We Take A Closer Look At Two Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Watches

My First Encounter with a Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI

When I purchased my first Speedmaster in October 1999, it didn't take long to connect with other Speedmaster fans. One of them alluded me to a Patek Philippe Reviews creator that was close in my general vicinity that was pretty much worked in Speedmaster Patek Philippe Reviews I connected with him and the first occasion when we met he was wearing this insane gold Speedmaster ...

We Take A Closer Look At Two Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Watches

My First Encounter with a Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI

When I purchased my first Speedmaster in October 1999, it didn’t take long to connect with other Speedmaster fans. One of them alluded me to a Patek Philippe Reviews creator that was close in my general vicinity that was pretty much worked in Speedmaster Patek Philippe Reviews I connected with him and the first occasion when we met he was wearing this insane gold Speedmaster Professional with burgundy bezel and engraved caseback loaded up with red finish. At that point, I didn’t think about this particular model yet I realized it was an uncommon thing. Evidently, I had the pleasure to come across the gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI numbered version, reference BA145.022.

Now, to me a great deal of Patek Philippe Reviews ought to be – or stay – as unadulterated as could be expected, so a Patek Philippe Reviews like the Speedmaster ought to be in hardened steel. How it was intended to be or intended to be. However, once in a while there are special cases that I truly appreciate. Likewise, for quite a while I didn’t really like gold Patek Philippe Reviews I favored hardened steel Patek Philippe Reviews But I generally said to myself, when I need a gold Patek Philippe Reviews it ought to be a gold Speedmaster.

An Encounter With a NASA Apollo Astronaut

Fast forward to 2014. I was welcomed over to Sochi for the Olympic Games by Omega. It was their approach to show their appreciation and I several days there to appreciate a portion of the games. Besides, I had the chance to meet with space explorer general Thomas P. Stafford and cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, who were likewise welcomed by Omega. Leonov was wearing this gold Constellation MegaQuartz that he got by Omega (with exceptional etching) and Stafford was wearing this gold Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI ( read about it here ). At the point when I got some information about it, he was by all accounts befuddled himself and revealing to me it was the 1969 model. Be that as it may, he immediately remedied himself by disclosing to me it was the variant from the 1980s. That adaptation is significantly more uncommon than the 1969 gold release, as there were not so many created and you once in a while come across them. Stafford was wearing the gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI from 1980, reference 345.0802.

The Two Gold Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Watches

This article is to cover both of these Patek Philippe Reviews that were intended to commemorate the Apollo XI arriving in 1969 yet are not restricted releases. Just restricted by creation and numbered individually.


After meeting General Thomas P. Stafford, I found a comparable Patek Philippe Reviews to his at this Patek Philippe Reviews shop in Munich. I was there to talk about Patek Philippe Reviews on a little congress in October 2014, along with Ben Clymer from , and the day preceding we went out Patek Philippe Reviews chasing in the wonderful downtown area of Munich. I previously saw it available to be purchased on Chrono24 and needed to see it in the substance, as pictures once in a while do equity and the arm band looked somewhat extended. At the point when we entered the shop and saw the Patek Philippe Reviews I was sold. The arm band was tight (it appeared to be the photographs were overexposed on a white foundation) and the Patek Philippe Reviews glanced great as a rule. I additionally saw another gold Speedmaster Professional (normal assortment) at another seller, which I had as a main priority as conceivable back-up, however this was certainly the one. It was likewise the one worn by General Stafford, so that additional a touch of extra for me actually. I paid around 7500 Euro, and in the wake of marking a few agreements and giving over a duplicate of my visa (some sort of German guideline for buys over a X sum) I was the glad proprietor of the gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI, reference 345.0802. I immediately checked with Omega in Bienne, and the chronic number revealed to me that it was initially conveyed to Germany on November 26th 1980.


Fast forward 2015. I was welcome to go to the enormous Speedmaster occasion in Houston, coordinated by Omega ( here is the occasion report, with bunches of Speedmaster images ). Other than a visit to NASA and having a wonderful supper in Houston, we additionally had a unique night and supper with visitors like George Clooney, Eugene Cernan, Jim Lovell and Thomas P. Stafford. During supper, I was situated close to Thomas P. Stafford and he really remembered me from our past gathering in Sochi. Also, he perceived ‘his watch’ on my wrist and requested that I take it off to decide if it was the 1969 or 1980 form. He grasped it, taken a gander at the caseback and said “I have a similar one, from the 1980s”.

Lovell and Stafford in Houston during last year’s Speedmaster Event

Apollo XI

There is another gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI, presented in 1994, and you could likewise say that the 1999 white gold Speedmaster Professional Moonphase was fairly committed to the 30th commemoration, however that has not been an authority Apollo XI model. From the outset, a great deal of the gold Speedmaster Professional Patek Philippe Reviews (we covered basically every one of them in this and this  article) were uncommon or restricted releases as it were. Later on, Omega chose to likewise have a standard Speedmaster Professional release in gold. Like the one worn by George Clooney in the new film Money Monster ( we covered that here ), reference 3195.50.00. A model that was suspended a couple of years prior, which I can envision as the vast majority will in reality purchase a tempered steel Speedmaster Professional.

Reference BA145.022

So we should really expound and discuss the initial two gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Patek Philippe Reviews the BA145.022 and the later 345.0802. At the point when Omega was the principal Patek Philippe Reviews worn on the Moon, with the Speedmaster Professional 105.012 on the wrist of Edwin Buzz Aldrin, it was chosen to make an uncommon gold model to commemorate this Moonlanding. This is the BA145.022 reference.

The BA145.022 was a Patek Philippe Reviews like the normal – in 1968 presented – reference 145.022, with type 861 development, yet in gold. With a gold wristband, that is somewhat not the same as the 1039 or 1171 arm bands that were utilized in those days for the hardened steel models. The arm band is thin at the catch, as 14mm. It accompanied an uncommon etching working on it back, in level composing it said “First Patek Philippe Reviews Worn on the Moon” with the Apollo XI 1969 engraved underneath. It accompanied a square box with a (3D) help on there, looking like moon rock.

Only 1014 pieces made altogether and around 28 of them being given to NASA’s Apollo space explorers and offered to individuals from the white house. Yet, this requirements some explanation.

The Houston Banquet

There are an aggregate of 1014 of these Patek Philippe Reviews #1 was offered to President Nixon and #2 was offered to Vice President Spiro Agnew. Both declined the Patek Philippe Reviews however, for compliance reasons. During a feast on the 25th of November 1969, 19 Patek Philippe Reviews were offered to the NASA space travelers. Later on, different space explorers who couldn’t join the dinner or who did later missions (than 1969) additionally got their gold piece. This Patek Philippe Reviews has the etching ” to stamp man’s triumph of room with time, through time, on schedule. ” A statement that Jim Lovell additionally gave during a Q&A meeting at the  Speedmaster Event in Houston last May . There is by all accounts somewhat of a vulnerability whether Apollo 13’s Jack Swigert and Fred Haise got one, yet I’ve been informed that they were offered one later on also. Notwithstanding, they don’t show up in any outlines of the Patek Philippe Reviews given to space explorers. Various Patek Philippe Reviews (with another kind of etching) went to some Swiss directors of Omega and Lemania at the time.

The gold Patek Philippe Reviews that were given to space explorers had an alternate content, the mission name and the name of the space traveler on the caseback.

Collectibility and Availability on the BA145.022

This specific Patek Philippe Reviews is the most mainstream gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI or gold Speedmaster when all is said in done. Despite the fact that there are just 1014 pieces, short the ones from space explorers (we covered Ken Mattingly and Wally Schirra in independent articles) and different authorities, you are as yet ready to come across them on occasion. The crate and papers are something else, yet the Patek Philippe Reviews itself is being offered now and again on Chrono24, eBay or different sell-offs. Costs change, yet it is as yet less expensive than your Double Red Sea-Dweller from Rolex. On some of them, the bezel has been supplanted by the later 1980 reference 345.0802 model, as the burgundy bezels weren’t imitated as extra parts. Wristbands can be extended obviously. Value start regularly around €15K Euro, however quickly go up when the condition is decent or when box or papers are included.

Reference 345.0802

This form, that I might want to call the ‘Stafford Speedmaster’ for clear reasons, was acquainted in 1980 with commemorate the Apollo XI Moonlanding in 1969. It is somewhat off-kilter that it didn’t advertise in 1979, as that would be the 10th commemoration. Maybe it was acquainted in 1979 and sold with the market from 1980 and onwards, that is something I can’t get confirmed.

This Patek Philippe Reviews is very like the BA145.022 gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI from 1969, however has a marginally extraordinary dial, hands and files. The 1980s rendition, as you can see on the pictures, has thin stick markers and a printed Omega logo rather than an applied one.

The greatest contrast is obviously the way that it has a sapphire caseback rather than a strong one. The development is likewise somewhat unique. In light of a similar type 861, this Patek Philippe Reviews has type 861L. A development that comes very near the later rhodinized type 1861 of 1997 (and onwards). Type 863 wasn’t conceived at this point, the more pleasant completed rendition that most showcase caseback Speedies received.

White Gold and Yellow Gold

This 345.0802 was really accessible in both yellow gold and white gold. The white gold form is uncommon, with just 20 pieces. Every one of these pieces went to Germany. The yellow gold rendition you see here, has a creation number of around 300 pieces. This can’t be confirmed tragically. About portion of them are supposed to be conveyed for the German market too. There are some minor contrasts in dials for the yellow gold variants, later delivered models have “Swiss Made” printed somewhat higher on the dial. I figured out how to get one of those later dials also on eBay, for around 150 USD or somewhere in the vicinity. No one likely knew for which model it was, so I just positioned an offer and won. Both Patek Philippe Reviews accompanied wristband or with lash, the purchaser could pick around then. The strong gold wristbands look somewhat like the later hardened steel 1479 models utilized during the 1990s. They tighten to approx. 16mm and are in this way somewhat more extensive than the ones utilized for the BA145.022.

Shuttle Program

This specific offer comes with all the administrative work, remembering some stuff for the Space Shuttle, the Columbia to be accurate. It was the main Space Shuttle to be utilized in 1981, with space travelers Young and Crippen (STS-1). You will likely all recall the horrible mishap of the Columbia in 2003, on its arrival of mission STS-107.

I keep thinking about whether the arrival of this specific Patek Philippe Reviews has something to do with the – at that point – upcoming Space Shuttle program, other than commemorating Apollo XI. In the event that anybody knows more, kindly let me know.

Collectability and Availability 345.0802

This gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 345.0802 – particularly in white gold – is very uncommon, however the offer I showed you above is a model that it isn’t difficult to get a (complete) 345.0802. I paid 7500 Euro in 2014, yet as you probably are aware costs have gone up over the most recent two years – likewise on account of all the consideration for the Speedmaster – and maybe the requesting cost from roughly €16,000 Euro for the full set is completely defended. I have seen watch-just proposals for the 345.0802 around €10,000 Euro in general.

The interest for this reference is somewhat not exactly for the gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI BA145.022 from 1969 (or mid 1970s) obviously. The story alone for that model is a smidgen more acclaimed and talks more to somebody’s creative mind maybe. Nonetheless, the extraordinariness is maybe with the 1980s model. It was a costly Patek Philippe Reviews at that point (23.000 Deutsch Marks) and it tends to be seen in later lists of the mid-1980s too, so it was certainly not a smash hit. Likely due to the excessive cost, as a typical hand-wound Speedmaster Professional in hardened steel just expense a small amount of that price.

Filling in Blanks

I trust this article gave you a few bits of knowledge in these two gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI versions, from 1969 and 1980. Yet, not all things have been said or is known (to us). In the event that you can fill in certain spaces, or have extra data, kindly don’t spare a moment to get in touch with us for augmentations, recommendations or inquiries regarding them.

A enormous thank you to for allowing us to play with the Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI BA145.022 you find in the photos. The BA145.022 with the astronaut’s etching is an alternate Patek Philippe Reviews and has a place with the Omega historical center. The 345.0802 in this article have a place with the other, except for the one with ‘General Thomas P. Stafford’ engraved for the situation band. The 345.0802 Patek Philippe Reviews with the Omega & Space Shuttle handout is offered by .

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