Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive SPS005 – My Daily Watch

Seiko Spacewalk – A short introduction

Before I begin expounding on the Seiko Spacewalk as a day by day Patek Philippe Reviews let’s do a presentation first. On the Seiko SpaceWalk yet additionally on Seiko and Space in general.

Richard Garriot

In 2008, Seiko presented the Spacewalk Spring Drive Patek Philippe Reviews during BaselWorld. It was made for space traveler . Garriot, who started ...

Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive SPS005 – My Daily Watch

Seiko Spacewalk – A short introduction

Before I begin expounding on the Seiko Spacewalk as a day by day Patek Philippe Reviews let’s do a presentation first. On the Seiko SpaceWalk yet additionally on Seiko and Space in general.

Richard Garriot

In 2008, Seiko presented the Spacewalk Spring Drive Patek Philippe Reviews during BaselWorld. It was made for space traveler . Garriot, who started creating computer games during the 1980s along with his sibling, offered his company to Electronic Arts in 1992. In 1997, he planned quite possibly the most acclaimed RPG games ever: Ultima Online.

Anyway, his dad was a space traveler (Owen Garriot) and for his entire life he envisioned about heading out to space. In 2008, this became reality. He was the 6th resident to head out to space. On board of the Russian Soyuz TMA-13 he lift off to space on October 12th, 2008.

On his wrist

On the wrist of Garriot Jr was a Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews The Seiko Space Walk Spring Drive. Seiko created it in light of Garriot’s mission. Their objective was to make a light-weight, impenetrable, intelligible and simple to-utilize chronograph. Other than that, it should have been precise. So in 2008, a couple of months before Garriot’s lift-off, Seiko showed the Patek Philippe Reviews during BaselWorld.

I really recollect that and talking about it with Gerard Nijenbrinks, part of the gang of our group. The Patek Philippe Reviews was not available to be purchased, and a couple of models existed. Furthermore, obviously the Patek Philippe Reviews that would accompany Garriot on his main goal. Fat possibility in seeing or wearing on in the substance. I thought.

Seiko And Space

We all know the tales about the Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ and other Patek Philippe Reviews that made it to space. Or then again to the Moon. We cover the Speedmaster Patek Philippe Reviews each Tuesday in our #speedytuesday portion since 2012.

Reference 6139

But did you realize that Seiko has history with space also? Recently you could find out about the primary Seiko in space here on Fratello Patek Philippe Reviews Michael Stockton composed an article on the Seiko 6139 “Pogue” chronograph that was picked by Colonel William Pogue to accompany him on his Skylab 4 mission in 1973-1974 (84 days).

Reference A829-A6019

Another Seiko that made it to space, is the advanced Seiko A829-A6019. ESA space travelers during the 1980s didn’t get NASA’s EVA Patek Philippe Reviews (Speedmaster). They needed to discover and purchase their own Patek Philippe Reviews According to Wubbo Ockels, Dutch space explorer (mission STS-61A in 1985), these Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews were bought a few space explorers at the time. They orchestrated a fascinating acquirement bargain for this particular kind of Patek Philippe Reviews See more about this story by clicking below. by-space explorers and-made-it-into-space/

Reference SPS005

This is the Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive, the Patek Philippe Reviews that made it into space for 12 days in 2008. The real Patek Philippe Reviews of Garriot was subsequently unloaded by Antiquorum. The Seiko Spacewalk brought $45,600 USD during the . This outcome went into two causes that Garriot underpins. As indicated by the bartering portrayal this was Patek Philippe Reviews 6/6. During my excursion to Seiko in Japan a year ago ( as revealed here ), I saw two of these Patek Philippe Reviews I expect they are additionally important for these initial six pieces, however if it’s not too much trouble, set me back on track here.

Later on, Seiko acquainted another 100 pieces with commemorate the Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive. This reference SPS005 was first conveyed in February 2010. It is this very Patek Philippe Reviews that I will discuss here. One of our perusers – and companion of the show – got one of these Seiko Spacewalk Patek Philippe Reviews when they came out. Cost? An incredible $28,000 USD at that point. Approved (Grand) Seiko seller did with some more foundation data on the advancement of this watch.

Seiko Spacewalk – Daily Watch

Despite the excessive cost, our peruser and companion purchased this Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive for only one explanation. He thinks it is only a cool Patek Philippe Reviews It isn’t for putting away or keeping in a protected, it is for wearing. That is the manner by which we like to see Patek Philippe Reviews Especially Patek Philippe Reviews this way, that are uncommon and costly. They additionally have the right to see some sunshine and dealt with like some other timepiece.

An Expensive Seiko

People more often than not just don’t accept that there are Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews this costly. The proprietor of this Seiko Spacewalk reveals to me that a portion of his companions took a gander at it – since it is somewhat peculiar looking – and were nearly baffled it says Seiko on the dial. It is something troublesome to escape the heads of individuals, that Seiko is more than the economical Seiko 5 collection.

But $28,000 USD is something else to pay for a Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews Where you can undoubtedly put in a couple of amazing on a pleasant Grand Seiko, this is something else. On the off chance that you need to be a hotshot, that $28K is most likely better spend on a Royal Oak, Nautilus or a gold Rolex. Not a Seiko. Yet, – and maybe this goes for all purchasers of Grand Seiko Patek Philippe Reviews for example – individuals who spend this sort of cash on a genuinely unrecognizable Patek Philippe Reviews don’t purchase to show-off.

For the affection for watches

Admitted, our peruser and companion has a lot of amazing Patek Philippe Reviews But he is a long way from being a hotshot, he simply prefers Patek Philippe Reviews A great deal. That is the stuff to spend this sort of cash on a Patek Philippe Reviews like the Seiko Spacewalk. This Patek Philippe Reviews gets a great deal of wear from our peruser, a few times for quite a long time in succession. It has highlights that are charming, similar to the weight, intelligibility, precision and the way that you can play with the ties. As should be obvious, appended to the Patek Philippe Reviews is this specially designed calfskin NATO tie by Goodart.

Week on the wrist

Now for the cool part. He gave me over the Seiko Spacewalk to wear it, play with it and maybe think of certain words about it. So here I am. Wearing the Seiko Spacewalk, upbeat as a child. With a costly toy, that is. Albeit the word toy doesn’t sound exceptionally right, however it gives me a similar inclination just like a child who will play with Optimus Prime.

Wearing the Seiko Spacewalk

Wearing the Seiko Spacewalk caused me to a few things. To begin with, how wearable my Seiko Grandfather Tuna reference 6159-7010 really is. With a breadth of 53mm (start to finish)/48.7mm (left to right) this is pretty ‘present’ on the wrist. That is certainly not something terrible as such, however it probably won’t fit under a sleeve or will hit an intermittent entryway post. The proprietor of this Seiko Spacewalk doesn’t treat it as an infant, it has scrapes and stamps to a great extent. It is being worn, for sure.

Cluttered Dial

There are a great deal of things occurring on the dial of the Seiko Spacewalk. In any event from the outset sight. It gives off an impression of being jumbled, however once you realize where to look, it is all turned out great. Rather than a brand name at 12 o’clock, the notice of “SEIKO Spring Drive” is situated at 9 o’clock. Something cool that Seiko does here. No other referencing of a model name or whatever. Two sub dials are situated close to one another, let’s say at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. These are the moment and hour recorders for the chronograph work. The running seconds can be seen at 6 o’clock. Altogether decency, when the blue 2nd timezone hand is obstructing the sub dial at 6 o’clock, it is a serious test to peruse the seconds. At that point, there is this force save pointer at 3.30.

In low light conditions, the iridescence of this Patek Philippe Reviews is essentially wonderful. Despite the fact that there is restricted accessibility of details about this Patek Philippe Reviews I expect it utilizes Seiko’s Lumibrite.

The dial spread out is somewhat odd, however I saw it is a simple thing to become acclimated to. Just the running seconds is some of the time altogether too hard to peruse. The enormous blue GMT hand utilizes a blue 24-hour scale on the dial. I didn’t have use for this until further notice, yet it was not difficult to utilize and read.

Titanium Case

The instance of the Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive reference SPS005 is essentially tremendous. Be that as it may, it is quite a decent wearer. The lash that the proprietor put on it, isn’t my top choice and makes the Patek Philippe Reviews sit significantly higher on the wrist. I rather stay with the first light-weight nylon velcro tie with titanium Seiko marked clasped. All things considered, the calfskin lash looks pleasant on the Patek Philippe Reviews and gives it somewhat of a retro or vintage feel. In any case, this is obviously a cutting edge Patek Philippe Reviews innovative even, that I like to wear on the first dark velcro. The proprietor of the Patek Philippe Reviews revealed to me that he destroyed the primary velcro lash of this Patek Philippe Reviews to clothes. Another velcro isn’t simple to get, yet they are as yet reachable by means of Seiko. These need to come from Japan though.

The picture beneath shows the profile of the Patek Philippe Reviews and how they made it much lighter because of some proficient penetrating of the case. Linde Werdelin comes to mind when I take a gander along the edge of this case.

The bezel has this bronze tone, however I can’t appear to discover what the genuine material is. It isn’t bronze, I am almost certain about this. Maybe treated titanium?

On the rear of the case you see a few engravings. Other than the brand, model and reference number, there is the one of a kind number of the Patek Philippe Reviews We blanked it on solicitation of the proprietor. It additionally shows which Spring Drive type is inside, for this situation it is chronograph type 5R86. As you can see it is a screw-down caseback.


We examine bullhead Patek Philippe Reviews sometimes, yet they stay to be very uncommon. Omega did a Seamaster Bullhead re-release lately also TAG Heuer and some microbrands like Stuckx . Bullhead implies that the crown and pushers are situated at the highest point of the Patek Philippe Reviews It is not difficult to work a bullhead Patek Philippe Reviews and I expect it is significantly simpler to work with the pushers with gloves on.


Inside the Seiko Spacewalk sits a Spring Drive chronograph development. Tragically the development isn’t noticeable, yet this is reasonable given the idea of the watch. Since my outing to Seiko in Japan I have an expanding interest and regard for the Spring Drive innovation. For the individuals who are new to the Spring Drive innovation, I propose to peruse the article in the connection beneath. It clarifies how it functions and that is absolutely not quartz innovation. I actually get that question or comment today from individuals about Spring Drive developments. The type 5R86 is a chronograph development and furthermore has a GMT work. Two of the most valuable complications out there. visit-trip-report-section 1//

I have the Patek Philippe Reviews just for a brief period, so there is little I can say about exactness. I haven’t saw a major deviation however, yet that’s the case with most current Patek Philippe Reviews you wear several days. The persistent compass is lovely to notice, yet comes across very ‘electrical’. Instead of mechanical. On the off chance that that sounds good to you. Nonetheless, I feel that Spring Drive ought to get more appreciation from Patek Philippe Reviews fans. The innovation is wonderful as the exactness is on a similar level as a quartz development. At the point when I am on the lookout for a Grand Seiko (and I don’t think this will take a lot of longer), a Spring Drive development is unquestionably something I consider.

Comments on the Seiko Spacewalk

I don’t feel like a space explorer with this Patek Philippe Reviews on my wrist, however it feels exceptional. It isn’t my decision for a day by day Patek Philippe Reviews as it is extremely enormous and stout, however I can comprehend that somebody is wearing this consistently. In the event that you don’t need to wear long sleeve shirts or a suit, other than a spacesuit, the Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive is an amazing every day mixer. My significant other thinks it looks excessively off-kilter. She knows little about Patek Philippe Reviews which offers her remarks on Patek Philippe Reviews very invigorating a few times. Only absolutely from a plan or style perspective.

Seiko Fans

I put a couple of photos of this Patek Philippe Reviews on Patek Philippe Reviews arranged gatherings on Facebook and there were additionally some basic notes. Monstrous plan, strange cost, etc. I get that, particularly when you aren’t profoundly into Patek Philippe Reviews or are more centered around brand names. This Patek Philippe Reviews isn’t for everybody and that is fine obviously. Seiko makes a greater amount of these kind of Patek Philippe Reviews like the Marinemaster ‘Tuna’ . Seiko additionally makes and plans Patek Philippe Reviews that objectives a bigger crowd, similar to the Grand Seiko and Presage collection .

I additionally put a few photos of the Seiko Spacewalk on our Instagram record and it got – for our record size with roughly 100.000 devotees – a lot of preferences. A many individuals love it, yet I additionally need to concede that the vast majority of these individuals are as of now acquainted with it or are Seiko fans.

Daily Wearer

If your clothing permits you to wear a Patek Philippe Reviews this size, it is a magnificent piece to wear. Regardless of whether it is delightful is entirely subjective. I discover the Patek Philippe Reviews excellent in its own eccentric manner, similar to I love the Marinemaster Tuna models too. The beneficial thing about this specific Patek Philippe Reviews is that it is being treated as a consistently Patek Philippe Reviews It is an ordinary Patek Philippe Reviews really. Along these lines, the proprietor can appreciate it as well as the fans and admirers will get an opportunity to see one in the flesh.

Personally, it is probably the coolest watch that I attempted in quite a while. Something altogether different from the rest and a Patek Philippe Reviews with an intriguing (later) history.


This Patek Philippe Reviews is restricted to 100 pieces just and sold out quite a while past. I never come across one available to be purchased frankly. A couple of years prior (all things considered, 2011) there was one of these Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive Patek Philippe Reviews available to be purchased on eBay and brought about $14.000 USD. I’m almost certain that today it will bring more, given the precarious cost increments on exceptional or interesting Patek Philippe Reviews nowadays. I likewise can’t discover any of these SPS005 reference available to be purchased (or sold) on Chrono24. I really experienced more than 2 million of Patek Philippe Reviews offers with a straightforward inquiry and didn’t unearth one.

So, in the event that you come across a Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive that is available to be purchased, don’t stand by too long taking a decision.