The Collector’s Series: William S. Lerner and his Parmigiani Tonda Centum

This week the Collector arrangement moves to the Big Apple! William S. Lerner is an autonomous creator (14 gave US Patents, with an essential shine on light based exploration, and consume anticipation), a proprietor of Baz Persaud, Inc. Baz Persaud is a New York based jewelry company, that has some expertise in custom and couture sleeve fasteners, and wonderful gems. They are vertically incorporated and even re-cut their own precious stones and gemstones. Moreover, they make modern ...

The Collector’s Series: William S. Lerner and his Parmigiani Tonda Centum

This week the Collector arrangement moves to the Big Apple! William S. Lerner is an autonomous creator (14 gave US Patents, with an essential shine on light based exploration, and consume anticipation), a proprietor of Baz Persaud, Inc. Baz Persaud is a New York based jewelry company, that has some expertise in custom and couture sleeve fasteners, and wonderful gems. They are vertically incorporated and even re-cut their own precious stones and gemstones. Moreover, they make modern watch based sleeve buttons for the insightful authority. These sleeve buttons can be the owner’s decision or a verifiable reference to a specific model, style, or case, and their customers range from the Haute Horlogerie companies to McLaren Automotive. All the gems is made by hand, in New York.

William additionally runs a cause called Billy4Kids . Billy4Kids is a youngster focused cause that accommodates the fundamental requirements for kids everywhere on the world, as shoes for those without them. Furthermore, Billy4Kids upholds their halfway house accomplice, St. Philip’s Mission in Swaziland. It was a delight plunking down with William to discover why the Parmigiani Centum Retrograde Perpetual was his choice.

When did you initially get into watches?

When I was 15, I was taken to Tourneau on Madison Avenue in New York, to select my birthday present. I left with a Steel Rolex Datejust on a Jubilee wristband. We at that point went out for a dynamite lunch around the bend. It was really the ideal day, and it kicked off my horological fixation. The next year, I was given a gold Patek Philippe, on a gold arm band, by my progression father, trailed by a gold Piaget the following year. I arrived at the pinnacle of the watch brands (in those days, in the 1970’s), and it truly freed me. How? Well in New York, it appeared to be that everybody needed a Patek, a Rolex or a Piaget. It crushed the “if I could just have that” musings. It permitted me to proceed onward, and search out just what I preferred. I at that point zeroed in on brands that were genuinely “under the radar.” My sights were determined to Audemars Piguet! I purchased a Jumbo, kept it in flawless condition, and it is currently in the private assortment of an AP Board Member. I was respected, and the board part drew closer me!

What attracted you to Parmigiani Fleurier as a brand?

I was welcome to a supper, and sat close to a visitor who was wearing the Hemispheres in rose gold. I saw the watch interestingly, and quite knew about the brand preceding that evening. I held it, flipped it over, and saw the special back, and the rest is history. I became hopelessly enamored with the provocative style of Parmigiani Fleurier. Their watches have haul, thoughtful bends and are of the greatest quality.

Why the Retrograde Perpetual from Parmigiani?

Practicality!!! I love a watch that discloses to me the day, date, time, month and moon stage. It sits in the winder and is consistently fit to be worn. The blue openwork dial is awesome, and it is a watch that I wear with pants, just as with the dressiest of garments! I made 40.44 carat common cabachon tanzanite sleeve buttons to coordinate the dial. I’m the president of a gems company after all!

Do you have a weakness for moonphase complications?

Absolutely! For some reasons. I think it is a sentimental complication. I experienced childhood with the sea throughout the late spring, and cherished taking a gander at the stars and the moon over the water. From my window now, I have an ideal perspective on the moon each night (when the mists don’t ruin it). It advises us that we are simply bits in the close planetary system. I’m excited that numerous watches currently incorporate the Southern Hemisphere. I thought it was undemocratic to just have the Northern Hemisphere. My life presently, is about my foundation (Billy4Kids) and deleting generalizations, and cultivating the individuals who may feel or be minimized. I by one way or another felt that the Haute Horlogerie watch makers disregarded their Southern Hemispheres crowd! The Parmigiani Tonda Centum, obviously has both.

When purchasing, what is more critical to you: Brand/model Heritage? Tasteful? Exactness? or on the other hand Rarity?

I am additionally a free designer and backing any individual or company with a special vision. Legacy can be significant, yet I am not worried about it. I center around what is before me, the manner in which it looks (and I now loupe all the developments of possible new buys). Precision is genuinely normalized now. The COSC deviation is, as I would see it, slow compared to what numerous new watch rates accomplish. There are such countless elements that influence rate, from adequacy, attraction, or being appropriately or inappropriately adjusted by the producers. I was considering purchasing another ultra-extravagance brand’s watch. I got two of similar models in various metals. The rates were useful for one of them, and horrifying for the other. Extraordinariness is an awesome reward every which way, shape and structure. I attempt to pick uncommon watches, to fly under the radar, and from a comforting viewpoint, it never “ages” your assortment. On the off chance that you have 1 of 250 at any point produced using 10 years prior, there is no somewhat overhauled same. You are safe from “oh, that was last year’s model”. What’s more, who doesn’t need something nobody else can have?

Can you reveal to us more about the development in this Centum Retrograde Perpetual?

I can disclose to you that in particular it isn’t ”modular”. It was intended to be the watch it is, without the pieces being added later. I regard that. In the event that you loupe the development, it is simply radiantly wrapped up. They nailed it!

What is the case material?

White gold, with white rhodium plating. I don’t like the rhodium plating. Why? Indeed, it is somewhat of a cop out. White gold can be a delightful metal, when you have the correct supplies, and skilled workers to make your cases. The plating, conceals all the imperfections, and makes most white gold watches all clone. Patek doesn’t plate their watches, nor does my company, Baz Persaud, plate any white gold items.

How significant is the case material for you?

Very! I’m on a Platinum tear nowadays. I love the weight, and the way that on the off chance that you scratch a gold watch, you free metal, however on the off chance that the equivalent happens to Platinum it simply uproots. Virtuoso! White gold cases are subsequent option, trailed by rose gold ones.

How much wrist time does this piece get?

The Parmigiani Tonda Centum is my day by day watch, when I am going out socially or for business. It is consistently wound, and gives me all the data I need from a watch, excepting a caution (which my other “daily” watch has).

This Parmigiani has an entrancing openwork dial, does it draw numerous inquiries when out and about?

Great question, and you will be amazed by my answer. I absolutely was. I figured I would need to beat watch sweethearts off my wrist with a stick! Indeed, it practically goes unnoticed. My sleeve buttons capture everyone’s attention. The sharp watch folks and women notice it, however not instantly…

For what kind of day/occasion do you wind up strong it on?

When I take off from the house, and feel like I need to search useful for myself and others.

Do you will in general research the market prior to making a purchase?

Oh my goodness…YES! I’m an innovator, and exploration is my life. It used to be so natural, since we didn’t have the entirety of the web assets, a profoundly noticeable, and vocal authority and aficionado community, thus numerous incredible new brands. They are growing like weeds. I think Watchville has an incredible application for your portable. It gives you barely enough data for your “daily dose” of staying aware of the market. They separate the articles from numerous different websites. I have consistently picked a likely watch and go right to the brand’s ace watchmakers. They know whether a watch will more tricky or simpler to keep up and service.

Do you tune in to the guidance of anybody prior to making a purchase?

Only on the off chance that they have had an awful involvement in the brand, but I take that at face esteem. I have a gatherer companion, who presumably rest strolls and throws his watches on the roof. He is continually having issues! It is difficult to reprimand a maker for a damaging owner’s issues. My watch tastes fall into three classifications, similar as my life! There is the exhausting, limited side, yet the sides that truly overwhelm are very amusing, and polarizing. I generally say that: “I am half Nascar, and half Las Vegas Showgirl.” A run of the mill Saturday comprises of dealing with my vehicles (I am a great repairman!), and afterward going from the carport (once in a while canvassed in electrical tape and oil) to being truly extravagant, and shrouded in mind boggling bespoke dress and platinum treats. I regularly wear my Parmigiani Bugatti Atalante, with a Diamond bezel, and Diamond inward Chronograph Bezel. I generally wear my platinum skull with Diamond eyes. I like being provocative! How would you offer guidance to somebody who has such wacky tastes!

Is the delight of wearing a watch more imperative to you than considering resale value?

I never think about resale (except if it is a Patek or a Rolex which are famously incredible worth holders). I purchase what I like, thus should each authority, who is truly energetic. In the event that not, you are actually a watch seller! The heart needs what the heart needs. You need to purchase what you love, and what you will wear.

What (all things considered) have you got your eye on next?

Perfect timing, Justin! An old buddy bushwhacked me yesterday. How? by showing me a particular watch from a brand, I actually never focused on yesterday. I thought every one of their watches were too ”Star Trek” for my preferences. Goodness, was I wrong! He sent me the connect to the DB16 Perpetual Calendar with a Salmon dial.Yikes! It is uncommon to see a watch, that renders you dumbfounded briefly. It was unexplainable adoration, and it revived all the innocent miracle in me, concerning my affection for horology. That is the delight of a genuine authority. That ”must have” second, that stays with you, until you at last get what your heart needs! The watch (just as the entire DB 25 Series) is fantastic, and, as I would see it, old style, yet gracious so space age current, concerning the plan of the development, and completing subtleties in the rear of the case. As a creator, I come alive after seeing things I have never seen, and respect everything designed in a ground breaking way. I have a watch based patent, which utilizes the consequently twisting watch as the base for the patent, and it looks in no way like this development. Bravo, De Bethune!

Can a gatherer at any point be completely happy with his/her collection?

I love my assortment, yet am continually looking. I get uneasy and have sold numerous things from my assortment throughout the long term. I never lament leaving behind a watch, on the grounds that there is consistently another. I surmise the authority who partners occasions with their assortment, or has loved blessings, could be fulfilled. What’s more, alternately, numerous who could store up huge assortments, essentially locate the ideal watch, and stop. I feel that is awesome! My mom has been wearing her AP Royal Oak, curiously large, programmed, since she got it in 1976.

Other than Parmigiani, which brands do you believe are accomplishing fascinating work out there?

There are such countless brands that are truly staggering, that numerous don’t think about. Andreas Strehler is one of them. His work is mind boggling and he has planned private mark for certain brands. Bovet makes some excellent, sincerely engaging watches, Romain Gauthier , and Breguet .


Well, I have consistently been pulling for them. They never got the acknowledgment they ought to have. Bravo, to the youthful Mr. Hayek for pushing forward and carrying the brand to where it ought to be. Abraham Louis did ”invent” the primary wristwatch in 1812 for Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, and the tourbillon. I generally pull for the inventor!

What recommendation would you provide for somebody considering beginning a collection?

Don’t tune in to anybody! Purchase what you love and what you can manage, concerning the initial not many watches. A lot examination, and justification can murder the enthusiasm, which is the entire objective of being an upbeat gatherer. Your assortment ought not be watches other’s figure you ought to have. They ought to be what makes you grin and make you feel good inside when you see them.

When gathering do you think its essential to adhere to a brand or a class (ie.Patek, IWC/aeronautics, plunge pieces?)

No, again purchase what you like. As you get a balanced assortment, you will likely have various classes. I do! I love extravagant platinum and precious stone watches, steel chronographs, ceaseless schedules and plunge watches. I have a jump watch that alarms everybody! I needed to have it once I saw the book! It was on the brand envoy, Roman Frischknecht. I simply needed to kick the bucket and be reawakened as him, in the photograph, wearing his plunging suit, close to his jumping chime. Along these lines, I did the following best thing. I purchased the specific watch on his wrist! The 51 mm Oris Prodiver Chronograph (the more established adaptation with the wavy dial and sharp tooth records). Now and then publicizing is strong! Also, back to the creator issues again… the rotational, locking wellbeing bezel is splendid. You pull it up, turn it and lock it set up. It may have saved numerous a jumper who may have moved their bezel by accident!

Is this Parmigiani a manager or would you be able to see it leaving your assortment one day?

Hilarious timing! An amigo of mine who is in Dubai, needs the Centum! I have discovered that it is substantially more well known outside of the USA. Another amigo just got one in Mykonos, despite the fact that he lives in Colombia. I think the relaxed allure is significant in certain business sectors. It likewise doesn’t stick out, in a corporate workplace, which is an or more. I truly appreciate contemplating my next watch, and can indeed claim a limited number, so it will presumably go at some point.

After finding the De Bethune’s more traditional assortments, I can securely say that there will be a De Bethune soon. Furthermore, thank you for making me significantly more enthusiastic about being a watch gatherer, De Bethune. Consistently gets the reestablished plausibility to fall love once more. What’s more, what could be better?

Find out additional about the Baz Persaud hand-made sleeve fasteners on their site .