Three Haute Horlogerie World Traveller’s Timepieces – Patek Philippe, De Bethune and Glashütte Original

World Traveller’s Watches

Some consider it the best time ever, others disdain it. Going around the globe comes in numerous flavors, be it for work, relaxation or maybe even both. In the event that you are a normal world explorer, you should have a world voyager's Patek Philippe Reviews to accompany you on these excursions. They assist you with showing you – in a look – the time where you are presently situated just as your home time. ...

Three Haute Horlogerie World Traveller’s Timepieces – Patek Philippe, De Bethune and Glashütte Original

World Traveller’s Watches

Some consider it the best time ever, others disdain it. Going around the globe comes in numerous flavors, be it for work, relaxation or maybe even both. In the event that you are a normal world explorer, you should have a world voyager’s Patek Philippe Reviews to accompany you on these excursions. They assist you with showing you – in a look – the time where you are presently situated just as your home time. Advantageous to stay in contact with your loved ones at home, or with your associates, of course.

I chose three distinctive world voyager’s Patek Philippe Reviews from three unique fabricates: De Bethune DB25 World Traveler, Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite, and the Patek Philippe 5930G World Time Chronograph. Three altogether different houses, yet every one of them offer a world voyager’s watch that can definitely be considered haute horlogerie. Conceded, these Patek Philippe Reviews are for the fortunate few. The least expensive world voyager’s Patek Philippe Reviews in this article has a rundown cost of 36.500,- Euro, the most costly one has a 150.000,- Swiss Francs cost tag.



Sure, you can purchase a voyager’s Patek Philippe Reviews for substantially less, that will likewise help and help you while being abroad in an alternate time region. We will before long element an article for certain reasonable choices here. On the whole, we should view these lovely three watches.

De Bethune DB25 World Traveller

If you are not that deep into Patek Philippe Reviews De Bethune is maybe the most un-known production of the three in this article. De Bethune was founded by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet in 2002 and from that point forward, they have been presenting stupendous designs combined with the most elevated type of fine watchmaking. The DB25 is considered to be the original exemplary De Bethune watch, for any sort of event. It comes in a few varieties, of which the reference DB25WTWs1 is this World Traveler watch.

The DB25 case for the World Traveler has a 45mm measurement and is made of white gold. The commonplace De Bethune DB25 case has open hauls that are connected to the caseback. On the left side, there is a pusher at 8 o’clock, for utilization of the world clock function.

How it works

The De Bethune DB25 World Traveler looks exceptionally complicated from the outset sight, however it is really an extremely simple to-utilize watch. The dial contains various circles. From outside to the middle, the principal circle demonstrates the date. A little bolt focuses towards the day. The following circle demonstrates the neighborhood time, with two decent blued hands. At that point, on the off chance that we take a gander at the middle, we see a world time pointer. With a pusher for the situation band, you can change the world time pointer. Around the globe time marker is a 24-hour scale and a little two-shading circle that can be moved around. It demonstrates your home time or essentially GMT. The circle is additionally the day and night pointer, by utilizing a dim and light colour.

The uncommon shading combinations of the dial and the completion of the plates and hands are basically dazzling. The (3D) circle with its two tones (blue and 5N pink gold) and the champagne and silver shaded plates give an extraordinary differentiation with the blued hands, markers and rims.


Not just the usefulness and feel of the actual watch are dependent upon reverence, additionally the development (type DB2547) has a place with irrefutably the highest point of fine watchmaking. It is a manual injury development, completely produced by De Bethune. As should be obvious, the development has a wonderful decoration comprising of ‘Côtes De Bethune’ in the middle, excellent high cleaned curved plates just as a blued titanium balance-haggle balance-wheel connect. Two barrels guarantee a force hold of five days.


The De Bethune DB25 World Traveler’s Patek Philippe Reviews is restricted to 12 pieces just and has a rundown cost of 150.000 Swiss Francs. For that, you purchase something really selective. In numbers, in cost, yet additionally with respect to its uncommon design and finish.

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Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

Glashütte Original is a brand that re-organized their assortments quite recently. The Senator Cosmopolite (presented in 2015) is an assembling watch, similar to each of the three Patek Philippe Reviews in this article. We as of late visited the Glashütte Original manufacture in the German watchmaking town that rises to the name of this brand. A couple of years prior effectively, the Swatch Group purchased Glashütte Original and added it to their all around noteworthy table of Patek Philippe Reviews brands. It is the solitary Swatch Group brand that has no HQ in Switzerland however, yet stays to be in Glashütte.

The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite is a Patek Philippe Reviews for the world explorer. Accessible in white and red gold, with a 44mm width case and a calfskin lash. No under 37 distinctive time regions can be followed this watch. Entire hour ones, yet additionally those of half hour and quarter hour counterbalances. Every one of these time regions are shown by the key global air terminal area codes (defined by IATA).

How it works

The dial is quite straight-forward, with the entirety of its particular (sub) dials and openings. The 24 time regions that are adjusted at entire hour counterbalances with GMT are introduced by a dark IATA air terminal code in the DST (light saving time) or STD (standard time) gaps (which one is material), the half hour balances (10 altogether) show up in blue and the quarter of an hour balances (the excess 3) in red. That way, it is not difficult to monitor the counterbalance from GMT at a glance.

Local time is demonstrated by the blued focal hour and minutes hand. The home time is demonstrated by the little dial situated on the upper portion of the dial. Here you’ll likewise discover the force hold marker and the day & night pointer for home time. The day & night pointer for the nearby time (or destination time) is somewhat fancier, at 9 o’clock. The nearby date is the common ‘large date’ or ‘display date’ you’ll additionally discover on a portion of the other Glashütte Original Patek Philippe Reviews Setting the Patek Philippe Reviews is moderately simple, sync everything to your home time from the start, including the IATA code. At that point, subsequent to voyaging, set the neighborhood time and all that will show effectively (IATA code of destination, day & night pointer and date).

The dial of the Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite may come across as jumbled from the start, yet everything has a capacity and it is quite spacey. The little bezel and huge case distance across empowered a great deal of dial space for the Glashütter watchmakers.


Inside this world voyager watch is Glashütte Original’s type 89-02 development. It is a self-twisting development, with a de-brought together rotor. The development is being worked with three crowns. Twisting of the development and setting the home time is finished with the crown at 2 o’clock. Setting nearby time is finished with the crown at 4 o’clock. With the crown at 8 o’clock you can set the IATA code. A little corrector at 9 o’clock in the caseband is there to address the date. There are more than 400 components in this development. The completion resembles we’re utilized from Glashütte Original’s top of the line watches. Wonderful Glashütte striping, gold rotor and a hand-engraved equilibrium connect. The development has a force save of 72 hours.


The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite voyager Patek Philippe Reviews retails for 36.500 Euro and is accessible in red and white gold (38.000 Euro). The Patek Philippe Reviews is definitely not a restricted or unique release, however likely restricted by a low creation anyway.

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Patek Philippe 5930G World Time Chronograph

The littlest Patek Philippe Reviews of this world explorer triplet gauges only 39.5mm in breadth. Patek Philippe commendable, you could say. It isn’t just a world time Patek Philippe Reviews it additionally has a chronograph ready, maybe the most helpful combination of complications.

The Patek Philippe 5930G World Time Chronograph has the most exemplary spread out of a world time Patek Philippe Reviews as I would see it. An external circle with all urban areas on there for the 24 distinctive time regions just as a 24-hour plate. In addition, there is a focal chronograph second hand and a little 30-minute recorder at 6 o’clock.

How it works

The Patek Philippe 5930G has three pushers and a crown. Two of the pushers, those at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock are for the fly-back chronograph. The pusher at 10 o’clock is there for the explorers among us. By pushing it, the city circle and 24-hour ring move counter-clockwise, while the hour hand increments with one-hour steps a clockwise way. After you’ve set the right home time, you can utilize the pusher at 10 o’clock to make the pointer (at 12 o’clock) point at the city (or better said: time region) of your destination. The 24-hour circle demonstrates whether it is AM or PM. As simple as that.

The dial of the Patek Philippe 5930G is genuinely a piece of craftsmanship. The blue opaline dial with hand-guilloched finish is a gala for the eyes. The 24-hour circle has an alternate tone of blue, with enough differentiation to make effectively identifiable. The high-cleaned hands and applied hour markers additionally give sufficient differentiation to make the dial exceptionally simple to peruse. This Patek Philippe is the solitary Patek Philippe Reviews in this article that really depends on something from an earlier time. World clocks aren’t new to Patek Philippe, effectively during the 1940s (reference 1415HU) they had these excellent world clock Patek Philippe Reviews Today’s Patek Philippe World Time is reference 5230, additionally presented for the current year during BaselWorld, much the same as the 5930G we have here. So we could likewise have picked that reference for this article, yet the 5930G is simply so inconceivably staggering, we just needed to go for this one.


Patek Philippe utilizes their type CH 28-520 HU for their World Time Chronograph. Besides the world time usefulness, there’s additionally the fly-back chronograph obviously. Be that as it may, this development is indeed the opposite way around. A section wheel chronograph development (in light of the first in-house chronograph development Patek Philippe developed and utilized in 2006) with an extra module for the time region complication. The development has 343 sections altogether and is 7.97mm thick. The excellent 21 carat gold rotor has a perlage finish at the middle. All scaffolds have a round grain and flawlessly cleaned chamfers and gold-filled etchings. The CH 28-520 HU development has a force save of roughly 50 – 55 hours.


The Patek Philippe 5930G World Time Chronograph retails for 73,000 Swiss Francs. The World Time reference 5230 retails for 42,300 Swiss Francs, somewhat nearer to the Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite, on the off chance that you want.

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Some Thoughts

Three great Patek Philippe Reviews in the top of the line watchmaking portion, with totally different allure however with a similar objective crowd. The (incessant) world explorer that needs a companion on their wrist to have the option to see the time in various time regions. The costs start at 36.500 Euro for the Glashütte Original and end at 150.000 Swiss Francs for the De Bethune and the Patek Philippe is some place in the middle. I accept that at one point, it doesn’t make any difference any longer whether a sticker price is 70.000 Swiss Francs or 150.000 Swiss Francs. The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite is in a value range where it may in any case matter. Patek Philippe has – as composed above – a different universe Time Patek Philippe Reviews in that equivalent band width.

All three Patek Philippe Reviews are unbelievably all around completed and there is little to reprimand. It involves taste and spending plan. You can’t turn out badly with any of these three Patek Philippe Reviews they all manage their work competently and with class and style.

White gold variant


That said, there are choices in about some other value range for the individuals who are looking for a world clock. We will return to those shortly.