Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 – Full Review of The Stealth Chronograph (live photos, specs & price)

The Porsche Design Studio in Zell-am-See, Austria, is related to clear, ageless, and obvious design that is the brand name of all Porsche Design Group items. Quite possibly the most significant and compelling series of items conceived there are the watches. Generally, manifestations that started from this studio encompassed an unmistakable vision of how to make an unadulterated and immortal accuracy instrument. From the selection of materials to the general design, Butzi Porsche ...

Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 – Full Review of The Stealth Chronograph (live photos, specs & price)

The Porsche Design Studio in Zell-am-See, Austria, is related to clear, ageless, and obvious design that is the brand name of all Porsche Design Group items. Quite possibly the most significant and compelling series of items conceived there are the watches. Generally, manifestations that started from this studio encompassed an unmistakable vision of how to make an unadulterated and immortal accuracy instrument. From the selection of materials to the general design, Butzi Porsche figured out how to control with accuracy among usefulness and extravagance. This design ethos is at any point present in the new chronograph series introduced for the current year. Today on Monochrome, we audit the Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 in matte black.


With the Chronotimer Series 1, Porsche Design presents chronograph watches impacted by incredible Porsche Design symbols delivered in 1972 and 1978; fundamentally we are managing a combination of these watches built from the best materials with the best expectations. Right off the bat, the Chronograph 1, which was presented in 1972, was a notable game chronograph. Intense from its commencement and simultaneously basic in its design, this watch caused a buzz. The chronograph 1 was the main watch that opposed the conventional design that existed in chronographs up to that point. It turned into a style-characterizing exemplary because of its appearance: it was black, something that had never seen. Yet, not just the shade of the watch was progressive. It was simply the entire wristwatch. Butzi Porsche, upholding the Bauhaus feel, designed an exceptionally practical wristwatch, which mixed usefulness and style in equivalent measure. Nothing was there for decoration.

In 1978 Butzi Porsche composed once more another part in watchmaking history with his phenomenal design, with a chronograph made altogether of titanium: the IWC by Porsche Design (Ref. 3700). Chronographs had been hefty and massive up until that point. Handling the new material, titanium , permitted the designer to build a light and compact watch that was similarly pretty much as strong and exact as its treated steel archetypes. Consequently, Professor Porsche changed once more the watch business, setting another benchmark.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was one of the genuinely extraordinary designers of the 20th Century. He considered one of the world’s generally conspicuous and incredible game vehicles; the Porsche 911. In all that he imagined, he attempted to introduce the fundamental standards of the Bauhaus development embellished with a speed of extravagance and uniqueness. Along these lines, he figured out how to mix new materials, innovations, and useful tastefulness into a really elite famous contemporary design that withstood time by being exemplary and current and luxuriously extravagant at the equivalent time.  His different wristwatch manifestations make our statement just as the Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1, which we will review.

The Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1

The Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 are grown totally by Porsche Design Timepieces AG, situated in Solothurn (Switzerland) – and they are additionally made in Switzerland. The bezels are accessible in black, titanium or 18-carat rose gold. The dial likewise comes in numerous flavors: black, carbon or dark blue, while excellent cowhide, innovative texture and elastic are the decisions the purchaser has with respect to the lashes; obviously a titanium arm band is accessible too (all can be seen here, in the article we distributed when the watch was presented ).

The Chronotimer 1 we had for our survey is the all black one with the coordinating arm band and honestly, it is an exceptional watch… on first look what you see is downright and basic – no fancy odds and ends, nothing! Nonetheless, when you begin seeing the chronograph in your grasp, at that point you understand that its grim look is the thing that makes it very one of a kind. It appears to be like Butzi’s heritage actually flourishes in Zell-am-See. It’s measurements – 42mm in distance across and 14,6mm in tallness – implies that this is a generally huge and massive chronograph by traditional terms. It wears enormous on the grounds that it is a serious long watch (drag to-carry separating is better than expected) anyway the secrecy looks and its weight make the wearability of the Chronotimer a very comfortable experience.

The case is made of Titanium which is glass dab impacted with black covering. Porsche Design completes the Chronotimer with this interaction since it is a successful method of expanding the exhaustion properties of metal parts and surfaces (the watch case) and offers protection from stress erosion breaking. Glass dabs are exceptionally hard and lightweight subsequently they produce a high extent layer of buildup while leaving a smooth surface completion. Accordingly, the advantage is a watch that can withstand a significant maltreatment, while the black tone makes an outwardly engaging outcome that retains the practice of the principal black chronograph in history.

The Chronotimer additionally consolidates a tachymeter scale on the bezel and has a screw-down crown since the watch is water impervious to 5 Bar. To wrap things up it has an arched, scratch-safe and twofold covered enemy of intelligent sapphire precious stone on the front and a screwed-case back with black-colored sapphire gem on the back. By and by, I believe that this alternative is smart since I got myself ordinarily to appreciate the ETA/Valjoux 7750 on the whole its glory.

The dial of the Chronotimer stays in congruity with the case and with the personality of the watch in general. It is a straightforward dial with decent subtleties, anyway it stays extremely utilitarian and neat. The matt black glass dot impacted dial has a brushed section ring with matt white numerals. The files are white and dim while the Porsche Design logo is exceptionally cleaned. What rules the dial of the Chronotimer are the two focal sub-dials; we can see a deviation between the consistent seconds sub-dial at 9 o’ clock and the 30 moment and 12 hour sub-dials which are set at 12 and 6 o’ clock. These two are generously greater and they are round brushed with cleaned edges. By initiating the chronograph capacities, the Chronotimer client has an ideal neatness of the slipped by time. Along these lines, it becomes obvious that the apparatus/instrument ethos of the principal manifestations of Butzi rises above ages and it is at any point present in the 2015 Chronotimer Series 1. To wrap things up, we can likewise notice the profoundly cleaned white iridescent hour and moment hands while the hands for the focal subdials have red tips.

The chronograph’s heart is the exemplary ETA/Valjoux cal.7750. In light of the workhorse manual-wind Valjoux 7733, the 7750 was one of the primary developments to be designed with the guide of a computer in the mid 1970’s. It utilizes a programmed winding module appended to the highest point of the development, twisting in one heading by methods for a solitary double tap wheel. The 7750 is 13.25 lignes (30 millimeter), 7.9 millimeters thick and flaunts a 42-hours power save (48 hours for our situation since Porsche Design specialists revamped the type). At first utilizing 17 gems, current adaptations utilize 25. An ETA/Valjoux 7750-fueled watch is described by its fairly hardened pusher activity, and by the recognizable “wobble” of the winding rotor when it turns inside the watch – and for our situation, I encountered both. The pushers have a firm however extremely good inclination when squeezed and at times the Chronotimer appear to become dynamic in my wrist. By and by I do adore the exemplary 7750 ‘wobble’ impact. It continually helps me the inward functions to remember an absolutely mechanical wristwatch.

This amazing type runs at 28,800 bpm (first releases ran at 21,600 bpm) and it has an incredible standing of being phenomenal intense with an almost indestructible self-winding instrument. Its format is clear and offers incredible decipherability. We can notice little seconds at 9 o’clock, the 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock and the date window with fast set capacity at 3 o’clock. Here, as we showed already, the two chronograph sub-dials are a lot greater for improved decipherability. Additionally the type, which can be seen from the open back sapphire glass is done with elevated expectations – with a rotor that has imbedded the Porsche Design logo. As far I am concerned, a flawless and tasteful detail.

Last however not least the watch accompanied a glass dot impacted titanium arm band with black covering and a twofold collapsing deployant fasten with press button discharge. Most importantly, the wristband is the ideal counterpart for the personality of the watch. It is enormously executed, and entirely comfortable on the wrist. In spite of the fact that Porsche Design offers the Chronotimer series of watches with many quality alternatives, I imagine that it’s basic to wear the watch on its arm band. It promotions a ton to the secretive character of the chronograph and its an extremely amazing combo practically and visibly.


There is a well-known adage about airplane that on the off chance that it looks well it flies well. I could say that this aphorism applies for our situation with the Chronotimer 1 chronographs. The watch is alluring in its grave structure and rich in its severe character. How somebody will combine these components may be troublesome however for our situation the exemption characterizes the standard. This watch is entirely comfortable to wear and will endure forever, as each quality mechanical watch ought to, since the materials picked and the manner in which this chronograph is assembled are top notch.

The character and the ethos of this particular watch are to me in any event its greatest strength and its greatest shortcoming. On one hand we have a watch with an unmistakable and characterized raison d’être: a chronograph designed to be an unadulterated and ageless exactness instrument in which each design subtlety follows a particular explanation. Then again, in our time, this may look to some as an over oversimplified method of design ethos. Notwithstanding, I will express that straightforward things are the most complex all things considered. For our situation, there is such a great amount to find in the event that you begin to wear and live with the watch in your ordinary activities.

The Porsche Design Chronotimer 1 may be a troublesome Chronograph to comprehend. It will be purchased by somebody who esteems an instrument adorned extravagantly with bits of extravagance. It is an extreme decision particularly on a market that thrives with excessive chronographs and imminent purchasers that esteem great looking, adornments like, superficial point of interest watches. This chronograph from Porsche Design follows the proclamation “structure follows work” and in that capacity, it is made for the individuals who need to have an effect with their watch. Unquestionably, it is a wristwatch that it is unique, likewise with each Porsche Design manifestations. The Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 is a chronograph that follows the soul of the company’s author and that is something that should be acclaimed. Price: 4.750 Euros. Porsche-Design.com .