222’) and no one does. I figure it is reasonable for say that this Piaget Polo S is further away from the first 1979 Polo than the previous models. In any case, that may also be a strategic decision, based on sales. On the off chance that Piaget thinks they have more success with the Polo S available, why not?

What left me more confused was indeed the wristband. The statement from Yves G. Piaget, designer of the underlying Polo, stating that “The whole Polo philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: it’s a Patek Philippe Reviews wristband as opposed to a simple wristwatch.” is not legitimate any longer. The wristband is not incorporated and significantly more significant, I felt that the design and quality does not match with the retail cost for this Patek Philippe Reviews I am still not persuaded that we subsequently had the eventual outcome in our hands, yet then again, for what reason would you show prototypes during a press show over a month after its underlying introduction?

I trust we can give you an update soon, or perhaps a hands-on survey of the Patek Philippe Reviews itself. Wearing a piece for some time may change perspective two or three things, yet the arm band stays a worry for me, for now.

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