Preview of Geneva November 2016 Auctions: ANTIQUORUM GENEVA

Sacha Davidoff Reports On The November 2016 Patek Philippe Reviews Auctions

Antiquorum is as yet the solitary significant sales management firm which solely centers around watches. Antiquorum Geneva & Hong Kong have a place with FIDES, a private value firm situated in Zurich, and are isolated from Antiquorum New York, which is not, at this point in the equivalent group.

With Julien Schaerer, the overseeing ...

Preview of Geneva November 2016 Auctions: ANTIQUORUM GENEVA

Sacha Davidoff Reports On The November 2016 Patek Philippe Reviews Auctions

Antiquorum is as yet the solitary significant sales management firm which solely centers around watches. Antiquorum Geneva & Hong Kong have a place with FIDES, a private value firm situated in Zurich, and are isolated from Antiquorum New York, which is not, at this point in the equivalent group.

With Julien Schaerer, the overseeing chief and Patek Philippe Reviews Expert situated in Geneva, in charge, we see his own enthusiasm for vintage, particularly his enthusiasm for specialty brands, in the choice of Patek Philippe Reviews We likewise have seen that the group is pursuing improvement of its situation among Patek Philippe Reviews sell off houses as we recall that they were at the top for a long time. Etienne Lemenager, with 20 years at Antiquorum, is a resource for the group as chief and Patek Philippe Reviews master and proceeds to resolutely chase down intriguing and significant Patek Philippe Reviews for each auction.

They have pulled in, as we found in the last closeout, numerous more youthful purchasers entering the market and we feel this is incredible approach to fabricate and develop with their future customers. In the in the interim, they are consistently bringing back consigners that have come to believe the sale house once more. We have seen an extraordinary improvement in settling their inward issues and returning to business, so we hope for something else to come and a solid comeback in the several years.


The Antiquorum Patek Philippe Reviews closeout, which happens on Sunday November 13th in Geneva, is comprised of 559 parts (once more, the most among its companions). We are glad to say that after our last audit in May, this list is likely the most diversion for authorities to glance through and search for themselves. Albeit the index has a bigger number of parcels than Christie’s and Phillips combined, the quality and tremendous extent of fun collectible vintage discovered here more that kept our consideration. Albeit a couple ‘beautiful’ parts might have been overlooked, we discovered most of the inventory truth be told and exciting.

Antiquorum is still reachable for purchasers who need to discover fascinating vintage pieces at a reasonable market cost and particularly the passage level vintage specialty marks that other closeout houses appear to disregard. This incorporates vintage jumper Patek Philippe Reviews from the 60’s and 70’s just as some steel chronographs and exquisite ‘time just’ pieces in steel or gold.

The inventory opens with 18 loads of all vintage jumper Patek Philippe Reviews a well known section today. These apparatus Patek Philippe Reviews are every exceptional and the value range varies.

We at that point experienced piece by piece to present to you a portion of our top picks from the catalog:

LOT #3

BENRUS Ultra-Deep Ref 6088

This is one of our top choices among the initial part of jumper Patek Philippe Reviews Our recommendation, which is divided between most gatherers, is that regardless of your financial plan, purchase something you like above all else and afterward ensure you are getting the most delightful conceivable condition in your value range. This is an incredible illustration of a great Patek Philippe Reviews for the cash. It is in great condition and it’s very a looker. Benrus, a US based Patek Philippe Reviews company, is generally known for the military Patek Philippe Reviews made in 60-70’s given to the US Military. Nonetheless, they had been collecting Patek Philippe Reviews with European components since the 1920’s. Regardless, this current 1960’s jumper is assessed at a reasonable cost and the condition is basically stunning.

Estimate CHF 1,500 – 2,500



LOT #10

IWC Aquatimer Ref 812 AD, New Old Stock

We were essentially staggered by this Patek Philippe Reviews We have seen IWC Aquatimers previously, a few in mint condition, however none in NOS condition this way. The crate, clear papers and hangtag coordinate the ‘New Old Stock’ provenance. Obviously the proprietor was the wholesaler for the brand and saved a few pieces aside for himself. The following part (Lot 11) is additionally an Aquatimer yet with the tonneau case and from a similar proprietor. The appraisals for the two parts are excessively low. We conjecture that regardless of whether they had added a 1 preceding those numbers we would have still seemed well and good. We gauge this one will sell at a few times its high estimate.

Estimate CHF 2,000 – 4,000

LOT #65

CERTINA Ref. 5826, Split Seconds Chronograph

OK, so this is the one parcel we didn’t know to specify in light of the fact that we are somewhat perplexed about the development. The Venus type 185 split seconds chronograph development has commonly been found in 1950’s Breitling, Record Patek Philippe Reviews Co. just as Certina. Nonetheless, they each had their own marked scaffold. This truly astounding condition Certina with unique radium dial, sharp 37.5mm case and wonderful plan peculiarly has a Record Patek Philippe Reviews Co. marked development. In any case, it is a particularly shocking Patek Philippe Reviews that the disjointed development connect simply wasn’t sufficient to discard this piece.

Estimate CHF 5,000 – 7,000

LOT #66

ANGELUS Mono-pusher throbs chronograph

This ‘specialist’s chronograph’ Patek Philippe Reviews grabbed our eye for a few reasons. The throbs dial on this Patek Philippe Reviews hushes up intriguing, the condition is immaculate and the plan of the gem hushes up remarkable. The dial has a huge and neat throbs scale additionally improved by a quarter circle loupe coordinated into the acrylic precious stone for simplicity of understanding outcomes. As this scale depends on 10 throbs, the specialist would begin the chronograph, check 10 heart beats and afterward stop the chronograph. The chronograph seconds hand would in this manner show the pulse of the patient. On this dial the ideal pulses are really shown in red (100-150). Red is acceptable. The monopusher made it simpler to hold the left hand against the beat of the patient and keeping the correct hand pointer on the single pusher for various readings effectively reset with a similar catch as the beginning/stop. The segment wheel Valjoux 22 type is unsigned however a strong and solid development. The 37mm treated steel screw back case is likewise unsigned however unmistakably everything was adjusted to the dial. This Patek Philippe Reviews is possibly important for a progression of exhibit models that was not commercialized, however too little is known to affirm that.

Estimate CHF 2,000 – 4,000

LOT #76

UNIVERSAL GENEVE Compax 885103/02 alleged ‘Nina Rindt’

This Patek Philippe Reviews is nicknamed the Nina Rindt on the grounds that the spouse of racecar driver Jochen Rindt (additionally has a Heuer 2446 wristwatch nicknamed after him). This model has in a real sense experienced the rooftop in incentive in the course of recent years. This specific one is in dazzling condition. The dial and iridescent material are both flawless and the patina is beguiling. The reference and sequential are obviously noticeable on the back, which is regularly not the situation. The Huguenin Frères case is in extraordinary condition and it is the very producer that made the vast majority of the cases for Omega sports models in the 60’s (for example the lyre hauls). At 36mm, it isn’t pretty much as extensive as a Daytona or Speedmaster, yet the dial and huge dark hands are strong in plan and the panda dial simply makes this one an authority top pick or even a chalice Patek Philippe Reviews to a few. The gauge isn’t simply moderate; it is unmistakably excessively low. We expect this model will sell for multiple times the high estimate.

Estimate CHF 6,000 – 8,000

LOT #129

ROLEX Submariner Big Crown 6538 Tropical Dial alleged James Bond

There are three major crown Subs in this deal. This one is our top pick. A major crown Sub is as of now really rare, so when we see a tropical dial model, that is beyond anyone’s expectations. The dial is staggering and this Patek Philippe Reviews is on so many lists of things to get, there will be a huge load of interest in it. My sibling was somewhat worried by the incredibly high radiation level of this Patek Philippe Reviews yet in the vintage Patek Philippe Reviews world we as a whole appear to be truly cheerful when its hazardously high. The gleam on the dial has endured some light popping around the lists, frequently the case with radium dials. We love this Patek Philippe Reviews and are interested to perceive how it does in the deal. We realize it will pound for more than its gauge, however not certain what the genuine market esteem is for something so interesting in the present market.

Estimate CHF 50,000 – 70,000

LOT #138

ROLEX Day Date Red 1807 Stella Dial

These bright enamel dial dates are elusive in such flawless condition. The bark finish likewise adds to the flare of this Patek Philippe Reviews An intriguing etching on the rear of the Patek Philippe Reviews demonstrates this Patek Philippe Reviews was a blessing from the Shah of Iran to previous Greek President Georgios Papadopoulos following the fruitful rebellion that occurred in 1967. As per Antiquorum, this Patek Philippe Reviews was sold by the previous president’s better half to their neighbors in Greece and remained in their ownership until the present time. Inquisitive provenance, incredible condition and a dazzling looking Patek Philippe Reviews make this atypical Patek Philippe Reviews one that we needed to mention.

Estimate CHF 15,000 – 20,000

LOT #420

ZENITH CP-2 A. Cairelli Military Chronograph

Most authorities simply call this model the Zenith Cairelli. The CP-2 Italian military gave model came after the Breitling and Leonidas CP-1 models. The “A. Cairelli” signature on the dial was the Italian retailer, situated in Rome, who was accused of requesting Patek Philippe Reviews for the Italian military from Swiss Patek Philippe Reviews brands. The AMI engraved looking into the issue back represents Aeronautica Militare Italian. The AMI, or Italian Air Force, regularly utilized larger than average chronographs similar to the case for most pilots Patek Philippe Reviews to be huge in distance across. This 43mm chronograph is fueled by a Zenith 146 DP development, which is the two counter form of the 146 HP development regularly found in 60’s chronographs for both Zenith and Movado wristwatches. The general state of this Patek Philippe Reviews is excellent.

Estimate CHF 10,000 – 15,000

LOT #435

OMEGA Speedmaster Omani

Although we have seen a wide range of Omani Sword Patek Philippe Reviews throughout the long term and Rolexes with the Omani peak have become a staple of Patek Philippe Reviews barters, Omega made not many custom Patek Philippe Reviews with Omani swords. In the event that we restricted it down to Speedmasters, indeed, just 10 pieces were at any point made in the mid 90’s. The letter from Omega that accompanies this Patek Philippe Reviews affirms this. My sibling and I had the advantage of displaying the current model at our Ultimate Speedmaster Exhibition a year prior and in spite of the fact that we have seen two different instances of the Omani Speedmaster, remembering one at sell off for May of this current year, this one is in the best condition so far to show up in the market.

Estimate CHF 30,000 – 50,000

LOT #543

PATEK PHILIPPE 130 Chronograph in Stainless Steel

Patek was a pioneer in top of the line chronograph wrist Patek Philippe Reviews improvement in the 1930’s. In 1934, the arrival of the 130 reference was no exemption. There are very few of these around nowadays and particularly not many in hardened steel. The current model came from the first French group of the proprietor. The way that this Patek Philippe Reviews was produced in 1948, just a brief time after the finish of WWII is likewise only difficult to fold our heads over when placed into recorded setting. Albeit the Patek Philippe Reviews went through a full update in 2003, as demonstrated in the accompanying receipt, it stays unique generally except for the crown. The dial is staggering and it is genuinely a wonderful and uncommon authority watch.

Estimate CHF 60,000 – 80,000

LOT #559

ROLEX 6238 Chronograph with momentary ‘tropical’ dial

Last, however unquestionably not least. This staggering piece came from the first Swiss proprietor who was an airplane engineer at the Swiss military air terminal prior to moving away to Latin America and afterward moving back to Switzerland. This mid 6238 has a 6234 momentary dial and alpha hands seen normally on the absolute first of the 6238 models as it were. It is fueled by a Valjoux 72A development, which is the archetype to the 72B, 722, 722-1 and 727 that came later on Rolex Daytona hand-wound chronographs. As an update, the 6238 is the pre-Daytona, so the last model to never have Daytona set apart on its dial. The uncommon momentary thus called tropical earthy colored dial of this Patek Philippe Reviews is simply excellent. The shading change from its unique dark to the current rich earthy colored makes a generally uncommon Patek Philippe Reviews quickly a chalice Patek Philippe Reviews The gauge is somewhat low as I would like to think and I gauge market an incentive to be between 150-200K.

Estimate CHF 50,000 – 80,000