#TBT Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230

"Value", among its few implications from Meriam-Webster, is characterized as relative worth, utility or significance. Making it a stride further, "esteem" is regularly doled out when cost is mulled over. In the event that we digest the entirety of this, we, as vintage Patek Philippe Reviews authorities regularly look for Patek Philippe Reviews having incredible worth. A few, like Omega Speedmasters, are notable, in any case, fortunately, there still exist pockets – they are less ...

“Value”, among its few implications from Meriam-Webster, is characterized as relative worth, utility or significance. Making it a stride further, “esteem” is regularly doled out when cost is mulled over. In the event that we digest the entirety of this, we, as vintage Patek Philippe Reviews authorities regularly look for Patek Philippe Reviews having incredible worth. A few, like Omega Speedmasters, are notable, in any case, fortunately, there still exist pockets – they are less and less tragically – of ease, high incentive in the commercial center. The present #TBT covers a piece that, each time I wear it, I grin since it’s so damn gorgeous. It’s terribly wearable and it gives a real option in contrast to a ton of NATO-clad, fake USA-made, senseless quartz trendy person pieces also (bluster a lot?). The present #TBT takes a gander at the famously reasonable and ultra alluring Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230. I really feel that is one of Seiko’s best ever and I’ll presently put forth a valiant effort to persuade you.


I referenced the Seiko Sportsmatic momentarily in the article I composed recently on the notorious Seiko 62MAS. I noticed that this Patek Philippe Reviews was known in Seiko circles for having a similar hand set as the 62MAS and, subsequently, is regularly plundered on the grounds that its hands are typically fit as a fiddle. Indeed, it’s tragic yet obvious that the 62MAS, because of its water bound nature, frequently has a great deal of decay under the precious stone. Thus, the 6619 Sportsmatic is known as a proxy, however it has the right to be perceived as so much more.

Seiko Sportsmatic bezel emanates altogether lights

Seiko Sportsmatic by the numbers…

The Patek Philippe Reviews you see before you comes in at an enormous, particularly for 1967, 38mm distance across and it looks much bigger due to its plain, moderately flimsy bezel. It has a case totally of treated steel and flaunts 19mm drags to add to its sizeable presence. Besides, it includes a pleasantly high-domed acrylic precious stone that is fortunately still simple to source.

Inside the Seiko Sportsmatic is an intriguing motor. The 6619 development from Seiko is programmed, hence the “matic” in Sportsmatic, and highlights 21 gems – or isn’t that right? In reality, in taking a gander at a decent article here, we see that the 6619 development really contains 18 working gems and 3 put there for reasons unknown other than having 21 over the more normal 17 probably appeared to be a smart thought! It’s an uncommon advance away from the average straightforward proficiency appeared by the Japanese brand. Something else, however, the 6619 development, which was presented in 1963 as the 410 preceding 4-digit naming shows, is an incredible and solid unit. It includes Seiko’s enchantment switch plan and that permits twisting as the rotor turns one or the other way. This is a direct result of this that the Patek Philippe Reviews really can’t be wound by means of the crown – I’ll comment on that quickly. It includes a date work that is fast set by pushing the crown and a day work that should be physically set by relentlessly twisting through the days.

Seiko Sportsmatic side view

Simple, yet ideal plan on the Seiko Sportsmatic

The case itself on the Seiko Sportsmatic is of an immortal plan. Truth be told, it wouldn’t watch strange in Seiko’s present setup and there are a lot of existing models that utilization a ton of comparative structures. There’s reasonable “Seiko Language” here with the crown at 4:00, the side view showing a dunk for the situation to uncover the bezel and decent solid lugs.

Seiko Sportsmatic case back

Flipping it over, we see a screw down case that shows one of my number one case moves in watchdom. You can see a perfectly recorded “Seiko 5” logo with stunning “Seiko Sportsmatic” text style straight out of the 1960’s above it. Despite the fact that the Seiko 5 was presented in 1963, these were still early days for the badge, so to me, it simply adds to the appeal of the piece.

The horrendously little Seiko Sportsmatic crown

Regarding other Seiko Sportsmatic subtleties, when one flips the Patek Philippe Reviews on its side, the crown shows at 4:00. I’ve referenced before that I believe that Seiko made its crowns tiny because of the way that the Patek Philippe Reviews were intended to “set and fail to remember”. Obviously, Seiko wasn’t pondering the WIS community almost 50 years ahead in light of the fact that this Patek Philippe Reviews gets worn generally once each month and it is a genuine torment to set. The crown is miniscule to the point that it’s practically difficult to get a handle on between two fingers and I for the most part “move it” on my palm to propel the hands. In this way, indeed, the crown is actually the sole doubter on a generally splendid Patek Philippe Reviews Speaking of splendid, there’s that dial…

Look at that lovely dial on the Seiko Sportsmatic!!

The outright feature of the Seiko Sportsmatic is its dial. In the event that the Vulcain Panda chronograph is the prettiest blue dial I’ve at any point claimed, at that point this 6619 is the best I’ve held in dim. It transmits flawlessly from the middle and the sheer straightforwardness of its plan – so little verbiage here – allows the tone to blast! Straightforward applied hour files looking like v-channels adjoin with an upward slanting internal bezel that contains minute lines and lume plots at the hours. An applied metal Seiko logo is accompanied by textual style that is as yet utilized today by the brand. I’m typically not a day/date window admirer, but rather the rectangular opening with its chrome encompass is top notch and breaks the huge space made by the dial. The day is dark text style on a white wheel while the date takes the inverse; it’s all impeccably done.

Seiko Sportsmatic applied logo and square pip second hand

And then we have the Seiko Sportsmatic hands. The non-literal “elephant tusks” on the 6619 really get an opportunity to take in this plan versus during the 62MAS as that general plan is undeniably more swarmed. They are basic plans when taking a gander at the hour and minutes yet really contain edge chamfers to make a little astonish. The compass seconds hand, obviously, contains the notable lumed box close to the furthest limit of the hand. In outline, everything is in equilibrium. In the event that you can’t tell, I am truly attached to this watch.

Seiko Sportsmatic previously and after

How I found the Seiko Sportsmatic

I discovered the Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230 on eBay and it was outfitted for certain horrendous photos. The merchant wasn’t clueless, however, and expressed that under the ugly precious stone, a delightful dial and handset was pausing. I think I’ve become capable enough to peruse the tea leaves of a harsh promotion on the narrows and this one sang to me. I had recently gotten the 62MAS and was quick to procure an inaccessible cousin and this piece addressed me. I think I paid generally $100 for the Patek Philippe Reviews got a NOS gem for $10 and had the Patek Philippe Reviews overhauled for 80 Euros by . He is genuinely saved with regards to portraying condition, however he was very certain when he opened this one. I can in any case opened the bundle from Richard and being overwhelmed by that dial. Eventually, I was left with a shocker for generally $200. Take that, Shinola!

Seiko Sportsmatic on the wrist

The Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230 on the wrist

On the wrist, the Seiko Sportsmatic is a fabulous wear. I’ve matched it with everything from a burgundy reptile lash, to a NATO, and now a light tan dashing style tie from Giuliano. In this way, as should be obvious, it spruces here and there and looks great with practically any tone… similar as a dim pair of pants. The size additionally removes any complaints from the individuals who imagine that most vintage non-sports Patek Philippe Reviews are little as this Seiko certainly wears as huge or bigger than its 38mm. In case you’re not a vintage Patek Philippe Reviews individual, but rather are basically perusing our site and need a traditionally styled genuine watch, this is your challenge to quit looking for Patek Philippe Reviews in the J.Crew inventory – this Seiko is much better than an expensive NATO-clad Timex.

Seiko Sportsmatic inward bezel with lume float

Go get your own Seiko Sportsmatic!

Regarding a Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230 purchaser’s guide, you’ll need to check eBay. Truth be told, as of this composition there are 3 on with the most costly at $150. Note that most un-2 distinctive dial colors exist with one being a light silver tone. The light tone is decent also, however I am clearly inclined toward the dim. These Patek Philippe Reviews were essential wearers in their time and many show a good measure of wear in advertisements, however this is regularly effortlessly redressed with a simple precious stone trade. To the extent different things to search for, clearly discover pieces with great, unique hands as many have been traded with mistaken substitutions in the wake of collecting. Additionally, guarantee that the inward bezel is available. Discussing the inward bezel, it’s regular for the lume plots to “float” a piece so don’t anticipate flawlessness. I don’t anticipate that these pieces should go flying up in worth, so the completely adjusted cost of $150-250 appears to be reasonable today. It’s conceivable that they’ll sneak upwards in money related worth once individuals acknowledge how wonderful they truly are face to face, yet as I began this article, the worth gave here is definitely more than $$$ signs.

The Seiko Sportsmatic is an extraordinary all-arounder for generally $200

I trust you delighted in investigating quite possibly the most reasonable #TBT pieces we’ve covered to date. I can’t exaggerate it enough that in the event that you’re even half considering a Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230, snatch one and you’ll be glad that something so economical can be so pleasant. It’s a flexible Patek Philippe Reviews that knocks some people’s socks off. Each time I post this Patek Philippe Reviews on Instagram, I get heaps of solicitations about the detail behind it. Presently you have it… so go get one! In the event that you do or on the off chance that you as of now have, let us hear your energy and offer your photos beneath! Until one week from now…

The horrendously little Seiko Sportsmatic crown Seiko Sportsmatic applied logo and square pip second hand Seiko Sportsmatic inward bezel with lume glide Seiko Sportsmatic hauls are overall quite thick Seiko Sportsmatic bezel transmits taking all things together lights The Seiko Sportsmatic sports a thin external bezel Seiko Sportsmatic thin cover Seiko Sportsmatic side view Look at that stunning dial on the Seiko Sportsmatic!! The Seiko Sportsmatic shows that straightforward can be better The Seiko Sportsmatic from another point Seiko Sportsmatic day and date wheel differentiates pleasantly! The Seiko Sportsmatic is an extraordinary all-arounder for generally $200 The Seiko Sportsmatic with a little Japanese soy Seiko Sportsmatic profile Seiko Sportsmatic crown side Seiko Sportsmatic case back OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Seiko Sportsmatic on the wrist Seiko Sportsmatic prior and then afterward