#TBT Breitling Navitimer All Black – Hands On with An Icon

Breitling Navitimer All Black

Today on #TBT, we'll investigate an unequaled work of art, the Breitling Navitimer All Black. It's a Patek Philippe Reviews that I never suspected I'd get an opportunity of buying, however because of individual Fratello part Gerard, and particularly to my better half, I've been lucky to add a stunner to my assortment. It's clever, it was right around a year prior this time that I expounded on another Navitimer that I had ...

#TBT Breitling Navitimer All Black – Hands On with An Icon

Breitling Navitimer All Black

Today on #TBT, we’ll investigate an unequaled work of art, the Breitling Navitimer All Black. It’s a Patek Philippe Reviews that I never suspected I’d get an opportunity of buying, however because of individual Fratello part Gerard, and particularly to my better half, I’ve been lucky to add a stunner to my assortment. It’s clever, it was right around a year prior this time that I expounded on another Navitimer that I had sourced: it was a uncommon momentary converse panda model bought from . Along these lines, by and by, it appears to be that Autumn is Navitimer season – and with that, how about we investigate a unique chronograph.

Adding the Breitling Navitimer All Black

When I got the previously mentioned momentary Navitimer, I was persuaded that this was sufficient to fulfill my hankering for the enormous pilot Patek Philippe Reviews from Breitling. All things considered, it wasn’t. Beside getting a truly pleasant illustration of the 24-hour dialed ref. 809 Cosmonaute (by unadulterated luck), I ran into the Breitling Navitimer All Black. All things considered, to be more explicit, I ran into Robert-Jan and afterward Gerard. By one way or another, we were discussing Navitimers and Robert-Jan let on that Gerard possessed a truly incredible early form and that he’d probably part with it. This was 7 months prior just before Basel. I got some information about it and he took the Patek Philippe Reviews back to its introduction to the world land for review.

Largely Unworn

Gerard educated me that the Breitling Navitimer All Black you see here was exchanged to him a few years prior when he claimed a Patek Philippe Reviews shop in The Hague. The Patek Philippe Reviews was available to be purchased for quite a long while and gathered little interest. At the point when Gerard at last shut the shop, he stored the Navi and it went to a great extent unworn. At the point when it at last returned in Basel before my eyes, I realized I needed to have it. Regardless of my 40th birthday being 7 months after Basel, my better half consented to get it for me as a unique present. Notwithstanding, it must be taken care of until the uncommon day – thus it sat unworn again until now.

A Beautiful Specimen…

The Breitling Navitimer All Black is the second Patek Philippe Reviews that comes from Gerard. The previously was the almost wonderful Enicar Sherpa Graph that I expounded on some time prior and let me say that this piece is no less dazzling. Gerard, do you have any more sweet vintage pieces available?

Specifically, the case is in close to mint condition and shows blade like edges on its chamfers. Furthermore, the dial and the lume have matured to a lovely cream tone wereas so many have either gone dark, lost the lume or have been redone.

In a gesture to innovation, the precious stone shows the sort of crazing that can just come about after what will before long become 60 years – we imagine that the Patek Philippe Reviews is from 1959. Indeed, this model is amazing.

Breitling Navitimer All Black – driving the charge

The actuality that this Breitling Navitimer All Black sat with nary a search for such a long time in Gerard’s shop is telling. Regardless of a genuine flood in vintage chronograph costs, Navitimers have been a piece more slow to take off. Maybe this is on the grounds that they’ve had semi-solid times of collectability before or in light of the fact that they are very hard to track down in decent, unique condition. Regardless of the explanation, the All Blacks have begun to pull away from the group because of their prior creation (1954-1963) and their altogether different looks when compared to later editions.  I should take note of that the rising notoriety of these early models has brought revenue up in later versions too; the market is quite dry for practically all manual breeze Navis.

More than simply a tone change…

But what makes an All Black so unique? Most importantly, if it’s not comprehended, these pieces were the first manifestation of an amazing Patek Philippe Reviews line that has come to characterize Breitling – mixing heaps of instrument-like usefulness with the highlights of a chronograph.  In Omega terms, is this piece similar to comparing a straight-hauled Speedmaster with a later, lyre-carried adaptation? I’d say that is a reasonable comparison. So indeed, I was charmingly astounded when I at last saw a Breitling Navitimer All-Black in the metal. I was expecting something very much like the 806 I previously claimed, yet essentially with a more monochromatic dial. How off-base I was. What I’d neglected in pictures was the way that Breitling made various changes beside shading the subregisters white when they at long last chose to revive the model in 1964.


Early Navitimers show dazzling lumed Arabic numerals versus the post-1963 releases with their hash imprints to demonstrate the hours. Besides, the Breitling Navitimer All Black contains exemplary early period chronograph “needle” styled hands (like those found on Gallet Multichrons) in lieu of later bolt tips. Subregister hands are white needles versus the dark “bowed-out” markers on archetypes and the white focal chrono hand does not have a pointed stone. Beside the white slide decide that would carry on from All Black to invert panda, the look is really changed. It’s less difficult, undeniably less 60’s and is incredibly, “looks” competitive with the previously mentioned Speedmasters.

Valjoux and Venus

The Breitling Navitimer All Black accompanied many dial variations that frequently incorporated an AOPA logo or, as for this situation, a gold wing without the AOPA emblem. I’ll leave it to the specialists to separate the different models, yet in my eyes, all are similarly appealing. The other differentiator in these early Breitling pieces identifies with the development. The main year or two saw the utilization of the Valjoux 72 (purported Mark 1 models) prior to Breitling moved to the Venus 178 (Mark 2 for the All-Blacks) that lived on in the model for the following 15+ years. These Valjoux controlled pieces are amazingly uncommon and over the top expensive (start at $15K and climb effortlessly), however they’ve additionally had a portable impact with the Venus-fueled versions.

Wearing an Icon

An early Breitling Navitimer All Black looks dazzling on the wrist. It has heaps of essence yet displays a specific degree of restriction versus later releases. You’re truly wearing probably the best chronograph at any point conceived and positively quite possibly the most celebrated – we put it in our Top 5 vintage chronographs. It was additionally referenced ordinarily in our Breitling Expert Interview . It nearly has a inky look and comes off as somewhat more modest than the opposite pandas.

Pure Character

Also, one needs to respect the beaded bezel for the manner in which it gets the light. Navitimers are extraordinary all around Patek Philippe Reviews that can be worn with about anything, yet because of their outrageous enemy of water opposition, they’re best left for utilize inland. Their development regularly brings about genuine dial debasement as well as slide rule staining. Besides, that large, scarcely arched precious stone loves to shape pressure breaks from an external perspective or, in this model, rage. As far as I might be concerned, the crazing is unadulterated character and I love it, yet I realize that even my pal feigns exacerbation at my stubbornness in evading a swap.

The Breitling Navitimer All Black is still freely affordable

Warts characterize a vintage Breitling Navitimer All Black, however they likewise characterize values. In case you’re searching for a Mark 2 (Venus 178), figure on at any rate $6,000 for a model. Acknowledge however, that you’ll probably be taking a gander at a dial that probably has lume issues, repainted hands, or a genuinely cleaned case. This is an expansion of generally 20% in the course of the last 6-8 months. All things considered, however, deals appear occasionally as there were so numerous Navis, that venders will be unable to differentiate.   Normally, however, climb to $8,000 and you’re probably discussing an exceptionally pleasant Patek Philippe Reviews In my assessment, the 5-figure mark isn’t excessively far ahead.

A Breitling Navitimer All Black is genuinely an uncommon Patek Philippe Reviews Nice ones are not excessively common and, yet, they’re still relatively moderate when compared to a portion of the other fundamental chronographs.   Yes, on the off chance that you needed a genuine foundation, might I venture to say “chalice”, vintage piece, you could do a lot of more terrible than an All-Black. There’s no uncertainty that this was one of Breitling’s ideal…