Wrap Up Of Geneva Watch Auctions of November 2016


Wrap Up Of Geneva Watch Auctions of November 2016


PHILLIPS (Bacs & Russo) 191 177 93%
PHILLIPS (Bacs & Russo) 191 177 93% CHF 27.513.625 CHF 155.444
Christie’s 323 276 85% CHF 14.702.500 CHF 53.270
Sotheby’s 313 277 88% CHF 7.088.750 CHF 25.591
Antiquorum 555 450 81% CHF 5.700.000 CHF 12.667
TOTAL & AVERAGE % 1.382 1.180 87% CHF 55.004.875 CHF 61.743
*Net of removed lots
NOTE: Amounts & amounts sold incorporate after deal results as of November 16, 2016 and might be ongoing.

It was a significant sale end of the week here in Geneva. Anticipating sell off outcomes is similar as foreseeing the climate: there is a fundamental science, yet it is frequently way off. The world record, that will probably represent quite a while, was set for a wristwatch by Aurel Bacs (once more) selling the Patek 1518 in steel for CHF 11,000,000. All things considered, Phillips in relationship with Bacs & Russo is still unmistakably the market chief in the Patek Philippe Reviews sell off world, particularly vintage. Their brief indexes, huge cluster of extraordinarily uncommon Patek Philippe Reviews and execution comparative with their low gauges is pretty astonishing.

Christie’s had another solid appearing and steady with its past outcomes, even somewhat better compared to last November. They are regularly known for low gauges and thusly will in general have a high rate sold outcomes. I, in any case, feel their 40 Nautilus topical closeout ought not have been part in 4 indexes spread across 4 urban communities. One closeout in one city would have been seriously intriguing and worthwhile.

The shock execution was Sotheby’s, which I didn’t cover in my see because of mass measure of present day Patek Philippe Reviews yet in any case returned from a frail exhibition in the previous two closeouts to have a prominent deal. Allowed an enormous assortment of present day Patek Philippe Reviews at well underneath market appraisals will essentially well anyplace, how about we check whether they can convey this energy into their next deal. We don’t anticipate that a large private collection should seem like this again next time.

Lastly, the diverse and continually astonishing Antiquorum closeout sold some truly intriguing NOS pieces, an assortment of section level vintage, extraordinary arrangements on present day and the most irregular horological things and got great outcomes as well. They have a specialty and they do it well. I still immovably accept they have space to develop and huge loads of potential. A bigger inventory will regularly bring about a deficiency of consideration by purchasers or missing something while in the room.


World Record Setter: Aurel Bacs, Senior Consultant at Bacs & Russo (Phillips). The man has established 4 world precedents at sell off: most elevated outcome for a wristwatch (twice, beating his own record this time), most elevated outcome for a hardened steel wristwatch, most noteworthy outcome for a wristwatch in Asia, most elevated outcome for a Rolex. Much obliged to you for all that you accomplish for the worldwide vintage Patek Philippe Reviews market. Actually, we likewise might want to take note of that he set the precedent for the most elevated outcome for a non-flown Omega Speedmaster (Alaska II model) at this closeout. We care.

Longest Standing Auctioneer: Julien Schaerer, Managing Director at Antiquorum. Having stood up through the 555 parts that were unloaded on Sunday from 10am till well past 6pm, with just a short mid-day break (he ate standing), he merits a series of adulation. He didn’t have a substitute like at different sell-offs or have the advantage of doing it more than two days like Aurel. We saw and we thank you.

Most Improved: Sotheby’s Geneva Patek Philippe Reviews Department. Taking a gander at the previous two deals bringing about CHF 5 million last November 2015 and afterward CHF 4 million in May of this current year, a CHF 7 million outcome is an emotional improvement. Albeit many are saying that it was simply because of low gauges on a huge single assortment of current Patek Philippe Reviews and be right, we actually say great job and thank you.

Most Consistent: Christie’s Geneva Patek Philippe Reviews Department. Taking a gander at the previous two deals bringing about CHF 13.2 million last November 2015 and afterward CHF 18.4 million in May of this current year, the outcome this November of CHF 14.7 million remaining parts a solid situation at the number two situation behind Phillips for Geneva Auctions. Keep doing awesome you.


Generally, barters will in general leave individuals stunned, astonished and baffled all simultaneously. Current Patek Philippe Reviews results are straightforwardly related to gauges, practical assessments get sensible outcomes. Vintage Patek Philippe Reviews will in general be more eccentric. Purchasers can bear to overpay if a model is truly extraordinary or if the extraordinariness warrants it and the contrary remains constant too. Usually.

The gauges for Patek Philippe Reviews are becoming delicate to such an extent that lone a slight sum can at times cause a Patek Philippe Reviews to either not be sold, have a sequential outcome than anticipated or essentially sell where it ought to. There is another classification of results which I like to call the ‘WTF?’ classification. This applies to Patek Philippe Reviews that in a real sense blew away any possible or sensible assumptions, well underneath assumptions or amazingly didn’t sell. Removed parts generally don’t make a difference, with one exemption below.


Lot 41 – Heuer for Orvis Solunagraph

Estimate: CHF 4,000 – 6,000

Result: CHF 50,000 incl. purchasers premium

Note: I figure I might have said 20-25K, perhaps. This overwhelmed me. Uncommon Patek Philippe Reviews in incredible condition with setting of being more modest clumps of a notable brand, as Heuer, impel purchasers to pay a hefty premium as they will probably not see one available to be purchased or at sell off soon. There was a huge load of activity in the room and on the telephones and the cost soared calm quickly.

Lot 70 – Blancpain Milspec

Estimate: CHF 20,000 – 40,000


Note: It’s not your opinion! This Patek Philippe Reviews is imperative to such an extent that they have removed it from sale to accomplish more exploration with Blancpain and will at that point be unloaded in May with the full story. A significant number of us were amazed by the crown on this MilSpec being screw down, yet how about we see what they come up with in their findings.

Lot 123 – Breguet Steel Triple Calendar Chronograph

Estimate: CHF 80,000 – 100,000

Result: CHF 286,000

Notes: I love this Patek Philippe Reviews yet I was exceptionally incredulous of the gauge before the deal. The real Patek Philippe Reviews and dial were essentially shocking. I had my questions about the hands and still think they were a last expansion to the Patek Philippe Reviews Remember the thing I said about foreseeing the climate. I thought perhaps low gauge 80K, 100K all-in… possibly, however CHF 286,000? WTF?

Lot 141 – Mathey-Tissot Chronograph

Estimate: CHF 5,000 – 10,000

Result: CHF 23,750

Note: I was foreseeing 12-15K in my psyche… it went to 19 mallet in addition to charges. These style of Mathey-Tissot chronographs have a striking similarity to the Breguet Type XX regular citizen models. Why? Since Mathey Tissot fabricated them for Breguet in the 50’s and 60’s. Individuals are doing their examination and focusing harder on the recorded importance. Additionally, these seldom at any point come available, particularly with this sort of wonderful tropical dial, so the ‘will not locate another’ rule applies and hence the additional sum paid was a decent choice by the buyer.



Lot 7 – Heuer Autavia 113.603 PVD ‘Israeli Defense Forces’

Estimate: CHF 10,000 – 20,000

Result: CHF 62,500

Note: We knew there would be a ton of consideration on this one since at the Phillips 88 Steel Chronograph deal in May, similar Patek Philippe Reviews sold for CHF 87,500. At first, we thought this was an accident, or one-time result, back in May. Presently, we understand it could be a trend.

Lot 11 – Omega Speedmaster CK 2915-2

Estimate: CHF 25,000 – 40,000

Result: CHF 32,500

Notes: A Broad Arrow 2915 Speedmaster selling for a fourth of current market esteem? As stunning as this may appear, when the dial is re-lumed by Omega, the hands are later assistance substitutions and the bezel doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be unique, well that is the thing that the market answers. What shocks us is that it even sold.

Lot 157 – Omega Speedmaster CK 2915-3

Estimate: CHF 40,000 – 60,000

Result: CHF 81,250

Notes: I have tried also the Patek Philippe Reviews from my see articles since, in such a case that you return and look into the outcomes, we were basically in reach and no significant shocks there. Nonetheless, in this specific case, we truly had no clue about how high it would go in light of the fact that this reference has only sometimes been seen available to be purchased and has been multiple times previously if memory serves. This is an extremely solid outcome from a different room offering competition. We are consistently upbeat when a Speedmaster gets the adoration it deserves.



Lot 203 – Omega Speedmaster 145.012-67 Racing Dial

Estimate: CHF 12,000 – 18,000

Result: CHF 75,000

Notes: The dial was scratched in a couple of spots, huge stain on the dial, all the lume tumbled off, one of the hands was blue and generally speaking condition was poor. A similar reference in MINT condition sold in May at Phillips topical sale for CHF 72,500. Somebody, anybody, please explain.

Lot 204 – Omega Seamaster Ploprof Prototype

Estimate: CHF 15,000 – 30,000

Result: CHF 87,500

Notes: This is a really significant Patek Philippe Reviews The dial is the uncommon non-profundity adaptation, which bodes well for a model being tried by COMEX for profundity rating. The etching on the back is right and the chronicles affirmed conveyance to France, well on the way to COMEX, in 1970. In this way, we realized it was an extraordinary thing. Phillips sold a comparative one with COMEX engraved as an afterthought, yet without this unique Seamaster just dial for CHF 93,750 in May. We imagined that was an accident. We are currently seeing a pattern much the same as the Heuer at Christie’s. In conclusion, congrats to the purchaser, this is an awesome piece.

Lot 244 – Rolex Explorer 1016 Retailed by Tiffany & Co. (supposedly)

Estimate: CHF 12,000 – 18,000

Result: CHF 18,750

Note: You might be inquiring as to why we notice this Patek Philippe Reviews since the outcome is essentially right on the money with the gauge. The appropriate response is straightforward. The Tiffany signature on the dial is problematic, best case scenario. We consequently accepted this Patek Philippe Reviews would pass as anybody with a loupe or the zoom work on the site could see something was off. Bidders, kindly be careful and kindly read the terms of condition reports. Coming up next is a portion from those terms at Sotheby’s:

“Condition reports may not determine mechanical substitutions or blemishes to the development, case, dial, pendulum, separate base(s) or vault. … . Kindly note that we don’t ensure the legitimacy of any individual component parts.”



18 – ROLEX 5513 MilSub

Estimate: CHF 90,000 – 130,000

Result: NOT SOLD

Notes: Are we truly passing on these on account of the hands and high gauge? Indeed. Still a stun as it is a dazzling Patek Philippe Reviews We trust somebody goes in and purchases this one in after sale.


Estimate: CHF 10,000 – 15,000

Result: CHF 50,000

Notes: Someone super truly required that dial! As examined with Greg Rossier, co-creator of Moonwatch Only, we gauge that 85% of the incentive here is the dial (CHF 42,500) and the Ed White case and development represent the excess 15%. This is as yet a strangely high outcome for a jumbling Patek Philippe Reviews anyway with the costs that parts get on EBay today, it appears to be that individuals are becoming frantic to take their Patek Philippe Reviews back to original.


Estimate: CHF 45,000 – 65,000

Result: CHF 185,000

Note: We don’t give sufficient consideration to verifiably critical horological objects, yet somebody clearly does. This is an amazing illustration of provenance. This marine chronometer accompanied Captain Nicholas Baudin on his endeavor to plan the bank of Australia, which he started in 1801, preceding his passing in 1803. This marine chronometer was on the Geographe transport and was really a piece of history being made. I sat in the room and, after understanding that an offering war was occurring, perusing rapidly through the list to perceive what it was I had overlooked.

Thank you for perusing and will be back next May for more auction.